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  1. WWE HB17 | Smack Talk

    After speaking with @Cooksie, he has decided to deal me reign over this thread and others relating to HBW.
  2. WWE HB17 | Smack Talk

    Get in dis.
  3. in my defense, i dont really pay her much mind inside the ring
  4. I didn't peep until tonight as well.
  5. Truly annoying with these commercial breaks.
  6. XxX: Return of Xander cage looks like a logo for a TNA ppv.  
  7. !!! What I was most excited for. This main event better be amazing.  
  8. Tyler was the same size as Seth, what are yall talking about.
  9. ! I hate that they're trying to make it seem like all the girls are jealous of Nikki  
  10. Poor @trishallday. That could've been you backstage