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  1. Bop to the Top - HB's Top 50 Countdown

    I'm pissed. But the theme has been out for two months and still surpassed these other iconic themes. 
  2. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    "Lana can't wrestle". Explain this diving 450 splash. Lana did that.  
  3. Bop to the Top - HB's Top 50 Countdown

    What is the top twenty serving, if all these themes are out. 
  4. Bop to the Top - HB's Top 50 Countdown

    Femme Fatale deserved better. Let's hope the young sis sultry pulls through.
  5. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Emma upgrading from Zack  I'm kinda here for this. She's making her own chances, Queen.
  6. Superstar Photo Booth

    She looks so good, I love her confidence.
  7. Random Thoughts

    People like this are so pathetic. I'm glad that girl clocked back with "You're fat, you can't do anything." It's what she deserves. 
  8. Main Roster Stars Being Sent Down to NXT

    I'm here for them giving Foxy a Tyson Kidd run being the unappreciated skilled veteran.
  9. Superstar Photo Booth

    Some of Maryse pictures from the WWE shoot @Wilifred.        
  10. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Eva doesn't care for WWE. Just buy her NEM sunnies, nn.
  11. Main Roster Stars Being Sent Down to NXT

    When Emma finds out she's heading down to NXT for the third time.  
  12. Main Roster Stars Being Sent Down to NXT

    This isn't actually a bad idea. I would rather certain stars become developed in NXT, and when there is a vacancy on the main roster bring them back up. If you look at the current raw womens roster, there are a few women that are not doing anything, and they could definitely use NXT as a platform. 
  13. According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via Wrestling INC), there has been some talk about possibly sending some WWE main roster stars down to NXT. The idea is that the ones sent down would be names that Vince McMahon has no desire to use and is doing nothing with. The feeling would be that they would be much better suited as top stars in NXT, rather than not being used on the main roster. Source  
  14. Sexiest Men Alive *NSFW*

  15. Sexiest Men Alive *NSFW*

    I'm in , I can't believe he's the same age as me.