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  1. Kirsten Dunst deserves more. Why?  Seldom follow Buzzfeed but whew, a (long) but well written piece that encapsulates all my thoughts on the most underrated actress of our generation, Kirsten Dunst.
  2. Seth and Becky are engaged

    Anyways, they give me Miley and Liam teas for whatever reason. Good luck to them x
  3. Seth and Becky are engaged

    And what makes you think he wants yall fags?
  4. Oscars 2020 | Speculation + Discussion

    The pace picks up after the first 40 or so minutes, only to plateau with (what I thought was) an anticlimactic ending. Not a bad film, but completely too long. Zodiac teas  
  5. Oscars 2020 | Speculation + Discussion

    A Best Supporting Actor victory for Brad is all but inevitable (and I’d be fine with it), but DiCaprio? Leave the pity votes in 2015 where they belong please x
  6. Oscars 2020 | Speculation + Discussion

    Early Gold Derby predictions: Picture: The Irishman Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio  Actress: Cynthia Erivo Supporting Actor: Brad Pitt Supporting Actress: Annette Bening
  7. One more month until the return of the GOAT sitcom   
  8. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Oh wow king being a diva stan. We always win!
  9. Spider-Man OUT of the MCU?! Sony Speaks

    Angelina and Crisp Fatt gonna carry the Marvel franchise into the future. Maybe things happen for a reason.
  10. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Can she give it a rest?
  11. Happy 7th Birthday, Heartbreakers!

    It’s been an interesting journey. I don’t recall my first memory of this forum, but I joined under the pretense that this would be a nice alternative to the then-more active WrestlingForum (which I had been on for years). Sans a small circle of people I liked, I had grown tired of the cynicism of that community at that point, where bitter middle age men spent their hours ranting about WWE and devote the remaining hours to “hate watching” said show. It was toxic, and I didn’t need or want that in my life. It’s a fucking fictional TV show after all. I didn’t expect to stay here long, but fast forward four years later, and WrestlingForum is facing impending death while this board bucks the general trend of internet forums and continues to grow. I’m grateful I found this (infinitely positive) community of people, and cheers to the continued success and growth of Heartbreakers with you hens x
  12. They dropped him so Jacob Elordi could accept