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  1. Shayna could've been the monster they're hell-bent on Nia being, but we all know Vince thinks with his peen when it comes to the women  
  2. Update on Kairi Sane

    I'll miss seeing her in WWE but Stardom will give her the sendoff she deserves if she does indeed go back to Japan. Another amazing wrestler that WWE refused to utilize to her fullest potential 
  3. Wednesday Night War | Official Chat Thread

    WHEWWWW we better get Io & Asuka vs Sasha and Bayley next week 
  4. nnn I read that a few of the producers tested positive for COVID too. I wish more people would go the Roman/Kevin/Sami route because Vince will fully endanger all of them for a dollar without a second thought 
  5. Impact Fires Tessa Blanchard, Strips Her of World Title

    Not her burning bridges literally everywhere she goes 
  6. Superstar Photo Booth

    She's so pretty 
  7. The fact that none of the women Sable has worked with have ever said anything positive about her is honestly impressive   They're both trash but Vince won't care and neither will Brock  
  8. #SpeakingOut tackles sexual misconduct in wrestling

    What was she expected to do?? Paige doesn't come across as someone who listens to advice  
  9. RIP Former WWE Superstar Chloe

    Not her being 17 years old, the Mae Young of dogs  RIP queen 
  10. Happiest of Birthdays, Dearest Mariah

    Happy birthday! Hope it's a good one 
  11. NXT TakeOver: In Your House: Live Chat

  12. NXT TakeOver: In Your House: Live Chat

    Io wins her first title tonight. Mark it on your calendars! x  
  13. Drew Gulak Back with WWE

    That picture   I wasn't even aware he'd left but welcome back luv x
  14. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    The worms munching away at Candice's brain:
  15. Stardom’s Hana Kimura Passes Away At Age 22

    This is so sad. Stardom recently began pushing her as one of their main event girls too  RIP 💔