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  2. JoJo Gives Birth

    I developed Gestational Hypertension towards the end of my pregnancy. I had to deliver 3 weeks early this past December due to my OB's worry that it would certainly turn into Pre-Eclampsia if I continued carrying to 40 weeks. I definitely know how scary and nerve wrecking it is so I feel terrible for her.  So glad Jojo and baby are doing good!❤
  3. Ashley Massaro passes away

  4. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    She deleted all of her tweets. 
  5. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

  6. Torrie aaannnddd Sable in the ring together had 11 year old me SCREAMING!!!😭😭😭
  7. Charlotte Dating WWE Superstar

    Same! I was shocked to find out Zelina is married to Aleister Black!
  8. Carmella Is Innocent

    I thought the whole convo was fake and I was dead that she was even giving it the time of day. It being Graves makes sense though!
  9. Carmella Is Innocent

     not her entertaining this... it seems fake anyway. 
  10. Carmella Is Innocent

  11. Carmella Is Innocent

    Somebody explaining that WWE can't sue her so she came back SWINGING!!!   
  12. Seth Rollins' Fiancee Publicly Announces Split

    What a newsworthy day it's been! @Mariah.