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  1. They wanted Ronda to give Alexa another concussion? Fuck this company  
  2. Fuuuuck. Everyone looked so good in this match. Liv, Sonya and Mandy are the future. So proud of those girls.   IIconics should’ve won. They need those belts asap.   going back to Liv. That girl is everything I wanted Lexi to be in the ring. Bumped her ass off and the moves. I really want her to take a belt. She’s capable of so much that this company just isn’t allowing her to showcase regularly. Same as Peyton.  
  3. Carmella Is Innocent

    This is just... I have no words. Mella sweetie  
  4. Carmella Is Innocent

    Naomi driving on the wrong side of the street and Carmella having an affair. Fabulous Glow starting off with a BANG.  
  5. NXT Stars On The Main Roster

    I’m all for it, honestly. Carmella, Asuka and Naomi are the only babyfaces over there right now since Becky’s most likely going to Raw after Mania. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Naomi’s on her way out. 
  6. NXT February 13th, 2019: Results

    Taynara’s coming along pretty well. I like her better as a babyface.   Happy Vanessa and Aliyah made it to TV. I think it’ll be what they need to move past jobber status.  Idk who the other three women are. 
  7. Candice LeRae To Work SmackDown Live Events?

    I’m all for it. It gets her away from Johnny and will probably get her more tv time. Smackdown is losing Becky by Mania probably and they just turned Lana heel again so all they have atm is Mella, Naomi and Asuka. She looked great at the Rumble imo, like she belonged.  
  8. Eva Marie Claims She's In Talks For WWE Comeback

    As long as they book her the right way, I’d be okay with it. Only because her SDLive gimmick was great and it won’t work on anyone else if we’re being honest so I just want that to comeback. 
  9. Karen Q and Rachael Evers Report to WWE PC

    Karen   Rachael.  
  10. Isn’t this that Ashley chick from TE everyone wanted to make it  
  11. SPOILER: Teams for Elimination Chamber

    I really wanted Kairi and Io but these two will do.  
  12. NXT Spoilers

    Lacey Lane, not Evans. 
  13. Royal Rumble 2019: Live Chat

    Alexa busting out that backflip move and attempting a hurricanrana DDT had me crying. She’s finally trying.   Kacy slays.   I’m pissed about the garbage booking Liv keeps getting. I’m worried her great character work and bumping is what’s putting her in the jobber/comedic territory.   
  14. Royal Rumble 2019: Live Chat

    You can tell Nikki posted this