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  1. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    He quoted first though? Β 
  2. They all look so pretty and youthful. Candice is there as well, but we won’t go into detail on how she looks.
  3. He seems like such a nice guy outside of the ring and he has a wife and kids to feed, so this is sad. Hope he can get booked elsewhere. Β 
  4. Where are the Raw girls?
  5. That was such a nonevent. Β 
  6. Is SmackDown screwed?

    I'm not even a Charlotte fan, but this makes no sense when Nikki Bella was on the roster prior to her being there.
  7. I’m ready to make my return in the competition games Β 
  8. HB Council

    It happened to me yesterday as well. Must be an iOS issue Β 
  9. Happy Birthday Travis!

    Happy Birthday!!!!
  10. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K18

    It should say at the bottom, but click triangle to edit show.Β 
  11. Backstage News On Emma's Releases

    Nia allegedly just walked out because she didn't wanna lose cleanly, returned with a win on Raw and placement in a ppv match. Plus, the Rock is her cousin. She ain't going no where.
  12. All Hail the Degeneres King, he's 19!

    Thank you everyone. I appreciate all of the wishes Β