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  1. New WWE Women's Reality Show Coming Soon

    Okay wait I see some potential  
  2. ! It’d be one of the biggest reactions of all time so them not keeping his prognosis under wraps doesn’t make any sense but whatever. As long as he’s fine, then I guess. 
  3. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

  4.  Are we watching for king?
  5. Tye Dillinger Ask For Release

    Well, bye.
  6. Possible Wrestlemania Opponent for Asuka?

    He said a whole bunch of nothing
  7. Bianca Blair on Chasing Glory

    I listened. Key highlights (not chronologically ordered) Discusses what Black History Month means to her, and how she celebrates her culture and heritage Lillian asks her whether she prefers ‘black’ or ‘African American’ as an identifier, to which Bianca says she has no preference Born in East Knoxville, spent her uni years at University of South Carolina, Texas A&M, and University of Tennessee. Has 4 older siblings and a large, close knit family of 50 relatives. Performed in front of her family at an NXT show, the same arena where she graduated. Biggest struggle in her formative years was being poor. Grandmother bought her family their first house. Didn’t think much of it until she went to college. Struggled with bulimia in her teens. Lillian was like, ‘Wow, you and me. Same thing!’ Spent only a year in USC for track before transferring to Texas A&M. At this point, she isolated herself from her circle. Prescribed antidepressants but went cold turkey and ended up in the hospital after taking a bottle of pills. Bianca says in retrospect, her overdose was a cry for attention rather than a decision to commit suicide. Spent under 24 hour surveillance at a psychiatric hospital. Decided afterward to finish her semester at Texas A&M, but after flunking her classes, moved back to Knoxville with her family. Continued track at the University of Tennessee after a yearlong hiatus, where she would graduate. Contemplated a professional career in running. Her brother got her into CrossFit. This was where she began to love her body. Became interested in WWE after watching Total Divas. Occasionally watched wrestling with her brother as a child. Discovered by Mark Henry at a CrossFit competition. He booked her initial tryout match in March 2015. Met her husband Montez Ford at NXT. They also devised her signature braid look together. Full interview
  8. Raw February 18, 2019: Live Chat

    YAS. @Jake @Mariah. you up for it? The entire first season is on Youtube!
  9. Raw February 18, 2019: Live Chat

    ;siweo I’ve been binge watching the entire weekend. The episodes where they work at Sonic and the one where Nicole tells off some fat redneck that called insulted her made me SCREAM The Kardashians could NEVER
  10. Raw February 18, 2019: Live Chat

    Another NXT call up? They can’t even work with the talent they already have. Poor Ricochet, he’s going to FLOP
  11. Paige: “It Was Never WWE Holding The Women Back”

    What she said was silly, but she’s on a press tour with some obligation to her company. I don’t expect her to be completely unbiased or try to portray WWE in a negative light.
  12. Elimination Chamber 2019: Live Chat

    @Brandon @Travis Roucka
  13. Maryse Pregnant

    This didn’t age well huh