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  1. Heartbreakers Moments of the Decade  
  2. First Look at "Wonder Woman 1984"; Full Trailer Tomorrow

    It looks good but that trailer had better employ some better music choices than that
  3. Thank you Ms @Jeigz for hosting. Love seeing my back up vote and the rightfully winner prevailing x
  4. "The Batman" Casts Peter Sarsgaard

    Ya hear that? That’s the sound of Nolan’s legacy being ERASED
  5. This is why us Nikki stans don’t claim FLEA. Sis is probably anti-vaax too x
  6. I’m banning every one of you f*ggots for this
  7. “He wants me to be his ex-lover.” blink
  8. With 2020 nearing in several weeks, Heartbreakers leaves behind a decade of iconic, and many times messy, moments, whether it be on discord, twitter, the parent forum, and so forth. What are some of this forum’s most memorable moments this decade? Discuss.
  9. ‘Mulan’ Official Trailer

    Honestly. The changes in the story is a smart decision. The lead actress expressing her opposition against Hong Kong sovereignty from China, well...
  10. AEW Suspends Nyla Rose

    All this just to recreate some NXT reaction shot with Britt Baker. Embarrassing.
  11. Charlotte is guaranteed a top five spot though luv x
  12. Reby and Matt Hardy Welcome Their Third Child

    Condolences to the newborn x
  13. I’ll allow the Nat ranking for her Total Divas moments like engaging in rape fantasy with TJ and putting icy hot in her pussy.