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  1. AJ Lee

    omg i think i'm legit go to her book tour stop in NYC next week...i gotta buy the book first tho, hope they have it in stock on the day of!
  2. Lisa Marie needs YOUR help getting WM & HOF tickets

    omg somebody help the good sis, some guy is selling his tixs:  
  3. Natalya to induct Beth Phoenix into the HOF

    and oh please fucking spare me.  she didn't break down shit.  there's nothing that she has done that women like Chyna and Jazz haven't already accomplished.   This just a petty way for WWE to: (1) continue to taunt the deceased Chyna (shame on them), (2) get back at Jazz for suing them and (3) continue to get in Edge's good graces so he can make more appearances on WWE programming    
  4. Natalya to induct Beth Phoenix into the HOF

    Wowwwwwwww.  No other words to describe this but rude, classless, shameless and distasteful.  So Molly Holly paid your wrestling tuition for you to actually be a wrestler and achieve your dream but you're going to blackberry curve ha so you can have your BFF induct you?   Man, loyalty is a thing of the past   
  5. SmackDown March 21, 2017: Live Chat

    OMGGGGG SCRMMMMMMM LMAOOOOOOO         that segment was GOLDEN Maryse and Miz DID THAT         
  6. Four Horsewomen: Hall of Fame

    Definitely don't think they're going to be two-time HoF inductees like Ric Flair.  I think that's going to be unique to Ric Flair forever, if not, a very long time.  Plus, they haven't done enough as a group to warrant a group induction.   However, I do see all 4 HW getting inducted individually but within the same HoF year.  That would be a way of acknowledging the group but giving them their individual spotlight. And if they do decide to do individual inductions in different years, I think the order should be (at least based off their work off the last couple years): Charlotte, first Sasha, second Bayley, third Becky, fourth
  7. Four Horsewomen: Hall of Fame

    It's obvious that all four Horsewomen are going in the Hall of Fame in the future.  My question to you is how do you think it will happen?  If you think each HW will get inducted individually in different years, what do you think should be the order?
  8. Actually, "I'm so into you into you into you"

  9. Almost 1 Year Later: the Brand Split

    See you in July sis!  I'll be in ya DMs holding you to it!  
  10. Nicki Minaj

    I know I'm OD late but the way Nicki fucking blacked on No Frauds and Changed It!  WOOOOOF!  Her flow and wordplay is impeccable; but they're never going to give her her credit.  
  11. "This bitch gambled her career now it's gonna be severe"

    "This hoe getting slick so I put on my gym shoes and extended my run!"

    "I would've helped you that pit you fell in/felon; I'm the generous QUEEN!, ask Ms. Ellen"

  12. Almost 1 Year Later: the Brand Split

    I'd have to say yes.  I honestly feel like if we were stuck in the "all the girls on one show" train we'd not have the character development of almost all the women on SDL.  As you can see with Raw now, almost a full 2 years later, everything is still centered around the #4HW so if we didn't have the brand split, even more women would be left in the background. While each show has its strengths (Raw with strong star power and ground breaking matches; SDL with strong use of all its women and building up each woman as credible competitors) and weaknesses (Raw with only circling the same 2-3 girls week in and week out for the last 2 years; SDL with failing to have a top quality match at the caliber of a Raw women's match), I think the brand split helped everyone.  We got to see women become champion who would either (1) never have become champion if there were no brand split (i.e. Naomi) or (2) had to wait a couple more years to become champion if there were no brand split (i.e. Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss, etc.) All in all, I think the brand split did justice for all the women.  I hope it stays for the long haul and they don't consider merging.  Plus, it's nice to watch each show in isolation and see fresh stories/feuds and not just continuation of feuds from Monday Night Raw (i.e. pre-brand split).
  13. Almost 1 Year Later: the Brand Split

    We're 4 months away from the official 1 year anniversary from the brand split, but we've had enough activity from both brands for this question to still be appropriate.  Looking at things from a year-on-year view (i.e July 2016 thru Mar 2017 vs July 2015 thru Mar 2016), do you think the brand split has been a success for the women (don't care about it for the men, but feel free to integrate if it helps your point/big picture argument)?
  14. SmackDown March 14, 2017: Live Chat

    Queenckie Queenmes vs Queenxa Queeniss
  15. SmackDown March 14, 2017: Live Chat

    SDL is really that BITCH. This whole hour has been filled with nothing but the ladies: Nattie, Becky, Carmella, Nikki, Maryse and now Alexa and Mickie James up next. SDL said you girls ain't sitting in catering like the non-4HW of Raw. You're WORKING for your paychecks. slay a bit