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  1. Raw February 20, 2017: Results

    Dana's job is literally to serve a look via @MakeUpDivas and do weekly run-ins. Her run was everything, she clearly wants that baywatch 2 contract from rocky. Other then that RAW was off as per usual. Lana looked cute, that's all.
  2. oo, they kinda look better then I expected. It would've been cute, if they added Sable vs Jackie  
  3. Little Mix

    This isn't recent, but these girls are on another level. I need them to bag a USA award show performance, so they can show their talent.        
  4. Happy Birthday, KiKi!

    Happy Birthday Kiki x    
  5. Reason For Emmalina Repackage: Flopped In Rehearsals

    Mandy Rose could pull this gimmick off, but even her mannerisms are stiff They need a Divas search 2017 edition. 
  6. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Wow @Travis Roucka Queens supporting each other. Someone needs to help queen CJ use the @ Button correctly though    
  7. Random Thoughts

    Selena gomez is vocally underated  
  8. Elimination Chamber 2017: Results.

    I'm so happy for Naomi. literally everyone is praising her, it's so cute people from Tna, Indies, and WWE/NXT. She really does deserve it and everyone sees that. I'm excited for SD, because of the Maryse interaction.
  9. Everytime your lips touch another, I want you to feel me.

    1. Kara Zor-El

      Kara Zor-El

      What a bop!

    2. Seductresss


      Ikr, Did you hear the leak?

  10. Heartbreakers' Official Favorite Current Women's Wrestler Is...

    This is what happens when Lana isn't an option. Regardless, Nikki has had a cute year.
  11. This is so me


  12. NXT TakeOver: San Antonio: Live Chat

    That peyton render is hot omg
  13. Mada granted release from NXT.

    When is the next tough enough, it's the only chance we'll have to get non-indy girls. 
  14. 'Women of WWE' documentary to air in UK

    Whats is called, and where can I find it? I was curious whether it happened or not x
  15. " You know what.." - Nikki Bella