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  1. Marina Shafir Rumored to be Joining The Undisputed Era

    Adding a girl to that group would make them far more interesting, because I don’t find any of them interesting in any way. They’re too bland. This could be Marina’s chance to step her game up. No more mma gimmicks please.
  2. Allie is heading to AEW

    AEW also signed WWE's ex seamstress Sandra to make some gear. She's designed some amazing stuff so I'm kinda low key excited for her signing. She appears around the 2 minute mark. Allie is in it too. Out of character she seems really likable imo.  
  3. Allie is heading to AEW

    Has Sadie been announced yet? I've read rumors, but I haven't seen it confirmed. Anyways, I'm not a fan but congrats to her.
  4. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Hello Shelton...
  5. Renee Young Told to Talk Less on Commentary

    They should get rid of commentary all together and just have music playing in the background during matches. It’ll never happen but I think it’d be cool I don’t think Renee does bad though.
  6. I hope they start pushing Jordynne into the title picture. I don't know how she is on the mic, but she's very competent in the ring. I don't mind Gail coming back every few months.  I still can't get into Rosemary or Allie. Their promos are too cringey for me, and the characters are too over the top for my liking.
  7. I stan. jk this is gross. But at least she’s doing something different
  8. I completely understand why some people might question if trans girls have an advantage over cis women in legitimate sports, but this is prowrestling. This is entertainment first and foremost, so trans women should'nt have any problem. If they do, it's just bigotry.
  9. I always scratched my head because their styles were the exact same. I think it worked out in Liv’s favor though, because she’s doing so well in the Riott Squad.  Had she kept it, a tag team with Carmella would’ve been cute.  
  10. Raw March 11, 2019: Live Chat

  11. Tamother on Chasing Glory

  12. Tamother on Chasing Glory

    She seems like a sweet woman. I don’t think she’s talented or entertaining, but I do think it’s important to have older women on the roster, and not just a bunch of 20 somethings. I actually think the WWE should have more tbh. 
  13. It's not like she's lying. Charlotte is the complete package, and I can only hope the other girls get as good as her when it comes to talking, turning out big matches, and delivering no matter what. I want the other girls to get to that level because I'm ready for some new faces to be in the title picture. It's just a matter of them pushing new people too, because being super talented doesn't guarantee you shit.
  14. WOW – Women of Wrestling

    Here are some tidbits from the press conference WOW is doing... - WOW has been picked up for season 2. It’s been renewed for 24 episodes which will air in 12 episode sequences.  12 in the fall, and 12 in early 2020. - They start shooting the new season in May, and they are selling tickets. Hopefully this means no more planted audience members. - There will be tag titles brought back in season 2. David MacLaine said there will never be a secondary title because he doesn’t want to clutter the promotion with titles. - Owner Jeannie Buss said that her dream is for WOW to start touring. That is a long term goal for the company. - Apparently WOW has been a huge success for AXS TV, and is one of the highest rated programs.    
  15. Alicia Fox Incident Led to Arn Anderson's Release?

    I love Alicia, but if Arn Anderson lost his job for this, I don't see how she could  keep her job. The WWE is a weird place.