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  1. Tessa is actually decent in the ring. I think AEW really wants her. She’s probably the best girl on the American side of the indies right now. I like the jordyn girl too.
  2. I think it will do 40-50 Million. Not all the girls can be like miss Jennifer Lawrence and open a franchise with 700M+.
  3. Karen Q and Rachael Evers Report to WWE PC

    Oo, what other TNA talent are their? Some of the girls/guys they have are interesting.
  4. 〈 ⟡ BIG BROTHER 〉 FIN.

    Congratulations @Twisted Bliss You played a good game x This LT was really fun thanks  to the hosts @Kiki and @Leo too! and thanks @Mandy Rose you were so helpful during the entire game, when I didn’t understand the rules, or what a “POV” was     
  5. This is so cute, i've been shitting on AEW alot, but they're really doing something special with these signing spescially Sonny Kiss and now Nyla. This is a step WWE would never take, and i'm happy that it is happening and making it possible for others from the LGBT community to get on a mainstream wrestling show.
  6. 〈 ⟡ BIG BROTHER 〉 FIN.

    So you were loyal to me and Mariah at the same time? 
  7. 〈 ⟡ BIG BROTHER 〉 FIN.

    Just to clarify mine and CJ's alliance, he was the only to ask me to ally with him, so I did that since I had nobody at the time. He also gave me no reason to believe that he was unloyal to me. The only other person I communicated with regarding an alliance was Samier, and during that week I saved him from elimination by not putting him up, when i had HOH. If any of you guys asked me for an alliance, I would've been open to it because like you guys said I was inactive, so I had no idea what was going on during the start. My reason behind going after you guys is that there was nobody else to gun for, the inactive girls were being taken out, and it was just you guys left. Not to mention I was put up by Jake before I put any of you guys up. Also,  TB had to form an alliance with you because he screwed me and CJ over, so he had to run off to someone else because I wasn't about to work with/trust him again. Do you honestly think, he would have taken you to the final? He's now claiming, he didn't want to get rid of me? So where does that leave your alliance with him? He literally just got rid of Gavin because he knew he would've had a better chance against me in a jury vote. I've always been upfront about my gameplay because I was loyal to the people I worked with, unlike TB who made false promises to multiple people and has not been upfront about his gameplay. He's played all sides because he knew when it came down to the jury, everyone would think better of him over someone who actually played the game.
  8. 〈 ⟡ BIG BROTHER 〉 FIN.

    But, didn't you send people home from the other side too? O.o Girl you were playing all sides of the football pitch!
  9. 〈 ⟡ BIG BROTHER 〉 FIN.

    I sure did, I have been a stan since Beam up Scotty. Others can't relate
  10. 〈 ⟡ BIG BROTHER 〉 FIN.

    I was definitely committed to our final two plan. I think i'm the only person that hasn't be exposed for foul play because I stayed loyal to the people I was in a clique with. which was suppose to me, you and TB, but he flaked on us. Ideally, I would've liked to see us in the F2 because you were a legit competition beast. I think Jake should've been in the finals with us because he was really good at competitions in the early stages.  
  11. 〈 ⟡ BIG BROTHER 〉 FIN.

    I won like three HOH's and two veto's, meanwhile this hen skated through the competition on everyone elses hardwork. Mine, Mariah's, CJ's, and so many others. We really took effort doing those puzzles, and it'd be a shame seeing someone win who put minimal effort into challenges. I mean remember when y'all were bouncing a ball for like two hours? While this bitch was mute because he knew he would be a safe from others hard work.. Make the right choice America!  
  12. 〈 ⟡ BIG BROTHER 〉 FIN.

    Firsty, I think I should win because unlike TB, I've actually played the game instead of floating through the entire series. All of a sudden you're a competition beast? where was this energy in the earlier stages of the show? You literally sat on your ass for the first half of the series, while others were fighting for their spots I just feel like TB has been a fraud throughout the entire show, firstly aligning with me and CJ, when we were winning most of the competitions and sending girls home to switching alliances and aligning with Mariah etc, when that clique started filling up the jury house. He also took part in sending most of you guys home, as he was voting for you guys to go home. He sent you home @Samier. @Jake @Dante. . I ain't ever flip-flopped, I have always been true to my word, and that's why i should be your BB winner!
  13. 〈 ⟡ BIG BROTHER 〉 FIN.

    Are the Jury returning to the house? oh no..  
  14. Sam Roberts proves he’s a racist

    Because I wanted retweets
  15.     Full interview if anyone cares: