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  1. First Look at Cheetah in "Wonder Woman 1984" Leaks?

    This isn’t bad. I hope they use prosthetics over CGI. It just looks much better visually. Rebecca’s mystique look served, and that was in like 2000. 
  2. "F9" (Fast & Furious 9) Trailer

    This film looks fun, but unnecessary just like fast 8. They should have stopped at 7, which was so good.
  3. There was one era where all the girls had really big boobs. I always wondered 💀
  4. I’m so perched, I can’t wait to see her serve. 2020 is really the year of women
  5. "Legend" Set To Return For The Royal Rumble

    I’m so tired. Just give me one divas era girly pls 
  6. ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ poised for $40-45 million opening

    His serve. After seeing the reaction to his new look, I knew this would do well. It actually looks pretty good, and the sonic universe seems kinda fun. I hope they ditch the humans eventually, I don’t want another Alvin and chipmunks tea 💀 And I want tails in the sequel 
  7. Um, hows about no. You gotta work hard to earn well. The way Hollywood pays when your star rises isn't really sexist in its methods, I think they do it pretty fairly. Julia got top billing after she had a few box office successes as a lead, same with Jennifer Lawrence, and Angelina jolie. Brie really hasn't done enough to warrant a high salary or top billing. 
  8. Netflix To Add 21 Studio Ghibli Films

    Omg, this is amazing. I really want to get into Anime. I've only seen the ghost in the shell (the anime version), and i saw a little of akira. 
  9. From what I remember, she won most of the contests and was making progress. I’m pretty sure she was doing the best in challenges etc, I hope she makes it into a big company.
  10. Original "Star Wars: Episode IX" Script Leaks

    This trilogy was a mess, I don’t think anything could’ve saved it. They didn’t have a clear outline. It’s like the justice league situation, I don’t care for the SnyderCut because it seemed like they were trying to do too much in the first film. 
  11. Marvel Gives a Special Look at "Black Widow"

    I wasn't here for this movie because the first trailer felt really bland. But, I love the spy elements from this new look, so i'm very intrigued. 
  12. 'Morbius' Teaser Trailer First Look

    I’m interested because of the cameo at the end. Sony is really smart to start interconnecting these movies, especially because morbius wont sell on its own. Warner bros needs to take notes for the DCEU.
  13. I knew there was something i aint like about her...