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  1. Becky Lynch Starring in Marine 6

    I’m happy for her, but 6?!
  2. Not Ms. Della Reese:shook:

    1. Brandon.


      they've dropped like flies this year, it's so nerve racking

  3. My mother walked in when Steph said "I want my brother's head on a platter" and walked back out.
  4. Life is Strange

    1. Brandon.


      Omg, a series. I waiting until everything from S2 is out before i buy :excited: 

    2. Erin


      @Brandon. it’s been pretty good so far. The episodes are about 3 hours long 

  5. Paige Declares She Is Single

    Thank God.
  6. Happy Birthday Travis!

    One of my Faves. Happy Birthday 
  7. Your faves' W-L record?

    AJ: 225-179 
  8. Would you guys actually try to do pro wrestling?

    I thought about it but classes are too expensive.
  9. I feel like a Gucci ad-lib.

  10. I definitely think Alaska is going to win Scared Famous.

  11. WWE signs Ronda Rousey

    So are they going to use her for a hot minute to get fans hyped, tease a Brock tag-team and start giving her repetitive storylines that fans will get bored of, possibly do the Brock storyline (most likely against Trips and Steph) and then have her doing whatever once they’ve done all they can do?
  12. I cannot believe it’s cold THIS early. I’m so happy idk what to do.