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  1. WrestleMania 36 Trainwreck Thread

    all this nonsense just to get WM winners with no flavor...someone sneeze on Vince
  2. WWE finalizing deal with Rob Gronkowski

    I’d like to climb his Gronk
  3. The snub to Naomi Knight 
  4. Mother James has 6 reigns compared to their collective 3 and her place in history is more respected than theirs but hennyways, the tweet is being exaggerated since y'all drag whomever is inducted every year for one reason or another, so I'm here for the comments too if that's what she's referring. Let kween be messy since she's bored.
  5. "Friends" Reunion Confirmed for HBO Max

    and the gag is most of the tea has already been spilled over the years so we're just going to end up hearing shit we already knew or heard in older interviews. An actual waste of time but if HBO is in the mood to be clowns then...
  6. Naomi2belts is coming. This is her year and we’re going all out. Double the albums, double the glow, double the racists. This train ain’t stopping so get on board!
  7. Everyone lining up to become Naomi’s tag title partner. Out of respect to herstory and their sisterhood, it should be Cam tbh. It would be a cute full circle moment but don’t get it twisted we’re getting a Naomi solo album first! Cam can interfere at WM to make sure queen snatches!
  8. Kelly Kelly may work a part-time WWE schedule

    After N3omi when she ends Bagley, of course
  9. Kelly Kelly may work a part-time WWE schedule

    Her and Naomi coming for their rightful tag title reign this has been 10 years in the making no one is doing continuity like them
  10. Taynara Conti Walks Out of WWE

    her peak being this gif thanks for the one memory sis
  11. Mickie James Helped Put Women's Royal Rumble Together

    you heard wrong she's getting her 7th reign periodt
  12. i thought they already left lol
  13. Mickie James Helped Put Women's Royal Rumble Together

    it all slapped until the final 4 but that had Triple Nose written all over it. Mother James can only do so much!
  14. Mickie James Helped Put Women's Royal Rumble Together

    bitch do you wanna watch him since he's always on your mind?