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  1. Random Thoughts

    I can't wait until they make it official. First thing I'm gonna do is run to the Shaderoom to laugh at the grown ass (straight) men disowning Nas in the comments section, because they, for some reason, despise her more than anyone else. Grown, straight men.
  2. Where you find her at? Leak the rest of the cast.
  3. Women's Money in the Bank Match in the Works

    Meanwhile Raw has a stick on a pole match. Oh, how the tides have changed.
  4. WWE HB17 | Online

    Chloe Chanel on stealing the show at Capitol Punishment, becoming Heartbreakers Women's Champion, and Team MAC! The Black Barbie breaks down her big plans for the future, and what's next for Team MAC How have you handled the transition from dream-pursuer to someone inspiring your fans to go for theirs? Honestly, it's insane to even think about. I get people who come up to me and are like, "You make me wanna live my dream." I remember being just like that, so it's really inspiring and motivating to have little girls and guys tell me I inspire them. I didn't know that came with the job, but it's so cool. They really push me to be the best that I can be in this business. Has it been incredible to watch the HBW machine manifest and market the Chloe Chanel persona in such a short period of time? Absolutely. It is, but it was all me to be honest. When I first got my try out last year, I knew exactly who I wanted to portray and what I wanted the HBW Universe to know me as. And now that I see I have some of the top selling merchandise and action figures – and hopefully next year I'm on the HBW [2K18] game. I don't call myself 'self-made' for no reason. No, I did this for me. I really am that bitch. Tell me about Team MAC and how you guys came to be. You guys seem to have to very real and genuine bond. How did that all come together? Yes! Those are my girls. I love them. We were all signed at the same time, but Mercedes and I actually knew each other prior to HBW. We've been friends for a while, but Kimberly is such a sweetheart and she's been supportive of us since we all came in, so we just clicked naturally.  You and Mercedes had one hell of a match at Capitol Punishment, where you of course became Women's Champion for the first time. After the match, there was a little tension. Care to explain? Mercedes put on a great match and she was an amazing champion, but it's time for me to rise. There was no tension. I was just caught up in the moment and we actually spoke about it when we got backstage. She supports me and Team MAC is, of course, still going strong.  
  5. 1. Cooksie 2. Foxy 3. Rita 4. Jake 5. Layout 6. Angelic  7. Christon  8. Mariah. 9. Katy 10. Cordelia 11. Shoaib 12. Day Dreamer  13. Kara Zor-El 14. Dante.
  6. Random Thoughts

    i truly don't know this bitch
  7. Random Thoughts

    Silly rap beefs just get me more checks My life is a movie, I'm never off set Me and my (a)migos, no not offset - Swish Swish, aw, I got them upset but my shooters'll make 'em dance like dub step - Ran, when? Nicki getting tan Mirror Mirror Who's the fairest bitch in all the land? - Damn, man. This bitch is a stan!  
  8. #BL2017 - Block Lana?

    Oh, I don't know if my post came across that way but that wasn't what I meant.
  9. #BL2017 - Block Lana?

    It doesn't. I'm pretty sure I jokingly said the hashtag stood for #BlockLana2017 a few hours ago on Twitter when it was first tweeted, because I thought it was a kii (i was probably the first to even say it). The only bother right now is you, because you are perched on my quote button for literally no reason and adding nothing to the discussion I was partaking in.
  10. #BL2017 - Block Lana?

    If that is the case, then that's the case, but as I said before. They've been tweeting the hashtag since New Year's Day, and Lana most likely was not the first thing on their brain once the ball dropped. The hashtag is petty, yes, but all I'm saying is I doubt it actually means "Block Lana 2017." I'm banking on it being something stupid and simple. A group name, or whatever, that they all just tweet to cosign one another.
  11. #BL2017 - Block Lana?

    I don't, and neither do you. That's why this is being discussed.
  12. #BL2017 - Block Lana?

    All of them first tweeted it on January 1st. I doubt they were sitting at home on New Year's thinking about Lana, but it is a kii to assume it relates to her since Summer/Lana have beef.
  13. #BL2017 - Block Lana?

    I'm getting all these notifications from you retweeting it  
  14. Random Thoughts

  15. Raw May 15, 2017: Live Chat

    This match makes no sense.