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  1. Sasha Banks After not having interacted with many of her class mates since moving in, Sasha decided to go out and look for people to mingle with. She sits in the student lounge with a pencil and pad and begins to draw characters from her favorite Anime cartoon, Sailor Moon, to kill time. TBC: Anyone.
  2. HB Council

    Another mod handed it to her earlier.
  3. Carmella. Her going from receiving crickets and being dragged for her promo work to becoming one of the best mic workers in the division, heat almost every week, and first ever Miss MITB. Nia and Alexa haven't impressed me much (aside from Nia in the Gauntlet a few weeks ago).
  4. Can they look at the airport camera footage? I thought the incident occurred in the restaurant?
  5. WWE HB17 | Online

    The camera fades in from back as the arena is calm. The serenity is quickly interrupted once "America's Sweetheart" Kimberly Storm's music begins to blare, forcing the crowd to erupt into cheers and raucousness, always hypnotized with the beautiful brunette. She smiles and touches the hands of her many fans as the cheers refuses to fade out, beginning to mix in with catcalls. Walking along ringside to the time keeper's area to grab a microphone, she steps inside the ring and stands in the middle before beginning to speak: Kimberly Storm: "So as you all already know, Team MAC has been through A LOT these past few months. So much so that people have been beginning to wonder what's next? Is it time for MAC to end? Are they already over? While a certain someone probably gave you the impression that it's time for a curtain call on MAC, I promise every single one of you that we --- Mercedes and I --- are just getting started. From movie roles to endorsements and everything in between, we're at our peak. More importantly, that Women's Championship. We've held that title before  and we will hold it again. It doesn't matter if it's me or her, we will stand together, stronger than ever. In fact, Mercedes. Our #1 contender and future champion. Get your ass out here!" The familiar, mid-tempo tune that is Mercedes Benson's theme hits the arena as Mercedes walks out on stage all, smiles. She waves at Kimberly with an expression of modesty and as she makes her way down the ramp she motions to the roaring crowd. She stops to hug and comfort a young male fan who is overcome with emotion from seeing his favorite superstar in the flesh. She quickly grabs a mic and walks up the stairs and into the ring, giving Kimberly a hug. As Mercedes's music fades out, "Mercedes Benson" chants fade in. Mercedes mouths "thank you" to the crowd and waits for the chants to dissipate before bringing her microphone to her mouth. Mercedes Benson: "Such a lively and beautiful crowd we have here tonight!" Mercedes beams as the crowd pops once again. "But yes, as my girl Kim put so beautifully, we've been hearing the discussion and the gossip about the fate of Team MAC. And we are out here tonight to set the record straight. Kim and I are not looking backwards at all of the drama and madness of the past few months. We are looking forward! We are looking forward to continually improving and shutting down the naysayers. We are looking forward to building our brands, both separately and as a unit. We are looking forward to recapturing the gold here at HBW...and spoiler alert... it's happening at Battleground. So for anyone asking about Team MAC, we may not know about the C in MAC, but the future has never looked brighter for 2AM and we've never been stronger!" The crowd would erupt with a mixed reaction upon hearing Chloe Chanel's theme blasting throughout the arena. Standing at the top of the stage, Chloe smirks and waves at Mercedes and Kimberly Storm down in the ring before joining them. As she steps into the ring, she looks both ladies directly in the eyes before placing the microphone to her face. "Booooo! You sold out!" screams a very passionate fan in the audience.  Chloe Chanel: "I understand why you feel that way.." she says in response to the fan. She turns her attention back to Mercedes and Kim, "And I understand if you two both feel that way as well, but that's actually why I'm out here. I was watching last week and I saw Mercedes win her contender's match and I saw the previews for Kim's upcoming film, and... I was so happy for you guys! So much that I wanted to call you both and spazz out through the phone. Just like old times. Basically, what I'm trying to say is...I miss my girls! I know you're both doing incredibly well at the moment as "2AM" but wouldn't it be a gag if we reunited as "Team MAC" to once again run this division?!" Remy London's theme music hits to a number of boo's from the crowd. Remy London: "Excuse me..excuse me..excuse me. I hate to be a bitch and ruin this pity party you got goin' on here, but NO. ONE. CARES!" The crowd boo's as Remy continues, "Oh, boo hoo! Shut up! You people are just as pathetic as those three tramps in the ring!" The camera pans to the ladies of Team MAC in the ring rolling their eyes and shouting at Remy as she attacks them. She giggles, "You see, I brought a couple of friends with me tonight. They're pretty big on the indy scene, and it would be our pleasure to kick your asses up and down that ring..." Independent wrestlers Gin Merano and Morgan hop the barricade and attack Mercedes Benson and Kimberly Storm, as Chloe Chanel looks confused in the ring. Chloe grabs Morgan by her hair and yanks her off of Mercedes. She then super kicks Gin, causing her to crash hard on the mat. As Remy watches what occurs in the ring, she runs in and attacks Chloe Chanel. Officials can be seen coming down to the ring to break the women apart before the show cuts to commercial break. Ireti' Oloron: "We're back on Raw and General Manager Thot In Charge has booked this 6 woman tag team match following the sneak attack by Remy London and company before the commercial break!"   Mercedes Benson hits the "Mercedes Bends" on Gin Merano and 1..2...3!  Ebolina: "Here are you winners, the team of Chloe Chanel, Mercedes Benson, and Kimberly Storm!" Mercedes Benson and Kimberly Storm immediately run to hug each other after their victory. Meanwhile, Chloe Chanel strolls in the ring and watches them from afar. The two stop hugging and stare at her for a brief second before bringing her in for a group hug. The crowd begins erupting, with possibly the loudest pop of the year. The ladies of Team MAC strike a pose in the ring, as the camera fades away.
  6. It also shouldn't have you bothered like this either. I'm sure Alexa Bliss is sitting pretty and unbothered with her championship in hand right about now.
  7. Mess, that comment shouldn't have even sparked up this much conversation, nor should it be taken in the literal sense of pulling something from under your sleeve. Y'all are bored. 
  8. I love a petty bad bitch.  
  9. Allegedly Paige details what happened at Airport

    Alberto clearly wrote this, and what was tweeted yesterday. It's gross how all of the blame is being put on her. *****, we know you've put hands on her. Throwing a drink isn't even a chargeable offence. It's clear that anything tweeted from this account is all lies at this point. Miss me.
  10. I preferred the MITB match, but congrats.
  11. Raw July 10, 2017: Live Chat

    To be fair, it would just be a waste of money considering she isn't ever doing shit.
  12. n I don't blame you, but you should have stayed tbh. The post match attack was iT