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  1. Ohhh yes we stan this relationship! I hope he cracks her eggs so she can finally have the children she’s been wanting 
  2. Nikki Bella's criminal past EXPOSED

    I know this is old, but apparently this slipped under our noses?  
  3. Nikki Bella's criminal past EXPOSED

  4. Nikki Bella’s reputation preceded her — years before her fighting inside the ring made her a household name. According to exclusive documents obtained by, the WWE star was known for her smackdowns in high school– and she was charged with aggravated assault for allegedly breaking a girl’s nose! John Cena’s ex-fiancee, whose real name is Stephanie Nicole Garcia, is identified as the defendant in a 2002 case filed in Scottsdale, Arizona, after Sarah Aguirre accused the then-17-year-old of injuring her in a fight on Oct. 26, 2001 following a high school football game. To make the legal mess worse for the rising star, there was a warrant motion filed for her arrest when she moved from Arizona to San Diego, California to attend college. The warrant was later rescinded. According to police records, the alleged victim claimed she was attacked after a football game between her high school, Saguaro, and rival school, Chaparral, where the Bella Twins attended. She told police she was celebrating her school’s victory yelling taunts like “go home and cry” and was mobbed by rival high school girls after the game. “Four girls walked up to her. The first of four girls pushed into her with [her] chest… and kicked [her] in the face while on the ground,” noted the police report. When they fled in their car after a crowd started to gather, per the report, one of the girls said, “now look at who’s crying – b***h.” Sarah went to the hospital as a result of her alleged injury where Scottsdale cops took her statement, which also names Brianna Garcia(aka Brie Bella) as one of the attackers. During the investigation, police spoke to the resource officer at the reality star’s high school who told cops “he received information that ‘the Garcia twins’ beat up some Saguaro girl after the Friday night football game.” Police notes indicated the school’s assistant principal heard the same rumor involving the identical twins after the game. When questioned, “Brianna told [police] she knew nothing of any fight,” according to the report. She said they “left early to go to McDonalds.” Police said Stephanie recalled “the same thing,” and “they did not see or hear any fighting or yelling.” Stephanie had no comment about the alleged incident, but admitted “she fought some Saguaro girl at a weekend party earlier in the year. Maybe they don’t like me for that.” Police noted that other Chaparral students’ comments when questioned “appeared rehearsed.” According to the report, the alleged victim’s boyfriend identified Stephanie Garcia as the initial suspect by looking at a yearbook photo. However, the girl who claimed she was injured in the fight could not be “absolutely sure” who attacked her, but police noted she “hesitated at Stephanie’s picture.” Stephanie, now 34, pleaded not guilty and the case was dismissed in 2003. John Cena’s former girlfriend of six years, who broke up just weeks before their wedding, may have gotten off scot-free in court, but not with her fans who are calling the split a ratings stunt.
  5. 〈 ⟡ BIG BROTHER 〉 FIN.

    Lordddd, you girlies brought the drama  Like @Leo said, I was really expecting you bitches to be boring, but thank god we were wrong.  Thank you to Leo for being an excellent host and letting me co-host, it was a fun ride!   Congrats to Miss @Twisted Bliss on the well deserved win. To be honest, you were one of the last people on this cast that I expected to win, but you proved me wrong and played a great game! Also a shout out to the rest of the cast. Most of you definitely brought it (special shout outs to production faves @Samier., @Mariah. and especially @Mandy Rose). You girls really kept this game exciting to watch!
  6. Isn’t this the bitch that was begging for a match with Becky a few years back?  
  7. Your avi is Finn's ass and you want to call me a troll?? Sit this one out mama
  8. OMG! Not 2 years in a row! Poor sis 
  9. Hello Everyone

    Finally I'm not alone anymore  Welcome sis!
  10. Ladies and gentlemen... we got her...
  11. Miss @Charlie I think you fucked up... I had Victoria at #3, not 34  
  12. Should Tamina hang up her boots this year?

    Lmfaoooo ya'll have this same discussion each year and yet here she is, continuing to collect checks  Some of you girls in this thread live in glass houses when it comes to your faves, and shouldn't be throwing stones at mine!
  13. Mariah Jong-un is showing her true colors in this contest! Are we going to accept this abuse of power, ladies?