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  1. Raw April 23, 2018: Live Chat

    Ember and Liv were showing ouT tho  
  2. Raw April 23, 2018: Live Chat

    Such an ugly segment all around. This week ain’t for the girls. Greatest Royal Rumble on Friday and the one segment they had tonight revolved around Honda showing her dominance.  
  3. Raw April 23, 2018: Live Chat

    Liv looks so good in ha render  
  4. The Bella Twins Hint At Return?

    Nikki's neck won't handle it. 
  5. NXT Live Event Division

    I need Aliyah to get her moment already.  
  6. NXT Live Event Division

    Ok but where’s the promo
  7. Stupid reason because they can still call up Nikki but have her be down at NXT like once a month for a taping so she can feud with Shayna. They did it before with Sasha/Bayley and Emma who was Bitch Emma on NXT but face Emma on the main roster.  Also they have Kairi, Candice, Dakota, Nixon, etc. girls who have hype and the crowd has been very supportive of so far.
  8. Why are they keeping Nikki in NXT? Candice, Dakota and Kairi are running it down there, they don’t need her   Saucer and Bayley staying on Raw. MessT. This shakeup was so useless for the women. 
  9. That fucking scream Naomi let out  
  10. Makes sense. Break them up tho.  
  11. @FANCY spill Alexa tea!
  12. I’m ready for IIconics  
  13. And Alexa is home playing with her dogs.  I’m guessing Asuka, Bayley and Dana go to SD. They could also go the Corbin route and just air a vignette instead. 
  14. Raw April 16, 2018: Live Chat

    Smackdown’s definitely getting Mandy or Alexa. Leaning more towards Mandy who hooks up with Goldust, who also gets sent to SD. 
  15. Raw April 16, 2018: Live Chat

    Last year Raw took all of Smackdown’s stars, this year they took the leftovers.   Sasha, Asuka and Sonya for Smackdown, probably.    
  16. Raw April 16, 2018: Live Chat

    Raw lost the shakeup how many times are they going to havd Nattie turn face just to turn heel 5 minutes later  
  17. Raw April 16, 2018: Live Chat

    Fuck Drew them trunks on that body jesucristo   who else do we think is heading to Raw? Nattie and Riott Squad can’t be the only ones. 
  18. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Don’t push it  
  19. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Carmella with the title  
  20. The IIconics on Chasing Glory

    Lillian keeps playing detective with these girls.  
  21. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    oop Liv spoiling that the Riott Squad is going to Raw? These girls don't have a house show tomorrow and they're traveling. 
  22. Naomi Responds to Racism

    The racists and the homophobes have been getting their shit rocked by WWE these past couple of weeks. I live.  
  23. It was just them trying to promote a match  
  24. Potential romance angle for GM Paige?

    Sonya's the only answer.