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  1. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Well Alexa deserves an apology. She’s been saying this all along and no one believed her. 
  2. Candice Michelle on Chasing Glory

    I like Candice but based on the comments I’m gonna choose to skip this one. Unless there were tears, I live for Lilian making all her guests cry.
  3. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Alexa about to bring those tag titles into relevancy. 
  4. Surprised to hear this, thought she was a shoe in for AEW considering how lackluster their women’s division is. Either way best of luck to her, based on her social media she seems to be in much better health. It’s a shame bc every time it seems like something is picking up for Tenille some kind of injury or health issue derails her and she has to start all over again. Hopefully this isn’t the case and she’s able to have a solid run with impact.
  5. I’m not even going to try to defend that 4 way match last week, it was trash. But it’s not like Alexa hasn’t performed well in other multi-woman matches. She had a great match with Charlotte and Mella like a month ago. So I’m not gonna ride on the Alexa is shit train when she’s done well plenty of other times as well as the night before at extreme rules.  But I’m happy to be wrong, if Trish can go against Charlotte Flair then that’s amazing and would be extremely impressive. As long as the match delivers and doesn’t make Trish look like Undertaker, Goldberg or other legends that should understand their limitations at this stage in the game than I’m totes fine with the match staying 1 on 1.  I only bring it up bc like I said Trish hasn’t had a singles match since her retirement and I can count on my hand how many times Trish has had a match that was 7+ minutes, all of which were with women she had been used to working with not someone she was stepping in the ring with for the first time. And admittedly I’m an Alexa stan.
  6. They should make it a triple threat with Alexa. I’m excited for the match but I worry if Trish could actually keep up the pace and have a 9-12 minute ppv match with Charlotte. Let’s be real, even in her prime Trish wasn’t getting matches of that length so to magically be able to pull that off 10+ years post retirement is asking a lot. Adding Alexa wouldn’t diminish the match either, just draw back to their match that was supposed to happen at Evolution. 
  7. If WWE put all these legends in the next 2K game I might actually buy it.  Id make Ronda job out to legendary top 40 charting Jillian. 
  8. Kiera Hogan Comes Out As LGBTQ+

    So happy for her! Love seeing more lgbtq representation in wrestling. 
  9. Liv Morgan set for makeover and push.

    She doesn’t need a total overhaul, some new attires and id love to see some more black in her hair to contrast the pink. Other than that, give her character more depth and she’s good to go.
  10. Seth Rollins Addresses Jon Moxley's Criticism of WWE.

    After listening to the podcast Seth wasn't shitting on Moxley, he just said it was presumptuous to do what he did which it was. Moxley wasn't wrong but Seth isn't wrong either, both just seem like different people who want different things out of their profession.   I for one am really glad that Seth spoke out though. Ever since that Moxley podcast came out on TIJ the hardcore fanbase has been circle jerking with one another salivating at the thought that everything they think about WWE is right and everyone is disgruntled who works there. No. Moxley was bc he's the kind of person that feels stifled if he doesn't have creative freedom to do what he wants to do. Not everyone is that creative though where they can create their own wrestling persona, most people need direction. Moxley's the exception, not the rule. Wrestling news sites don't report it that way though bc they make a living off hating WWE and disparaging the hard work all the superstars put in on a weekly basis bc hate strums up more views online. That's not to say things are always great in the WWE landscape but it's hardly as bad as Meltzer and all the other YouTube review channels make it out to be.  I'm sorry but I can't stand people that make a living off criticizing people for doing something that they can't do themselves. People like Meltzer don't understand that their opinions hold weight for whatever reason or another and can be extremely damaging to people's careers that ARE ACTUALLY WRESTLING. Baron Corbin is a horrible performer yet he puts his body through punishment every week while being criticized by an old white man hiding behind a keyboard. There's something very wrong with that.   
  11. Alexa is such a babyface irl. If only we could get that on our screens...
  12. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    The segment between Alexa/Bayley last night was absolute fire. Alexa carried the story of the segment but that was Bayley's best promo to date. Legit made me excited for their match on Sunday. 
  13. Lard Sullivan injured

    Well isn’t this a shame...
  14. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    That backstage segment between Nikki and Bliss was so good! 
  15. Shayna Baszler To The Main Roster?

    Shayna would be a welcome addition to the main roster, I could totally see her taking that top heel spot. I’m dying for her to be called up even if it’s just so she can get away from that NXT title scene. They’ve written the women’s division around her for what feels like forever at this point.