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  1. Money in the Bank 2019: Results

    every year this lunchbox ppv pisses me off
  2. Ashley Massaro passes away

    I don’t have the right words but this has deeply rocked me. It upsets me how some girls leave WWE and face many mental health battles, and they don’t have the right support system to help them. The one thing that makes me feel better is knowing that Ashley knew she was loved. The amount of love she got from fans on twitter on a regular basis helped her a lot I’m sure. She knew she had a fanbase that cared for her. Her last tweet was letting her fans know that she responded to her fanmail.   Her and Chyna are gonna slay heaven together now.   RIP Angel we love you  
  3. Alexa Bliss Removed from MITB Match

    just wrap her in bubble wrap at this point. It's kinda concerning that she's become this sensitive to injury.
  4. when Naomi wears fur coats in her entrance or anything rainbow (except the WM35 gear that was cute) Mickie trying to make milf a thing you don't need it mawma
  5. James Charles Dragged

    end the f*g!
  6. Carmella Talks Fans Turning On Her

    Never liked this hoe and her wrestling had little to do with it 
  7. and yet, no one cares. NEXT
  8. John Cena caught stalking Nikki Bella fanpage

    are we going to pretend like she isn’t thinking about his ass too? 
  9. Give her all the titles  
  10. Alexa Bliss Puts Respect On The Bella Name

    Is the pet shampoo to clean JJ  
  11. The idea is stank but Mickie is one of the girls who can get the crowd behind her with the right booking, something some of y'all of wack faves couldn't do with all the booking in the world. They've been sabotaging my sis since she's come back and halted her momentum anytime she's picked up any steam. Charlotte has broken Trish's stupid record so it's time Mickie get one last reign in. Enough is enough. Stick to Hardcore Country though
  12. why is a NATTIE stan talking about how to effectively market yourself?! shut up bitch
  13. Corey Graves Opens Up About Relationship with Carmella

    He needs to eat bc I’m curious what exactly Caramel is grabbing onto    
  14. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    i -