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  1. Luke James - Drip


    1. Brandon.


      Oop, this was cute! :dance: 
      Are you doing okay sis?

    2. Erin


      @Brandon. I'm okay. We have power and cable now and most of the damage in the city has been fixed.

    3. Brandon.


      that's good, glad you're doing okay :hug: 

  2. Irma is gone. But my city still doesn't have power so we're at my sister's house. But we're good.

    1. Cordelia


      I'm glad that you and your family are safe :heart:

    2. Layout


      Glad you're okay :hug: 

  3. My mother finally got some sense and we're at a shelter now. Just trying to wait it out.

    1. Mariah.


      Wishing you and everyone else in similar situations right now the best :crying2: 

    2. Eric


      Awww stay safe sis! We're looking forward to hearing from here. :crying2:

  4. Update: so my boss closed the building for Saturday, Sunday and Monday so I don't have to work. But now my mother isn't trying to evacuate 😒

  5. This hurricane is a category 5 and class isn't cancelled and I'm sure I'm gonna be scheduled to work all weekend.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Shoaib.


      stay safe sister

    3. Christon


      Yeah fuck that you have more than valid reasons to get out of town.

    4. Erin


      I finally have a plan now. My main concern is my mother so as long I get her to a safe place I'll be alright.

  6. I love her to death but Wtf was she thinking


  7. Beyoncé

    Two of my faves  
  8. Triple H wants a show for the women

    Might as well with all these ladies they already have and the ones they are trying to sign.
  9. My mother just said Satan uses middle school and high school against kids and I couldn't agree more.

    1. Layout


      What does this mean? 

    2. Erin


      The time period which sometimes includes struggle with school, careless teachers, other asshole students and trying to find yourself. On top on dealing with difficulties at home. You start to realize a lot. Some people (like me) might get pushed to the edge during this period. However, my mother is very "stuck in her ways" and doesn't understand mental illness so she blames everything on Satan.

    3. Layout


      Thanks for explaining :cry: I couldn't agree more. My dad is like that too btw :skull: although he says demons instead 

  10. The Aaliyah Collection might be the only thing I buy from MAC. Just because.

    1. Mariah.


      MAC lipsticks have been purging my pockets for years and I don't even use it enough.


  11. What's a way to tell the door-to-door ministry people you're not interested without being mean while avoiding a guilt trip?

    1. House of Ninja

      House of Ninja

      Smile politely and tell them you're a satanist.

    2. Qwan™


      Don't answer the door at all. :k2:

  12. WWE Tampa Has No Choice But to LIV!

    I had to work so I couldn't go to the show