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  1. Tom Phillips is Exposed

    The fact the side hoe is a literal downgrade from his fiancée  Like..... wyd Tom
  2. Tom Phillips is Exposed

  3. Tom Phillips is Exposed

    ;nwodiweiewbokd This dude is a FUCKBOI   But I'm still up for being face fucked so 
  4. Tom Phillips is Exposed

    Wait I'd have regrets Don't face fuck me daddy
  5. Tom Phillips is Exposed

    Face fuck me next daddy 
  6. Academy Award Deserving Women's Wrestlers

    When will your faves?
  7. Maria Kanellis Signing New Deal With TNA

    Condolences to ha only stan @Vinaro 
  8. Early reviews for AJ's book

    Queen of buying reviews   You better get on that Marvel strategy 
  9. SmackDown February 21, 2017: Live Chat

    Oh wow and still no sign of Eva
  10. Raw February 20, 2017: Live Chat

    This episode of Bates Motel 
  11. The biggest wrestlers since Trish and Lita. Wrestling royalty 
  12. Teen girls stan talent, not foot fungus 
  13. Why is this wide eyed crackbaby quoting me like I care?