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  1. That's so unfortunate too. They didn't give girls any time,storylines, character development, and they didn't allow them to do a lot of moves because they weren't girly enough, or they looked too aggressive. That was such a damn shame. People have always wanted to see the girls, I hate that they try to downplay them and act like people don't. 
  2. Rey Mysterio Reportedly Negotiating with WWE & GFW

    I can't believe he's only 42. He's been around forever. I like Rey, but he was super injury prone the last time around. I wouldn't mind him returning however.
  3. Cyberg Wants A Match With Becky Lynch

    I'm here for it. If we get that spinoff show that I hope we get, they should hire girls like Cyborg and Kacey Catanzarro (the American Ninja warrior girl) who have some kind of notoriety already. It'd only be good for the show.
  4. I want Nikki to have at least 1 more title reign before she hangs it up. I'm sure Brie will return too, and I want her to get another reign in as well. And when Nikki comes back, I want Charlotte back as a heel, and for them to have a nice little feud.
  5. I think the problem was that they were hiring models who don't even look like models. They were getting it right in the early 2000's when they were hiring these bombshells. I'm sorry but a lot of these "models" they hire now are so average looking. What's the point of hiring them at all? They can't wrestle, and they don't look that good :/ 
  6. Mae Young Classic: Spoilers

    I'm happy for Abbey, but I wanted Jazzy to make it far
  7. Reina Gonzalez's look/gimmick was awful. I love the new name but the Zorro thing is not working for her. I got done with it right before the Parade thing started. It's definitely worth a listen. I kinda can't wait to hear Lita and Alundra on commentary. 
  8. Mae Young Classic: Spoilers

    Although I'm kinda bummed at Kay Lee and Santana taking the losses, they haven't done too bad so far with the  second round selections. 
  9. Mae Young Classic: Spoilers

    Her paying homage to Gail! 
  10. HAHA! I'm totally here for Alpha. I hope she makes it further than all of the other giant women in the competition. And Mercedes would be an awesome trainer I bet.
  11. Gahhh that whole this was amazing! I don't want to wait a whole month for it lol. This is kinda totally off topic but Lita was looking great! I think she got some fillers in her face. But on topic, I loved how enthusiastic she was on commentary, especially her reaction for Bianca. I loved that and it was refreshing to see...or hear. I'm so here for Miranda finally getting some shine. She's only ever appeared on Booker T's shows (I think) but she was pretty impressive from what I've seen. Renee Michelle is another one who isn't super well known, but she's got loads of talent and star quality.  I hope this leads to a good amount of these girls getting signed, and a spinoff show.
  12. New NXT Signee Receives Ringname

    I literally just looked it up, and had to edit lol. I thought it was pronounced with a Z. 
  13. New NXT Signee Receives Ringname

    So we got a Zeda and a Zolita. Interesting lol.
  14. Good for her. She's been wrestling for a while so I'm glad she's got a nice little gig going on with GFW.