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  1. Nikki & Brie are BOTH Pregnant!

    I’m so happy for both of themmm
  2. Welcome 2020 | Happy New Year and Decade!

    Happy New Year y’all
  3. Merry Christmas. I hope you enjoyed 
  4. (I was lurking at work and had to go on break so I could log on😂) THABK YOU SO MUUCHHH
  5. 1. Name (first name or whatever you are comfortable being referred to as): Erin 2. Age (if you're comfortable): 22 3. Fave Superstar(s), wrestler(s): Seth Rollins, AJ Lee, Naomi 4. Fave artist(s): Beyonce, BTS, GOT7, SHINee, Monsta X, DreamCatcher, EXO, Red Velvet, Ski Mask 5. Fave TV show(s): Flavor of Love and Bad Girls Club 6. Fave movie(s): A bugs Life, Black Panther, Lilo and Stitch, Good Burger 7. Fave color(s): Blue 8. Celeb crush(es): Tom Holland and Ski Mask  9. Fave book(s): Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant 10. What do you normally do on HB?: Lurk until its time for Secret Santa and Wrestlemania 11. If Santa was on HB, what would you ask him for?: Money 12. Other info (video games, sports/sport teams, comics, decade, etc.): Fave Game: GTA 4 and Life is Strange
  6. 1. Leigh 2. Mariah 3. Jeigz 4. Twisted Bliss 5. Layout 6. Scamier 7. Pablo 8. Crystal 9. Charlie 10. Erin
  7. I may or may not start wrestling training this month. eek.

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    2. Layout


      I will be rooting for you :heart: Do us proud queen 👑 

    3. Commander Kij098
    4. Charlotte's Weave

      Charlotte's Weave

      Rooting for you! 

      Image result for becky lynch clapping gif

  8. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K20

    Finally a women's mycareer. I guess I'll buy the game this year.
  9. Raw Reunion: Live Chat

    Did y’all see Kelly dodging that beer?!?! 
  10. Raw Reunion: Live Chat

    I’m ready to go now...
  11. Raw Reunion: Live Chat

    Asdfh these people are using this for a bathroom break.
  12. Raw Reunion: Live Chat

  13. Raw Reunion: Live Chat

    I didn’t come for a cypher
  14. Raw Reunion: Live Chat

    Naomi got a HUGE pop. Barely heard anything when it came to Sarah.
  15. Raw Reunion: Live Chat

    Sarah, yes. But vs Naomi.