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  1. lggy Azalea

    Right, and her label is going to start pushing the song apparently. I’m so proud of ha, she replied to my tweets. But she’s literally the queen of posting and deleting
  2. Booking the Tag Titles/All-Women’s PPV

    It’s actually a decent idea. I was originally against it. But WWE has stacked their rosters so much and there’s so many women not doing anything productive, this will give them the chance to actually do something and fight for something.
  3. They’re really about to dismiss Becky. Honestly, i like Charlotte but this should be Becky moment. She’s so over. Heal your boobs, sis.
  4. WWE announces four new NXT recruits

    Are these all just for the MYC. Can’t see anyone lasting apart from Io, maybe Lacey too.
  5. Nikki Bella Can't Masturbate

    I’m tired of the shenanigans from these two. Alexa play kream by Iggy Azalea. 
  6. John Laurinaitis as WWE'S Head of Talent Relations

    Oh I read this wrong and thought he was hiring again. Nn. I got a little too excited thinking he would open up a modelling catalog and start hiring models again :/
  7. Hulk Hogan Reinstated Into WWE Hall of Fame

    I’m not shocked, but Chyna deserved this chance when she was alive. I’m so annoyed.
  8. Eight More Women Announced for Mae Young Classic 2

    Love this. However, I hope it isn’t predictable with Io Shirai winning. I hope they curve ball us this time.
  9. Maybe with the right training Michelle could be in shape to compete against someone like Charlotte. This isn’t 2008 when she was in her prime, so we’ll see x
  10. What WWE content is award worthy?

    Agree with all these comments. The writing is lazy even in a NXT. They’re not willing to tell compelling stories. They need to higher new writers if they want to be awards contenders.
  11. GLOW nominated for ten Primetime Emmy Awards

    Awh cute, happy 4 them. But wait didn't WWE campaign hard for emmy noms, nn tragic.
  12. Kaitlyn Officially Returning for Mae Young Classic

    He really finds any and every way to link these girls to NXT..Give it up sis.  
  13. Kaitlyn Officially Returning for Mae Young Classic

    They mentioned AJ lee in the article. Whew vince really does stan ha. Perched for a ringside apperance ( I can dream)        
  14. Kaitlyn Officially Returning for Mae Young Classic

    FUCK. im suddenly excited to watch this.   A theme, I hope she finesses them into using. 
  15. lggy Azalea

    Uh, her visuals are always on point. I hope this is the single that works for ha.