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  1. John Laurinaitis as WWE'S Head of Talent Relations

    He's signed a lot of good people, but he's also a shitty person if you believe in all the stories about him. I still can't believe he called AJ Lee unfuckable to her face. According to Maria Kannellis, he signed a girl he met at a bar. I have a hard time respecting someone like that.
  2. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    In my opinion, the WWE needs to hire more guys who are built, and muscular like this.      
  3. Ugh she needs to disappear completely.
  4. Eight More Women Announced for Mae Young Classic 2

    Yesss to Jinny, Kaci, and Io! i dont really care about Nicole.
  5. SmackDown July 10, 2018: Live Chat

    I literally cannot sit through SD anymore. I actually really disike their male roster. It needs more big stars. 
  6. Fandango Injured - Possibly Out for 6 Months

    I hope he recovers quickly. i kinda hope he returns with a new gimmick. I’d like to see him do something serious, and then given a push. 
  7. I came across this online. This aired on the most recent episode of Impact. Personally, I live for these type of vignettes so I'm excited, and I don't even watch IMPACT :/ Anyone have an idea who it is though? A lot of people think it's Scarlett Bordeaux. What do you think?  
  8. Which WWE women’s wrestler are you?

    I got Liv Morgan
  9. Hire Chelsea and Ava Storie (Brandi Lauren)!   
  10. Tough Enough 3 Winner Passes Away

    At least he's at peace now. He's been fighting this for well over a decade. It's so tragic. Godspeed Matt!
  11. Fox & WWE Reach Agreement to Air Smackdown Live

    That’s what I’m wondering. There’s Fox and there’s Fox Sports. 
  12. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Cesaro immediately comes to mind. Finn Balor, and Jeff Hardy too imo.
  13. Konnan is coming out of retirement

    This is a terrible idea. He's so out of shape and unhealthy now. Unless his health has improved tremendously, I would stay away if I were him.
  14. The Fox is Ready to Snap.

    Alicia for WOW's new show!