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  1. Raw February 27, 2017: Live Chat

    yes I'm excited. Hopefully they go all out like it's a PPV.  
  2. Raw February 27, 2017: Live Chat

    Poor girl. She's constantly getting shit on. 
  3. this is so ugly. Someway somehow he puts the attention on the 4HW. I'm so tired of them. 
  4. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Well she's no longer under current superstars and now is under WWE Alumni on Brie "retired" yet is still under current superstars. 
  5. Footage of Rosita as AJ Lee

    She ain't cause after "Paige" comes out the first thing she says is that if it's Halloween and miss April never said such a thing during the real promo. 
  6. Footage of Rosita as AJ Lee

    They filmed Tessa and Thea doing the actual match. That was just so they'd get some shots of actress Paige in the ring. That being said, what I've seen from her the girl is tragic.  Thea tho is GOOD. She was giving it her all and that promo  I'm sure she took this as her tryout and hopefully Vince was watching because she deserves a contract. I'm impressed.  
  7. Academy Award Deserving Women's Wrestlers

    they're universally praised tho so the problem might be you
  8. Academy Award Deserving Women's Wrestlers

    Alexa fucking Bliss and here's why:
  9. Asuka Replacing Naomi at MSG

    I'd be here for Asuka going to Smackdown if I wasn't so sure it'll just be a repeat of the rampage she's been doing in NXT. 
  10. Update on Naomi's injury

    Cameron got herself released.  
  11. Alexa Bliss on ESPN Sports Centre

    "Sexy Alexa Bliss" i hate youtube   This week reminds me of when she got drafted and she got like 50 different things going at once.  
  12. I loved this! So cute and her mom is amazing. The esting disorder stuff always makes me tear up, hearing everything she went through and seeing her now is just incredible. I'm so proud of her and everything she's accomplished.  
  13. NXT February 22, 2017: Results

    Nice match. Played to everyone's strength.   Peyton makes the perfect spoiled brat. I'm in love with how she's given it her all.   Liv's such a good babyface. Say what you want about the girl but she is improving every single time she steps foot in the ring and she is getting GOOD. Love the scrappiness. Just tone it back a bit with the Jersey thing and lose the tights under the shorts cause the Lola Bunny concept is cute.  Ember's going to make a damn good champ. She'll look dominant yet still make everyone she faces look good. The champ we need, the champ we deserve.   
  14. NXT March: Spoilers

    Yas Ruby.  
  15. NXT March: Spoilers

    Yas Ember