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  1. Finally started watching AHS: Asylum. I always hear it's the best season.Β :heart:

    1. Layout


      It definitely had the best storyline. Lana Winters was by far the best character from the series :cry:Β I rooted for her so hard. ashjdhs@ all legends being named Lana :clap:Β 

    2. Seductress


      Nn, I kinda like sister jude. This season seems cool, I love the cast and the setting. I've watched 3-6, but I stopped watching 4-6 mid-season.Β :rot:

    3. Layout


      Omg sister Jude was Jessica's best role tbh :smh2:Β The show has declined without her. You need to finish this season though. It's so good. Sister Mary was amazing tooΒ