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  1. HB Survivor: Exile Island | Discussion

    Sexist, toxic gays voting out the only woman on their tribe
  2. Lard Sullivan injured

    Love this song 
  3. Lars Sullivan had two matches against the Lucha House Party recently. The first being in Jeddah Saudi Arabia at the WWE Super ShowDown and the second was on RAW. Even though he dominated both matches, it turns out that The Freak didn’t escape without an injury.   We previously reported that Sullivan was set to have a match against Matt Hardy on SmackDown Live this week, but they had to cancel that. He was said to have suffered a slight knee injury. However, it turns out that it might be worse than first thought. Dave Meltzer noted on F4Wonline that Sullivan’s knee injury is “worse than originally believed” and continued saying: “There are no definitive details until he undergoes an MRI, but it doesn’t look like a small thing and he’ll be back Monday at this point.”
  4. HB Survivor: Exile Island | Discussion

    Oop, a cast  
  5. Congratulations, Ms. Stephanie Nicole! 
  6.   Nikki Bella has been nominated for the Queen of Swag award at the 2019 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Awards. The former Divas Champion joins an all-star lineup of influential and inspiring athletes in the Queen of Swag category, including Serena Williams, Ibtihaj Muhammad, Sloane Stephens, Stephanie Gilmore and Tori Bowie. The winner will be announced at the Kids’ Choice Sports Awards on Saturday, Aug. 10, on Nickelodeon. If you want Fearless Nikki to be crowned 2019’s Queen of Swag, vote now at  
  7. Pokemon

    This is almost certainly fake, but posting it for the kiii:    
  8. I didn’t even know sis was injured  get well soon ma!
  9. Ruby Riott undergoes shoulder surgery Raw Superstar Ruby Riott underwent successful surgery yesterday to repair a bilateral injury to her right shoulder, can confirm. Riott will receive surgery for the same injury on her left shoulder at a later date. Join in wishing Ruby a speedy recovery!
  10. Survivor

    I also haven't watched the show since Game Changers (I hear David vs. Goliath is a good season though), but mess at someone being voted out day 9 returning and winning over two people who were there the whole 39 days  
  11. Survivor

  12. Whew this is getting ugly  I'm on neither team, but Becky and Bayley are looking like clowns