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  1. I saw you were trying to fill in for a spot in a Santa's Little Helper Bikini Brawl, surely a legend of your caliber wouldn't stoop that low?


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    2. Seductress


      They keep calling, I can't help but take the offers.. not everyones lucky enough to be called back and paid.. I'll take the eggnog.. for another title run


    3. Matto


      If you two don't stop plotting against me on the downlow! I know you're trying to take my title and it isn't happening! Not in 2018!

    4. Leo


      Listen @Matto neither of us is trying to join Tunisian Jungle Wrestling to feud with Tygress, especially not Chelsea ''Anything For A Title Feud'' Dyke, she's traumatized by jungle environments since she flopped in leovivor ;(