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  1. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    I know a lot of people think he looks like an elf, but I love me some Neville.    I      Credit: claudiocesaro on JUB
  2. I still would rather get another singles title, especially with the division expected to get bigger. 
  3. A Nikki Cross debut, and a Mandy push coming? I approve if that's the case.
  4. Thoughts on Ronda Rousey?

    I like Ronda. I'm not mad at her being in the position she is. She has passion, and clearly has a knack for stuff like this. She's a natural, and will only get better in the ring. Plus she's bringing attention to the division which is good.
  5. WWE To Bring Back Tough Enough Concept For New Series?

    I would totally be here for more shows like this. It should be on the network though. Also the winner should debut on NXT TV almost immediately after winning the competition. Maybe they should just feature talent that's already signed, but haven't yet debuted.
  6. Daniel Bryan stands up for the gays

    I love when straight men are comfortable enough to show their support for gays. I'd love to see more wrestlers come out, and support random things LGBT related. Kudos to Daniel Bryan.
  7. Stephanie wants Serena Williams in WWE

    I do like the idea of them signing more well known athletes like Ronda or Kacy Catanzarro, but Serena would never. I could see someone like Simone Biles accepting a contract. Gymnasts don't have a long shelf life, and her man is already down in NXT. So why not?
  8. I loved this!  I love how they both talked about the chemistry they had at the Rumble. If the rumor about Trish returning for a few more matches is true, I'd love to see a PPV match with the two of them in the future.  
  9. Does WWE Really Want a Revolution?

  10. Wyatt Family To Return And Reform?

    Bray's so stale right now. I think they should give him a new faction, with all new members, and tweak his character a little more. Make him a cult leader or something. 
  11. I like Lita's, The Iiconics, and Zelina's shirts.  
  12. Create Your Dream Evolution Match Card

    In no order... MYC Final Trish & Lita vs. Sasha & Bayley vs. The Bellas in an elimination-tornado(???) style match  Nia vs. Tamina - I'm not a Tamina fan in the slightest but I bet Nia would bring the best out of her. Shayna vs. Kairi vs.Bianca Belair vs. Lacey Evans for the NXT title Raw vs. SD: Asuka vs. Ember Battle Royal featuring rest of the girls, legends, and a few NXT and MYC girls Title match: Becky vs. Charlotte in last woman standing match Title match: Ronda vs. Alexa in a No disqualification/Falls count anywhere. Backstage brawling and all  
  13. Eva Marie is ready to return to WWE

    She should  consider an indy run. It would give her some credibility upon returning to the WWE (if they even want her back.)