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  1. I agree completely with her. It always bothers me that there wasn't a balance between the two. Why does one have to be sacrificed for the other? Like in 2004 we had the best division we ever had. The Diva Search happened and they were doing it right by having the girls in non-wrestling roles, but then they got rid of so many talented girls, put girls in the ring who weren't ready to be, and mainly hired girls without any experience. I'll never forgive them for the decade of mistreatment of the girls. Even with a PG product, I think it's completely okay to have girls who bring more sex appeal, rather than in-ring talent. It's just a matter of using them right. Why can't valets and catfights be a thing again? Why can't we have girls who are mainly involved in storylines, and only wrestle occasionally? We deserve that, as well as an amazing division filled with excellent wrestlers.
  2. Favorite Female Faction

    Vince's Devils.
  3. WOW – Women of Wrestling

    Tessa and Santana's exchange was amazing! I really hope WOW listens to the people who are watching, and are open to changing the product with time. I'd like to see them grow.. I kinda live for the dramatic editing. I do not like hearing David Mcclaine however. His commentary and announcing isn't appealing in the slightest.
  4. WOW – Women of Wrestling

    I think it's supposed to represent her finding her inner strength. I thought this segment was cute because you could tell that the promo was authentic.    The show is cute. Definitely over produced, and over the top, but I kinda think it makes it fun to watch. It's different. I will tune in next week.
  5. First Ever Tag Team Champions!!

    I agree. A big part of me wants the Bellas to be the first ever champs.
  6. NXT January 16, 2019: Results

    Great segment! Shayna is actually pretty good on the mic. Bianca wasn't too bad even though she didn't say much. I feel like she needs to get more comfortable with her character, and speaking on the mic. If you wanna be a top girl, you have to be able go on the mic. If she masters that, that girl could be unstoppable.
  7. Maria and Mike Kanellis Request Their Releases

    Good on them. They weren't doing much anyway. Maybe they'll find more success in AEW, assuming that's where they're headed. I commend people who are able to walk away, or turn down the WWE. It's not always about the money.
  8. The Revival Finishing Up With WWE?

    They’re so dull and bland. No big loss
  9. WWE Signs Alpha Female & Kay Lee Ray?

    Alpha is badass. She's someone who would do really well on the main roster. 
  10. Both appeared in the audience at the recent UK Takeover, so I believe they're headed to NXT UK. I'm so happy  for Alpha Female. She's incredible and deserves to be signed. Kay Lee is very talented too. With Viper potentially on the way, it looks like this division is shaping up to be something great.  
  11. Naomi is fun, but she's not top tier talent in my opinion. I do think she'd be great as a tag team champ with the right partner.  Honestly, I'd like the winner to be completely unexpected. I feel like Alexa is gonna win it though.
  12. I'm still holding out for an all girl show.  But they really could've done it at any point. In 2003, it wasn't uncommon for the women to get the the highest, or close to the highest rated segments/matches on the show. People have always been watching, but the WWE never wanted to capitalize on it for whatever reason. I feel like the revolution could've happened at any point. They just needed to want for to put some time in, and give the girls a chance, which they clearly didn't for a long time.
  13. WWE opens up second Performance Centre

    This is great news. I don't watch NXT UK but congrats to all of them. Hopefully this makes it easier to sign more European talents.