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  1. Liv Morgan

    With the amount of blondes they have (Charlotte, Nattie, Alexa, Carmella. Summer, Mandy, Macey, Kimber Lee), a hair color change could be what sets her apart from the rest. Especially Alexa & Carmella who she gets compared with at every second.  
  2. Liv Morgan

    I think she could make something like this work tbh
  3. She'll induct every female HOFer at this point.  
  4. I could be bothered but Raw had Dana/Charlotte for 3 minutes with a shitty ending and Nia/Bayley which the crowd gave absolutely no fucks of. Not to mention Sasha was seen for a total of 4 seconds. Could've been worse.
  5. Nikki passing the torch now that she's leaving  
  6. that was so short ew so ugly but hopefully next week they get more   Alexa ha punch of death  
  7. did y'all see Daddy Dango spooning Tyler at the end tho
  8. i know Breeze is about to commit omg  
  9. i thot for sure that was the main event. 
  10. That match is just ending with Nattie coming out mid match then Mickie then Alexa then a surprise probably.
  11. if anything Alexa, Carmella & Nattie vs. Mickie, Becky AND Tamother  
  12. I'm in love with Maryse. These past few weeks she's been so entertaining.  
  13. i am fucking screaming  
  14. I'm not used to the girls not being in the first hour and not having anything advertised for the show Total Bellas footage doesn't count
  15. I wonder if more people get added to the match.  
  16. Summer Rae and Emma to return at Wrestlemania?

    I'm almost sure they'll try Dana as a babyface. If they do send these two to Smackdown then it's a pretty safe bet that Asuka's going to Raw. They can also throw Tamina to Raw. 
  17. She's awesome, she seems fun to be with. I hope she wins at Mania if Naomi doesn't.  
  18. Summer Rae and Emma to return at Wrestlemania?

    "don't wait, make your own opportunities" she's been tweeting for the past 6 months
  19. Summer Rae and Emma to return at Wrestlemania?

    She's trolling. I ain't falling for it again. Anyways it'd be weird for them to throw Emma & Summer into the SD Women's match just for the sake of it but leave Alicia & Dana off the card completely. Watch them just throw everyone into the Smackdown title match.    
  20. Summer Rae and Emma to return at Wrestlemania?

    They weren't doing exclusive roster live shows until like September,  if I'm not mistaken.