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  1. Booking the Tag Titles/All-Women’s PPV

    Me looking for Nay’s name so I can vote and go it’s a force of habit nn
  2. Jim Ross gives opinion on Carmella

    he didn't lie
  3. Booking the Tag Titles/All-Women’s PPV

    The Bellas in 2018? It’s a no. IIconics are the only logical choice since they need it...badly.
  4. mess that's gonna happen I'm mad #GLOWbanks ain't happening rn.
  5. Lana and Naysus are gonna be forced together.
  6. oop it's confirmed we lose again @Josh.
  7. Former Diva open to WWE Return

    Sasha after Kelly spins 9 times doing the spinning headscissors
  8. stop acting like y'all are gonna watch
  9. Please can the tag titles have black straps with gold plates. Give us a traditional look.
  10. SmackDown July 17, 2018: Live Chat

     don’t remind me of this night.
  11. WWE announces four new NXT recruits

    I would hope for PB&J's sake that she's still not a dumb bitch
  12. Farrah Abraham wants a match with Alexa Bliss

    Alexa: you D-list celebrity! Farrah: omg you bitch
  13. Nikki Bella Can't Masturbate

    When something or someone annoying is trying to get attention so you pretend you’re not listening.