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  1. Meatrice? Bitch, your mother named you meat-rice.  Matter fact, everybody meet rice.  *MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM*

  2. Plans for Paige's return?

    BITCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH        I'm ngl, my ass gave her the bizness back in her messy era but I'm fucking over it and STOKED for this return.  They should've kept her on Raw tbh, but I guess Asuka is going to be the main attraction for the next couple of months and I guess they don't want anything to detract from that, because a returning Paige - given both her absence and buzz over the last year - could steal a considerable amount of spotlight from Asuka.   UGHHHH BITCH GIVE ME PAIGE NOW  P3 about to PISS on bitches  
  3. Charlotte

    1x Divas Champion 4x Raw Women's Champion 1x Smackdown Women's Champion (soon to be) Ugh oh, tying Mickie and trying to catch up with Queen Trish  
  4. Charlotte and Sasha not friends anymore?

    Andddddddddddd this is exactly why I could never get behind Sasha tbh.  Just something about her attitude and demeanor is off-putting.  I also noticed that she's HORRIBLE with receiving criticism  She think everyone's out to attack her or 'come for her' when a lot of the criticism is valid and fair - I think this links back to the immaturity piece that many of you have touched on. Like I will always respect her talent and not dare be delusional to say she lacks talent, but she's too full of herself, at least that's the vibe she gives off.  There's a difference between confidence and having a huge ego/cocky and I feel like Sasha blurs those lines. Not to sound mean, but it's good for her that she had those short title reigns because it humbles her ass some.  
  5. I've received a total 50 WPs over the tenure of my membership with HB.  Not bad :)

    1. Dana Brooke

      Dana Brooke

      7 more than me


    2. Gavin


      True heels.

    3. Wilifred.


      not bad for a girl with no talent 

  6. The Divided States of America

  7. Charlotte and Sasha not friends anymore?

    Nothing ground breaking, but it seems as if Char went into detail on Sasha's jealousy but they're good now as the stuff mentioned in the book was years ago? idk - only time will tell I guess      
  8. Paige is back at the performance center

    omgggg and WWE actually acknowledged this!!! UgzhHHHH Paige needs to come throughhh  
  9. Raw September 18, 2017: Live Chat

    oh ok wellllll they should've thought this through better imo.  This is the final Raw before her first ever title match (i think) and she's nowhere to be found.  MESS.
  10. Raw September 18, 2017: Live Chat

    cute segment, my only 'issue' is why wasn't Emma featured AT ALL?  she's the fourth participant in the fatal 4 way match yet we see Bayley come out? I get it's her hometown or whatever, but still.  They could've at least shown Emma looking at the match from the back  

    I rewatched this after 12 years and DIED and came back to life.  I miss Trish so much :crying: (Trish @ 11:00)

    "look at you on YOUR ASS! are PATHETIC!"

    ain't NONE of these girls EVER touching ha on the mic :cry: 


    1. Qwan™


      "For the record, sweetie... I would have never lowered myself to sleep with a big,fat,greasy, chicken eating looser like YOU!" :shook: 

      The fucking GOAT. :crying: 

    2. Dana Brooke

      Dana Brooke

      oh my god :ahh: 

      trish looking like a ragdoll in that bearhug :gaycry: she truly was so good on the mic :clap:


    3. Dana Brooke
  12. "Shakia....your birthday is October 20, 1990 so BITCH, stop acting tough, because you just old enough to get FUCKED UP."

    SCRMMMMMMMMMMM this is why I love battle rap :ahh: 

  13. Paige is back at the performance center

    I hope WWE is forgiving and lets her back in.  IDK, it's something about Paige that makes me still want to see her despite the messy last couple months.
  14. Smackdown vs. Raw: Which Women's Title is More Valuable?

    Raw for reasons already stated throughout the thread, but the lineage setup is real fucking ugly and has me pressed: Char Sasha Char Sasha Char Sasha Char Bayley Alexa Sasha Alexa If the lineage setup wasn't so hideous and messy it would even further strengthen the prestige of the title.  Like yes the title has constantly been booked as a big deal and main attraction, but the constant swapping of the titles has just been messy.  The lineage legit looks like the result of two tweens playing one of these SD vs Raw video games   Smackdown women's title is decent but has yet to been booked as a serious/main attraction bout as that of the Raw women's title.  Like many of you have mentioned, the Smackdown women's title lacks that 'big time fight feel' to it.  But once Queens like Charlotte and Asuka just breathe on it, the prestige will sky rocket through the roof, so it'll be fine in the long run.
  15. Although NXT is now deemed a 'third brand,' it's still remains a developmental territory for upcoming superstars to work on maturing and strengthening wrestling and promo skills as well as character presence before being called up to the main roster.  Just last year we saw a fury of names be called up to the main roster: Dana Brooke, Carmella, Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, and Bayley.  However, we also see instances where people are called up 'too soon' from developmental, which brings me to my question: which female superstars do you think could've benefited from another year in NXT (either wrestling, character dev., promo skills, etc.) before being called up?