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  1. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

  2. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    It's been over two years now. It seems AJ has moved on and so should you 
  3. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

      Which one of you did this?
  4. Women's Money in the Bank Match in the Works

  5. Backlash 2017: Live Chat

    It just confirmed that God is a bitter Eva stan just like the rest of us
  6. Backlash 2017: Live Chat

    Looks like I made the right decision to watch The Town and Salmonella's flop BBMA performance over dis borefest kii
  7. Random Thoughts

    The fact that she likely thought that boy was slaying  
  8. Yes. Be perched when Taylucifer is revealed as the winner
  9. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

      Oh wow guess Finn being gay is false tea Nice beard tho
  10. Also if Friends ends up winning this rate mods better have no mercy and start clocking out bans 
  11. 1. Copy and paste for the next person interested pls 
  12. Lets see if HB's taste in television is as questonable as ha tastes in film    Rules will be slightly different this time around. As more people seem to be invested in TV, this will be a countdown of HB's 75 Favorite TV Shows, voted by you. You will submit a ranked list of 15 TV shows in order by June 5 to participate. Points will correspond to the ranking; your top pick receives 15 points, your runner up receives 14 points, your #3 gets 13 points, and so forth. You will PM your lists to me once you are done. Every genre and language is eligible, although like last time, please include nationality with TV shows with more than one adaptation (ie House of Cards (UK) or House of Cards (US)). The rate will start on June 8 at 7PM EST, during which we will begin with a bubbling under category before moving on to the main list. Ties are fine and will probably be inevitable because this is a small community. Otherwise, have fun!    
  13. Summer Rae is ready to return to in-ring action

    I don't care
  14. If they're not gonna keep Charlotte as the heel then this would be the way to go   Nattie's awful at getting heat and Tina who? Unless Nikki comes back in any capacity, Carmella is the best option SD has