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  1. We are not fucking "Woke". We're in Purgatory.

    This was golden.  Loved this read and perspective.
  2. 2017 Predictions and Hopes

    General WWE Universe is going to see Bayley for who she really is and all the hype will die down Naomi to hopefully capture her long overdue women's title Eva Marie to return, Emmalina to debut and Paige to get it together; hoping all 3 return before Summer 2017 Charlotte to continue to slay NXT women's division to get it together once we get into the Asuka/Ember feud bc HHH just dgaf right now when he needs to so he can continue to build the top names within the women's division
  3. Merry Christmas Everyone!

    i know the day is almost over, but  
  4. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

  5. i knew HB had a Twitter but didn't know HB had a YT :cry:


  6. All Things Go, Crying Game, Feeling Myself, Win Again <-- the quaternity :shook: 

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    2. Messy Maggie

      Messy Maggie

      :uhh: Feeling Myself is the best of the 4 but the other 3 are BOPS :sasha:

    3. Dante.


      Kyle stays trying it :uhh: 

    4. Cooksie


      i don't try i succeed hunny bun

      i know win again through a mutual friend but the others i've never met :smh2: 

  7. Biggest Shocks of 2016

    Best moments the high stake/quality matches: WM 32; HIAC; Raw 7/25 Sasha vs Char, etc SDL getting a women's title to compete for Char showing these hoes a QUEEN Maryse's return Ric going away and allowing Char to build her own name Worst moments hot potato with the Raw women's title Bayley being on the main roster AND doing nothing of value until 2 weeks before the end of the year despite being called up in Sep (?) Eva being suspended and Paige working her way towards #P3 Nia Jax revealing how unready she is for the MR on every possible level i'll post more later if more comes to mind
  8. Lita training to wrestle 1 final match at WM33

    welcome back sis! you know I gotta hype this up so it can come true  
  9. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    fucking ICONIC  Gail was like "nope!" commentary trying to cover the botch up "ohhhh Gail Kim blocked that!" 
  10. Lita training to wrestle 1 final match at WM33

    ALIUHEUIDHBEEDNIODDN        Legend omggggg  I'm here for it, even if Lita doesn't go over, because she can finally get the TRUE respect that she never got with her retirement match in 2006 against Mickie James.  As a true stan, of course I hope Lita is the one who goes over, but I also understand that it may help Sasha more for her to go over since Lita is a solidified and bonafide legend already and Sasha is the one trying to one day be in Lita's shoes.  I just hope they don't use Lita as a pawn to pad up this "omg she made history" BS. I've been fucking waiting and hoping for this day since 2006 (I know she had the match in 2012 against that one dude, but it was a squash/playful match).  omg I'm so happy right now.  I get to see a true entrance I get to hear a true pop and the crow go awff I get to hear "Lita" chants I get to see the Litasault wtf did I go to deserve this blessing      
  11. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Legend Legend taking the kendo stick bump so early in ha career (@ 9:25)  
  12. Are you a bigger fan of when they were marked as "indistinguishable," where they had the same ring gear, similar characters, same finishing move, utilized "Twin Magic" consistently, etc. OR Are you a bigger fan of when they became "distinguishable" and started taking on their own individual identities, ring gear, finishing moves, etc.  
  13. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    The irony being that Triple H is pretty much responsible for the birth of the 4HW and essentially spearheading the #WomensRevolution through him grooming talent/characters.  It's refreshing because it's a reminder for myself that you can't always believe what you read. Oop but this part did end up being true.  The focus truly being Sasha vs Charlotte exclusively for 7 months.  I'm shook.
  14. What themes are BOPS?

    a fucking BOP  truly representative of the Divas era  you and me together, just growing old chase anything with 2 legs look out baby, it's your turn to beg boy I like the way you movin' feeling all the things you doing got me twisted in the grove and I like the way you love me  
  15. "My chicks are Bad and Boujee✌🏾✌️