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  1. Best Feuds Post Trish/Lita Retirement?

    Piggy James Bellas/Stephanie Eva/Bugley Mizryse/Cena and Nikki
  2. Brandon Flynn comes out

    Well tell the straights to give usย KJ Apa or Hugh Jackman instead
  3. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Isn't she like 14 or something? I feel bad for her especially with all the grown men in the comments calling her ugly. They wouldn't be saying shit if her daddy was in front of them, she didn't ask for the spotlightย 
  4. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Beast incarnateย 
  5. Should WWE give up the "Diva" search?

    Eva's character is not a gimmick that can work with any person at any givenย time. It's hard to capture the essence of that magic once it's gone so I don't see how that relates to the diva search being a failure per se.
  6. Raw September 18, 2017: Live Chat

  7. He stansย Gnat over Godlette. Cancelledย 
  8. Chrissy Teigen Comes Out As Bella Army

    Y'all must really be bored huh?
  9. Soย can Godga get better in time for theย date I'm seeingย her for in November? Thanks xx


  10. I care about neither but ultimately they've set some precedence with the RAW title to the point where people feel more strongly about it. They're propsย and the drama is what dictates the value of said prop, so by that sense, RAW is most definitely more importantย  Meanwhile the SD title is akin to a participation trophyย 
  11. oh wow
  12. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Is Momryse fr pregnant or is this a work? Congrats to her and Miz if this true but I didn't know what to think since they used it forย a stupid shoot promo
  13. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    Plenty ofย tops are growers henny As long as I don't need to look at it with a microscope or blow it with a bendy straw we good