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  1. the absolute GHETTO, they need to go ahead and reschedule this bc that’s just gonna be sad
  2. I don’t want neither one of them girls to win, nobody wanna watch that shit, catch me watching the B&P gauntlet on Mania day
  3. Whew, let's talk about REAL women
  4. !!!! I need the girls who whooped Liv on that NXT stage
  5. That was ass, let's do better at the Rumble ladies
  6. This match been kinda dry tbh
  7. Kairi and Asuka are really just those girls like
  8. The girlies better make these past 2 hours worth our while
  9. ...... They can cut that Rusev match too bc what we even doing at this point
  10. It's sad that I don't feel anything while watching tn, hate to see it
  11. Does he usually wrestle as just Bray? Yay for mild intrigue
  12. Now why did that "against all odds" piss me off a lil
  13. I never really recovered from Dolph losing his ass
  14. Thank god it's only 2 matches before the girls bc watching this <<<<
  15. So Roman is still a man, getting cheered, AND keeping the beard! I love to win
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