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  1. NXT Superstars get new T-shirts

    Suddenly I'm glad they didn't give Queen Io a new shirt
  2. Clash of Champions 2019: Live Chat

    Charlotte vs Bagley will end in a DQ instead
  3. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K20

    Isn't that her old tron?? They better fix that shit 
  4. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    I could hear rats scuttling across the arena floor during Sasha & Bagel's entrance omg
  5. Torrie Wilson Ring the Belle Interview

    @nintendoboyds you better drag the gays in here talking shit! OT: her saying she's in better shape to wrestle than ever before, maybe she's COMING for that women's title reign she was snubbed of     
  6. Day #406 of waiting for WWE to release Io's new theme 



  7. Ric Flair Files Trademark on "The Man"

    Ric brought Charlageddon into the world and now he's putting a STOP to it omg. KING! 
  8. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K20

    2K sports are known for doing the absolute bare minimum so I WON'T be getting my hopes up!   I'll still end up purchasing though  
  9. Asuka Launches Gaming Youtube Channel

    Coming for UpUpDownDown's WIG 
  10. Impact Wrestling August 30, 2019: Results

    The guys on commentary cackling after that moonsault from Big Mami  I hope Tenille is less of a charisma vacuum in Impact than she was in WWE, but from what I'm seeing here it's not looking good! 
  11. First Look at Disney’s Cruella

    Drizella truly being the only iconic thing about that last season    OT: I'm interested in where they'll take this. I'm pretty sure her origin story in OUAT was just the writer's interpretation of her story, so I'd be surprised if they actually end up going down that route. I'm not sure I like Emma Stone as Cruella either honesetly 
  12. Seth and Becky are engaged

  13. SummerSlam 2019: Live Chat

    According to who?  
  14. SummerSlam 2019: Live Chat

    Is that Buzz Lightyear gear??