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  1. At the movies to see Black Panther and I see Titus for the 4th time.

    1. Kara Zor-El

      Kara Zor-El

      How was Black Panther?

    2. Erin


      @Kara Zor-El it was AMAZING

    3. Kara Zor-El

      Kara Zor-El

      Excellent. I hope to try and see it this weekend.

  2. Note to self: file taxes yourself. 

    1. JayEl



  3. Royal Rumble 2018: Live Chat

    Damn she looks good
  4. Royal Rumble 2018: Live Chat

    Well I know that's it for me, but she looks good.
  5. Royal Rumble 2018: Live Chat

    Stephanie's voice is working my nerves.
  6. 2018 WWE Royal Rumble Pool

    I wanna be entered.
  7. Woman Alleges Enzo Amore Raped Her

    As awful as this is, I honestly don’t see WWE doing anything about this.     edit: nvm.
  8. CM Punk will fight another match for UFC

    He's married to my fave so
  9. that moment when you're trying to decide if you really want to leave the house an 1:00 am to get McDonald's, but when you finally decide to leave the house, you get pulled over.

  10. Paige allegedly done as in-ring performer.

    goddamn, this is awful
  11. Happy New Year



    1. Erin


      I’ve been KPop trash for the past few weeks.

  12. Does anyone have tips on caring for/helping someone going through Chemo?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Katy


      I think it depends on the person. Some people want the sympathy/softness, others don't want to be treated any differently.

    3. Samier.


      I agree with what Katy said, I'd just be by their side. Praying they pull through. :hug:

    4. Naomella


      That's the thing about cancer, it affects each victim different. All you can do is offer your full support, I hope your loved one has a speedy recovery.:hug: