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  1. NXT Spoilers

    Good point actually - Bianca should be the one to take down Shayna. 
  2. NXT Spoilers

    Not overly happy that Shayna retained, but happy for the twist with Io turning. Hopefully this means a bit more development with the girls going forward in NXT, with a four way between Mia, Candice, Io and Shayna at the next takeover. 
  3. Paramount announces new Spice Girls movie

    I am the biggest Spice Girls fan ever - I am so gutted that I couldn’t see them on their tour this year. So i am beyond excited for this.... 
  4. I honestly think that WWE is going to see a massively decline in wrestlers soon due to AEW and the other companies out there. There’s been so many reports of there being so many unhappy people backstage and I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the wrestlers don’t sign again. It’s the best time for other rivals to get bigger because the WWE is a horrible mess. This is the first time in about 5/6 years that I generally have just given up with anything the WWE do because it just all goes to shit. They get everyone’s hopes up and just don’t deliver at all... it’s so shocking that they just don’t know what to do.  Honestly, i think the best thing is to make an all women’s show, along with 205 live on the WWE network and make the women be featured on all shows. That means it keeps all the members of the wrestling community happy because the women will get a 2 hour show where they can be involved in their own storylines (keeps us happy) and then men have RAW and SMACKDOWN to do whatever they want with the time.They will have more time for matches etc and they can extend storylines. I think it would work tbh, but i doubt it will ever be a direction that they would go in.  They need to build the girls as well and create characters for them. Poor Ember Moon, Liv Morgan... do something with them! Even if it’s putting them with a tag team partner or making them a manager. Give the crowd a reason to cheer for these girls because it shows how CLUELESS the WWE are when Becky Lynch got over on her own without any help from the WWE and girls that are pushed to the roof hardly get any reactions.  Better storylines are needed as well. Push back on the number of PPVs and make the storylines long and meaningful. Having a number one contenders match and then a title shot... or getting the woman to attack another and setting up for a match doesn’t work. ITS BORING! Make it personal between them and build them up through a lengthy program. Just bringing up NXT superstars and placing them on the roster isn’t making anyone feel like they give a shit. Make the title reigns longer and showcase them as actual champions!!! I would say put Triple H in charge but NXT has been poor for the girls as well!  I could go on but this is something I am massively passionate about😂😂😂😂 But at the moment I couldn’t tell you one thing about the WWE because I gave up about 2 weeks after the draft because I was just bored. I’m secretly hoping AEW perform and give the women’s wrestling community a great product that is interesting.     
  5. Fantasy Booking

    I think if they are going to get rid of the brand split, they should change one of the titles as a Secondary title. I think having a US/Intercontinental Championship will give the girls more opportunties when they are not in the main event title picture. With all the girls on one brand, I would form as many tag teams/alliances as possible so that the Iconics have plenty of options. If the girls arent in feuds then just use them by having them manage or form alliance's in the mens division? There is so much that they could do to build their characters on the screen! Would love to also book an all female show on the WWE network as well so that everyone can be used every week - however that would be fantasy as I doubt the WWE will ever do that hhaha
  6. “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” First Reviews Are In

    This is really a shame because I was so looking forward to seeing this film ! 
  7. Fantasy Booking

    So it’s no secret that I have been outspoken about my frustrations with the booking on WWE at the moment. So I thought... why not do it ourselves???  How would you book the current women’s division? Would you swap anyone from RAW to SD? Would you bring up anyone from NXT? Sign anyone new??  This can be for the WWE, impact or any promotion! Just a bit of fun 
  8. Welcome Andre! 
  9. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    What the actual f*ck. This is what I mean by things just not making any sense anymore? Why is Bliss winning a contender ship match for the SD title? Why was only a few girls involved in the contenders match? Where was the rest of the SD women’s roster? Where was Nikki Cross? Nothing actually makes sense, they could have gone for anyone on the SD roster
  10. Shayna Baszler To The Main Roster?

    I've kinda given up on WWE at the moment, mainly because I feel like they just dont know what the f*ck they are doing with their roster right now. Part of me believes that bringing in Shayna wouldn't change that, and they would just kill any hype that she has got from NXT... because that is exactly what they have done with Asuka. In my opinion, if they were to bring Shayna to SMACKDOWN, let her take out Bayley and completely destroy her... and then lead to a feud with her then that would be golden. But as always.. I dont think that will EVER happen. They will probably debut her on a moment of bliss, and she will end up in a couple of high profile matches on RAW/SD (because who knows what the fuck is happening right now with the brand split?) and just get lost in the stuffle. MEH
  11. Bring on October when AEW TV debuts 👍🏼

    1. Layout


      It can’t come soon enough! Part of me misses wrestling, but I refuse to stay loyal to a company that doesn’t improve, also the only other wrestling company I stuck with is cancelled :dead: 

    2. D0dz


      I literally feel the same!!! I can’t wait - i hope AEW is successful!

  12. After over 12 years as a WWE fan - I think i’m slowly giving up on being interested in what they are doing with girls :brandon:

  13. Alexa Bliss Announced For Smackdown

    I'm actually so confused about what is going on with the brand split? They seem to just be using the same girls on both brands and all the other girls arent being used. Kinda annoying and making me not want to watch WWE anymore
  14. NXT TakeOver: XXV: Live Chat

    Candice looked  Looking forward to the NXT Women's Championship match, hoping for a few surprises! 
  15. With reports that so many people are unhappy backstage at the WWE... I am starting to hope that Sasha doesnt come back, and just sits out her contract. I think if WWE doesnt make some massive changes, a lot of people will be doing the same! All the best to Sasha though, I really do hope it works out