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  1. Jeff Hardy arrested again

    Again? A- fucking gain, nothing new, nothing change, same old shit, same old fucking shit.
  2. Happy Birthday, Eric!

    Happy Birthday Eric!!!
  3. Happy 7th Birthday, Heartbreakers!

    Happy Birthday HB! I'm glad that I joined this fourm, you guys really know how to cheer up a mood.
  4. No Stacy.  D44t1xqWwAACC1G.mp4
  5. Favorite Era: The Ruthless Aggression Era  Least Favorite Era: The New Era
  6. Like make it make sense please.
  7. Andrade's Mother Passed away

    This is so sad R.I.P.❤
  8. Mickie James Injured And Out Of Action Due To Tear ACL

    If they give her the boot while she is still injured, can we all promise each other to not acknowledge her current WWE run?
  9. Double or Nothing: Live Chat

    The National Anthem performance was tragic too? Throw the whole show away.
  10. Double or Nothing: Live Chat

    So I heard Tye got eliminated by a man with no legs.
  11. “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” Official Trailer

    That is so awful. 
  12. “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” Official Trailer

    Lena is trash, but happened with Emile?
  13. I can't wait for Vince to get his karma.
  14. Ashley Massaro passes away

    This is so heartbreaking. RIP