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  1. Eva Marie Thinks Ronda Has Heat

    Is she podcasting because the Nordstrom partnership already fell through?
  2. Do they not have a better render of Carmella to choose from?
  3. Oop, Nikki winning at Evolution confirmed 
  4.  Hmmm thots?
  5. We can tell. She’s the type to google search synonyms for simple one-and-two syllable words to compensate for her limited vocabulary. 
  6. TO FREEDOM: Charlotte Allegedly Exposed as Racist

    Oh she’s one of THOSE types that spit out slurs when they’re drunk. I-
  7. TO FREEDOM: Charlotte Allegedly Exposed as Racist

    Where are the receipts?
  8. Tegan Nox injury update

    She recognized the severity of her injury and her immediate response was to work through the pain? That’s not only stupid, but a dangerous gamble where she can (and likely did) further exacerbate the injury. Speedy wishes to her and glad the surgery was successful but sis, that wasn’t smart. Fuck your pride and ego. When you’re injured, you are injured. 
  9. Fuck me in front of Stephanie next papi
  10. Another Diva legend confirmed for Evolution

    Is this going to be an hour long PPV?
  11. Raw October 15, 2018: Live Chat

    Not her getting upset over a 4 week-long friendship 
  12. Raw October 15, 2018: Live Chat

    Me when Nikki namedrops all of the divas of the past again on TV