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  1. Hi, Everyone!

  2. Donate: Evolving a Dream Forum

    @Mariah. I donated   
  3. This bitch is sparkling. I love it.
  4. Oh god. This man is so fine...
  5. These people behind me cannot stand Carmella 
  6. I’m going to smackdown tonight😊

    1. Qwan™



    2. Cooksie


      Have fun!

  7. I'm having tooth pain and can't do much about it. I now feel like an adult.

    1. Crystal


      Hopefully, it's just a toothache or sensitivity rather than something that needs a root canal.

    2. Qwan™


      It's the absolute worse. I just had to get surgery recently. Hope you can got some relief. :(

  8. Janet Jackson

    Might be asking a lot, but I would love it if she performed Anytime, Anyplace
  9. Post Your Pictures

    These snap filters will have you looking like a different person 😂
  10. See Nikki... shit like this is why I can't fully commit to you well this saves me from watching the show and waiting until the season finale for the break-up episode.
  11. CM Punk is "All In".. (kind of)

    "You are allowed 1 guest for the Photo Op, guest will not receive an autograph" I shouldn't have laughed as hard as I did...
  12. my brother won smackdown ticket off the radio :ahh:

  13. so close to just doing the big chop because transitioning is taking TOO long.

    1. Layout


      Hope everything goes well :heart: 

  14. I hope she finds someone that will give her what she wants in life. as for him: it’s been “Fuck John” for a while with me so...