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  1. huh? why couldn't he just keep going?
  2. 2019 has been off to a great start so far.
  3. Thank You   @WWFoverWWE
  4. I'm glad you like it 
  5. Thank You for the Beyonce gif's 
  6. To the person who gets my gift, I tried.
  7. 1. Name (first name or whatever you are comfortable being referred to as): Erin 2. Fave Superstar(s), wrestler(s): AJ, Seth, Naomi 3. Fave artist(s): Beyoncé, BTS, MONSTA X 4. Fave TV show(s): South Park 5. Fave movie(s): A Bugs Life 6. Fave color(s): Blue 7. Celeb crush(es): Woody McClain 8. Fave book(s): the Bible  9. What do you normally do on HB?: lurking 10. If Santa was on HB, what would you ask him for?: Beyoncé Merch, Monsta X tickets. 11. Any additional info (favorite video games, sports/sport teams, comics, decade, etc.)?: GTA 4, Saints Row, Destiny, Tampa Bay Lightning.
  8. 1. Mariah. 2. Gavin 3. Eric 4. ChrisMC 5. Rainbow Heart 6. Willy ( Prince. ) 7. IIconicAussieGals 8. Erin
  9. Your political compass?

    Mildly Left-Wing: 60/40 i could see it.
  10. Hulk Hogan Confirmed for Crown Jewel

    I’ve seen nothing but bad things about this event.
  11. AJ Lee finally tweets about wrestling

    Queen Mother
  12. Hi, Everyone!

  13. Donate: Evolving a Dream Forum

    @Mariah. I donated   
  14. This bitch is sparkling. I love it.