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  1. Random Thoughts

    The fact that this is how most British guys talk 😂  
  2. Awh Kaitlyn spoke really highly of Maryse in an interview, she said she's really nice. That's cute. 

    1. Wilifred.


      direct quote mawma 

    2. Seductress


      " Maryse is really nice, She was one of the girls that was always nice to the new girls. She also always buys from my clothing line, and that's kinda cool because she's a celebrity, so if she wanted she could just email me and I would give her free stuff, and she actually posts it. She's the coolest." Something along those lines.

    3. Wilifred.


      we love divas 

  3. Backstage Update On Horsewomen Vs. Horsewomen

    I'm over WWE, this era is ugly. 
  4. Random Thoughts

    The girls ended despacito    
  5. Shayna Baszler Signs With WWE

    She's really boring to watch, and she's not a good talker. She won't make it. Hunter is ruining the company tbh, I hope Vince lives till he's 100 
  6. Should WWE give up the "Diva" search?

    In todays division where everyone is focussed on being the best "Wrestler". A gimmick like this would be original. WWE's clearly been searching for an ideal girl to pick up this gimmick with Emmalina and Lana.
  7. Should WWE give up the "Diva" search?

    Omg @Cooksie I was just thinking about this the other day nn. I really think they should re-do the divasearch a 2013 tea, Where it isn't televised. We got girls like Devin Taylor, Veronica, Lana, Jojo, and Eva from that. I love the "wrestler" girls, but the models look like stars, and just bring a different quality. A bombshell is what todays division is missing, If someone came in and utilized her looks to further herself they would be really over. (See Lana, who was basically over because of her looks and small dresses).
  8. Chrissy Teigen Comes Out As Bella Army

    This was cute. I'm not sure why anyone would be upset over The Bellas gaining all this attention because they're bringing more eyes on the WWE product, so it's a positive for everyone.
  9. Thw Raw women's title. WWE's made it seem like a bigger deal by giving it solo spots at PPV's like RR and WM. They've always been given more time and chances than SD women. The title also has more memorable matches and moments to it in comparison to SD.
  10. AHS isn't the same without Jessica Lange n Kathy. Not feeling this season :uhh:

    1. Dana Brooke

      Dana Brooke

      I want a season with all the past females :crying: plus the ones from the current season (except Lena Dunham)!

    2. Naomella


      Don't forget Angela:crying:.

    3. Layout


      Don't forget Taissa :jeigz:

  11. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Why am I just now seeing this   
  12. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Omg @Justin Summer is backstage 
  13. Who is the queen of FCW?

    Ashley Valence
  14. Plans for the Raw Women's title

    I laughed. I feel so bad nn, Imagine purchasing tickets to see N/a vs Alexa  have fun Rahgeme. 
  15. Just a touch of your love is enough to take control of my whole body