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  1. It actually doesn’t look bad to me but Samantha made the show and Carrie will never be that girl
  2. Submission deadline for the forthcoming Heartbreakers Sexiest Man Alive rate
  3. Submission deadline has been extended another week. High key forgot about this
  4. I got you sis, lemme start promoting my men so this rate can tip to my favor
  5. That man will be getting blocked in ways I have yet to figure out but will soon master, know THAT!
  6. I’m still undecided about including wrestlers. They were excluded last year but I’ve been lenient about expanding the rate’s eligibility, but ultimately it’ll be up to yall.
  7. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/07/business/media/warner-bros-hbo-max-movies-pay.html
  8. We really have the likes of Chris Pratt and Matthew McConaughey vying for political office, fix it jesus


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