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  1. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    This would def fit her more. The sound is even similar to her current theme  
  2. NXT November 4, 2015: Results

    Asuka did great! She's an awesome wrestler and it's such a good opportunity for the rookies to have her down there.   Cameron did okay. I liked the purple, but she did not impressed me much anyway.     Marley was adorable! And she did pretty good too being so new! Hope to see her entrance next time.   Eva Marie looked amazing in white and she actually seemed way more comfortable in the ring and with her character too. Not a fan of this new finisher, but I'm proud of her.     Dana is an icon already, while I keep not feeling Emma at all.      
  3. NXT November 4, 2015: Results

    Bayley backstage interview + Eva Marie vs. Marley + Dana Brooke & Emma backstage interview       Asuka vs. Cameron       Carmella backstage interview       Eva Marie backstage interview  
  4. Wasted Talent?

    Christy Hemme Jillian Hall Serena Deeb Dawn Marie Angela Fong Shantelle Taylor Katie Lea
  5. Who's Your Fave DS contestant turned Wrestler?

    1) Candice Michelle 2) Michelle McCool 3) Bella Twins
  6. Fave Diva Stable/Group/Team of All Time?

      Of course.
  7. Raw November 2, 2015: Results

    Also, even though I don't have any video of this, you all need to look at Summer Rae.  
  8. Raw November 2, 2015: Results

    Becky Lynch & Brie Bella Backstage Segment         Sasha Banks Backstage Segment         Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks vs Brie Bella vs Paige      Charlotte Backstage Segment  
  9. Most HEARTBREAKING Farewells

    Candice had me completely heartbroken, as I was an uber fan from the very beginning. I do remember a teen myself holding a "Candice Michelle - fan from the start, fan forever" sign at a live event in Milan        She's by far my very favorite superstar ever. Also, I felt really sad for Melina and Trish too.
  10. Hilarious Diva Moments?