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  1. Brad Pitt turned down ‘The Matrix’ starring role

    I think it would have been a completely different iteration than what we got had he played the lead. Still good probably, but better things unfolded the way it did because I couldn’t imagine someone like Russell Crowe (the initial casting choice for Tyler) in Fight Club.
  2. Major "Birds of Prey" Characters Confirmed to be Gay

    Hope Ewan’s the top
  3. "Legend" Set To Return For The Royal Rumble

    Me after being reeled back into casual observance expecting an old fave that probably won’t ever be seen to make an appearance
  5. ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ poised for $40-45 million opening

    It’s not, it come out in 3 weeks.
  6. Ms. Flair only wants good alcohol and dick these days, leave her
  8. Fucking a Nazi, shows solidarity with the KKK, and fucking a woman whose last name is Lynch. I’m sensing a pattern.  
  9. They probably did request she announce it, oh well. At least she got the heat off Charlotte momentarily.
  10. Commodifying a division with superficial changes rather than genuinely dismantling the system of limitations. It’s why I just can’t invest entirely in the “women’s evolution” trope, chile I’m over this lame revisionism and acts of self-congratulation from WWE. 
  11. Because it’s a forum dedicated to women’s wrestling. Any more questions?
  12. I really blame Nose for gassing these idiots up. They bought into their own hype and now aren’t privy to glaring issues that still beset WWE’s treatment of female characters. And bitches wonder why diva stans won’t shut up about women of the past, it’s because we see through this revisionist history.