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  1. Why are you peddling Ashley Dye XXX calendars from 2014? It's 2018 sis. Luckily my calendars all sold out, so I'm not stuck with outdated merch :clap: 

    Did you get a call about coming back for the Rumble? No? That's so sad, I'm so sorry to hear that


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    2. Leo


      you need to stop complaining about the french kiss i did, yes i stiffed you but only because it looked good, womens wrestlers can be hardcore too. 

    3. Seductress


      Just like the time you tried to break khris’s leg by not taking off your figure four. He deserved better :( 

    4. Leo


      me when we were planning to start a feud on ecw, then they booked you a promo with donald trump in a motel room


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