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  1. Enzo Amore Released by WWE

    And there were a bunch of dummies defending him on reddit and WrestlingForum too. Wrestling fans are kind of the pits aren’t they?
  2. Enzo Amore Released by WWE

    Rot in hell, rapist trash
  3. Raw 25: Live Chat

    swhiodh @ them wasting hundreds of dollars to watch two matches at a bingo hall. Poor them 
  4. Raw 25: Live Chat

  5. Raw 25: Live Chat

  6. Raw 25: Live Chat

    This dude serving Eva Marie NXT promo circa 2015. Legend’s never ending impact 
  7. Raw 25: Live Chat

    Ok but the Miz better get a run with the main title before he retires. WWE doesn’t want these problems
  8. Raw 25: Live Chat

    ddd when our divas only return to dance in a segment for The Godfather
  9. Raw 25: Live Chat

    Imagine cheering for John Bradshaw Spacey, lmao I’m glad I CAN’T relate
  10. Raw 25: Live Chat

    Momchelle better NOT have her return wasted in this dilapidated bingo hall 
  11. Raw 25: Live Chat

    Bye where are my DIVAS 
  12. Raw 25: Live Chat

    Here we go This giant brawl segment after the match is about to be a MESS
  13. Raw 25: Live Chat

    Bitch ENOUGH of this self indulgent McMahon drama