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  1. The Rock lashes out at film critics

    I work at a movie theater and damn near everyone has said the movie is bad and corny but the "humor" makes up for it. I honestly wouldn't even use my employee pass to see it, let alone pay to see it.
  2. How did you become a wrestling fan?

    My brother. I remember playing the WWE games on GameCube when I was really young and I would always pick Trish's entrance. I slightly remember watching when I was little because I was familiar with Trish, Jeff Hardy, Undertaker and Rikishi but I didn't get into it until I was watching a YouTube talk about Total Divas. Then I started watching TD and WWE early 2014 and I fell in love with AJ Lee.
  3. Favor, Peace and Blessings over your whole day. 


  4. Former WWE Diva Doesn't Date Black Men

    I am not trying to excuse what she said but I just want to note that, up until recently, a lot of black men would say this about us A LOT. However, the shit is still wrong and I do think there is something she has to work on internally. I Also want to add that colorism still exists.
  5. Get Out making No. 6... I've still haven't seen Mean Girls
  6. I'm okay with that. And I still got 3 more. I have a small chance   
  7. I didn't even think about HSM. Iconic.
  8. Beauty and the Beast?
  9. I didn't realize how much some of these movies mean to me until now  
  10. woooooow. I didn't watch Home Alone so I cant vouch for it. 
  11. Hmm... Rank Character 1 Naomi 2 Alexa Bliss 2 Charlotte Flair 2 Carmella 5 Nikki Bella 6 Tamina 6 Summer Rae 6 Alicia Fox 9 Ember Moon 9 Becky Lynch 9 Natalya 9 Asuka 9 Peyton Royce 9 Maryse 15 Brie Bella 16 Eva Marie 16 Paige 16 Dana Brooke 16 Renee Young 16 Liv Morgan 21 Emma 21 Sasha Banks 21 Nia Jax 21 Bayley 21 Lana 21 Ruby Riot 21 Stephanie McMahon 28 Mickie James 28 Mandy Rose 28 Billie Kay 28 Aliyah 28 Nikki Cross