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  1. Apple TV+ shows premiere to lukewarm reviews

    The streaming space is getting too crowded. I want to see Morning show since I love jen. but idc about the others.
  2. Will Smith’s ‘Gemini Man’ a $75 million flop

    I really think superhero movies have fucked over the action genre. People really aren’t interested in seeing anything else, no matter how big the name. (outside of fast and furious, and mission impossible). I want new action franchises to blossom !
  3. Zoe Kravitz Cast as Catwoman in "The Batman"

    I really wanted her as Cat Woman, I’m glad it happened. She’s about to serve. I hope we get a cute costume (Like Michelle’s) and cute action scenes with her.
  4. Love Island

    Maybe it's because I am British, but the other versions aren't as good. 
  5. Impact Wrestling September 27, 2019: Results

    Tenille just doesn't work. I find her so clunky and awkward. The mean stare, just doesn't serve anything. I can see why WWE released her. She's a good wrestler, but other than that she gives nothing new. 
  6. I’m so tired of Spider-Man. He’s the hero I grew up with, but I’m truly tired. He has a cute rogues gallery, but I want to see a different take on him rather than the Disney stuff. im more excited for venom and the spin offs. I hope they greenlight black cat soon.
  7. I remember seeing clips from that interview he did recently, and he seemed like if he was to ever return, it would be with WWE. He just wants an apology. He didn’t seem to care for AEW at all nn. Poor Cody and friends 
  8. Jodie's performance was so good, she deserved
  9. I miss the Rom-com era

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Seductress


      Right.. I watched When Harry met sally for the first time.. I miss cute films like that..everything is so cgi heavy now ;(

    3. Twisted Bliss

      Twisted Bliss

      I rewatched The Girl Next Door the other day, and was reshook about what movies used to be like.

    4. Layout


      Life was easy when Juno came out. I miss the cheesy, light hearted movies of the past. Everything is so serious now

  10. So does Jlaw's mystique appear somewhere else on the list?
  11. Robert Downey Jr. returning for ‘Black Widow’

    Wasn't excited about this movie, still dont' care. They're really turning this into the tony verse. When does WW84 air?
  12. ScarJo defends Woody Allen

    Jlaw suddenly takes a break.. and actresses don't know how to act.. I can't believe this is our highest paid actress (2019). I hope everyone has their coin ready for Jlaw's next film.  
  13. Disney was coming for blood this year. No other film studio stood a chance with their slate of films. It's kinda tragic because WB's entire summer of films tanked ;/ IT is their only hope for the year.
  14. This is cute casting. I wonder if Namor will be anti-hero since he's kinda relevant in the comics.
  15. Marvel shelving Ant-Man and The Wasp

    As they should, it is the weakest film from the last phase. Marvel is evolving and that film felt really underwhelming and bland.