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  1. Former Divas Champion returning for Wrestlemania?

    I feel like she had a good storyline going with the Zack Ryder/Cena but she was gone shortly after that so I never was able to get into her.
  2. Former Divas Champion returning for Wrestlemania?

    Sorry but Eve was one of the most forgettable women tin the diva era from me. The only think that stuck out was her weird dancing :/ I hope she doesn't return.
  3. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Rick Rude was hot back in the day but...Rob Conway... 
  4. Maria Kanellis to WWE?

    Maria has become a great manager and a good talker so I wouldn't mind her returning. I'm here for more female managers/mouth pieces. 
  5. NXT March 22, 2017: Results

    Agreed. More acting, but I don't really want her speaking in English. It just isn't working out. I cringed when she said "This is your hate" I think she meant to say fate but still... Ruby came across looking good, but I hate her attire. She's great with facial expressions and she'd good in the ring so I'm excited for her. I hope she keeps her short hair but that they give her good attire. I like Nikki's character but I want her to glam it up a bit. Change the attire but put on some makeup and do something with the hair. The attire she's wearing in this pic would totally fit with her character (with obvious adjustments.)  
  6. Former Knockout To Tour Japan

    Hopefully she learns to wrestle while she's there... She's beautiful though.
  7. “There’s nobody that I can think of that deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame more than Beth Phoenix” Victoria, Molly, Sable, Luna, Vickie Guerrero, AJ Lee, Melina, Mickie James, Miss Elizabeth and Ivory all say hello!   “She’s a pioneer for women in our division. Beth did extraordinary things for women in WWE.”  I like Beth but she did nothing really note worthy and he HOF video package showed that. Blame the WWE for that, but still...
  8. See at least Becky is realistic about everything. She makes a good point that if they get a main event, it should be because they're good and not because they're girls. I can't believe she (or anyone for that matter) begged to be a rosebud. I would've begged not to be one. :/
  9. NXT March 15, 2017: Results

    Macey is gorgeous! That hair!  Agreed 100% They need to get the ball rolling with all of them. There should be multiple women's feuds and matches going on at once. I don't see why there can't be 3 feuds going on at once with at least two of them being featured on each episode whether it be in a match, backstage segment, or promo.
  10. Almost 1 Year Later: the Brand Split

    Absolutely. The split didn't work the last time because there weren't that many big names. The roster is the best it's been in years so it worked out really well. My only gripe is Raw's women's division not utilizing all of the talent the way SD does. I'm hoping in the next draft Summer, Dana, and Paige go to SD. I'd trade them out for Carmella, Mickie, and Eva. That way SD can create some stars out of those 3.
  11. Do you know Kayci Quinn?

    I kinda like that she looks like a regular girl but still cute. I'm looking foward to seeing what she can do. 
  12. Tryouts Thread

    This girl could be the next Chyna. She's 6'5! I couldn't imagine her competing with someone like Alexa who is over a foot smaller. Tgey should sign her and put her in the cruiser weight division 
  13. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Big E
  14. 2 possible new signings for WWE?

    Oh yeah there's no way they'd let her do this kinda stuff. I just hope they don't restrict her too much.  I also hope they come up with something for them. Sorry, but the language barrier is something that will always hold back international talents. Hopefully they can be clever with their characters so that they don't need to talk.
  15. Social Media Updates | Twitter News

    Kaitlyn would've been a perfect fit especially considering that was about the time they were going to push her. It could've been an epic faction