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  1. Becky Lynch Interview with Bleacher Report

    My favorite of the 4HW. I don't know why they stopped pushing her. She's got a great look, she's great on the mic, gets great reactions from the fans, and is great on the ring. Why is she not on top?
  2. Carmella shades Liv Morgan via Twitter

    I just wish Liv, Carmella, and Nikki all ditched the snapbacks. They're so fucking ugly and I'm immediately triggered when I see pretty girls wearing them.
  3. Becky Lynch Starring in Marine 6

    Why are they still making these awful movies?Β 
  4. I'm going to like Liv as a heel.
  5. NXT Superstar coming to SD Live?

    Do they plan on pairing Liv up with Carmella because they have the exact same gimmick/style...
  6. Survivor Series 2017: Live Chat

    Nia is looking great with those braids. I normally find them hideous but they work for her.
  7. Survivor Series 2017: Live Chat

    If Tamina isn't gonna serve talent or personality, she could at least give us some looks and not the most bland attire I've ever seen,
  8. I thought the same exact thing about Lita when I saw her on the Mae Young Classic. Torrie's is more subtle. She's not looking like a Brandi Glanville thankfully.
  9. I've heard several stories of wrestlers hooking up with underrage girls. Hooking up is one thing, but assault is another. I'm not sure which she's claiming.
  10. SmackDown November 7, 2017: Spoilers

    Ugh SD's division has fallen so far. It's disappointing. To improve it,Β  I would call up about 3-5 girls from from NXt on put them on SD, get Nattie out of the title picture, turn Charlotte heel, have Tamina manage, have Lana manage a male wrestler (keep her away from the division kinda like what they do with Maryse),Β have Carmella dump Elsworth and push her to the top of the division, and thenΒ push Becky as top face.
  11. Josh from Tough Enough Released

    He was gorgeous. It's a shame.
  12. Emma and Summer Rae Released

    I hope all 3 of them stick with wrestling and make a name for themselves on the Indies. I don't see Summer sticking with it but it's understandable because of her injury :/
  13. I was hoping she wouldn't be coming back.
  14. MAJOR HEAT on NXT Superstar

    Sorry but this is so ridicious. Judging by some of the stories I hear, wrestlers are some of the biggest crybabies I swear. They are petty as fuck. With that said Lio should've already known that and shouldn't have made a joke about it.Β  I love Emma but I cannot fucking stand sensitive people.