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  1. Mike And Maria Kanellis Reportedly Re-Sign With WWE

    I guess Cody and Brandi weren’t interested
  2. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Ms Trish being anti-vaxxer. So anyways
  3. Who is y’all? He hasn’t blocked me so maybe dats on you.
  4. The CONFIDENT pose. The SMIRK. The HAIRINESS. The POWER this has. The KING of the gays  
  5. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    King of the gays
  6. They can do what they want. I don’t give a shit anymore.
  7. John Cena Officially Joins ‘Fast & Furious 9’

    The occasional jabs aside, I still like Cena and want to see him succeed, even though the FF sequels are poised for box office fatigue. He needs a better agent.
  8. Michelle Mccool on Chasing Glory

    Her ass couldn’t have waited until at least 10 minutes in? I-
  9. Chris Evans WON | Heartbreakers’ Sexiest Man Alive

    You and Moo should do less laughing and more admiring over the fact that Pratt is aging the best out of the Chrises.
  10. Chris Evans WON | Heartbreakers’ Sexiest Man Alive

    Why not both?
  11. Chris Evans WON | Heartbreakers’ Sexiest Man Alive

    Trevante Rhodes Milo Ventimiglia Chris Hemsworth Chris Pratt Chris Evans Riz Ahmed Miguel Angel Silvestre John Krasinski Xabi Alonso Jesse Williams Michael Fassbender Zachary Levi Jon Hamm Michael B. Jordan Oscar Isaac