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  1. Smackdown Live May 16, 2017: Results

    I'm not feeling SD without Alexa and Nikki. Charlotte needs to stay heel, and they need call up a solid face, and maybe another solid heel. I like Naomi but she's not good enough on the mic to be top face imo. I feel the same way about Natalya. She ain't gonna cut it as top heel. Also I hope they're not trying to phase Becky out. She's the best on the roster imo.  
  2. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    lmfao! It was a chocolate cake reference but so much for that.. XD
  3. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Big E    
  4. Io Shirai signs with WWE

  5. Former WWE Diva Doesn't Date Black Men

    I always thought she was super fucking annoying and air headed so I'm not surprised something stupid came out of her mouth. It would've been fine if she had just said white guys are her preference, but the other stuff made her sound ignorant.
  6. Randy Orton sparks feud with Indy Wrestlers

    Maybe it's just because I'm petty like Randy, but I don't see the big deal about him taking a jab at him especially if he thought he was responding to him. If I were Randy I would've done the same thing. I probably would've came for Velvet's trashy ass too. I think he's been in the WWE long enough where he can get away with this stuff, I don't think a newer guy could've gotten away with saying this stuff unscathed. I'm not saying he's right for it though.
  7. RuPaul's Drag Race

    Alexis is starting to get on my nerves. What an over sensitive crybaby. I hope she goes soon. Sasha's aesthetic, and her views on drag doesn't appeal to me in the slightest bit. It's not that serious, it's drag. I want Trinity Taylor to win. Even though she bombed at the Roast, I think she's got it all. I wouldn't mind Shea taking the crown either. I really like Valentina too but I do think people overrate her which turns me off. Same thing with Kim chi last year who in my opinion is the most overrated queen to ever come out of the show.     
  8. Randy Orton sparks feud with Indy Wrestlers

    Bubba was awful to Randy and other new guys when they were starting out. Here's what he said in an interview about Bubba a few years ago (if anyone cares lol). "I never liked him," Orton said of Bubba. "I never liked what he did because he only thought of himself. In the match my foot was broken, it was his fault... Bubba Dudley is the most out of shape, fat, non-work-ethic-having person I knew. And you had a bad taste in your mouth when you met him." 
  9. Randy Orton sparks feud with Indy Wrestlers

    Bubba is the biggest douche of them all so I'm glad Randy came for him. He and his skank should be happy that Randy gave them some recognition. It's the most recognition they've gotten in years.  
  10. Randy Orton sparks feud with Indy Wrestlers

    Haha at him calling Bubba Ray an out of shape vet. Randy told no lies.   This might be a weird analogy but,  suicide dives in a match are the equivalent of drag queens doing death drops and splits. They're so overdone and most of the time they don't even look impressive. When it's done right, it's impressive, but otherwise it's so overdone and it almost always gets an eyeroll from me.  
  11. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    I didn't know it did that. It still shows for me :/ But here it is.