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  1. NXT February 22: Results

    Nice match. Played to everyone's strength.   Peyton makes the perfect spoiled brat. I'm in love with how she's given it her all.   Liv's such a good babyface. Say what you want about the girl but she is improving every single time she steps foot in the ring and she is getting GOOD. Love the scrappiness. Just tone it back a bit with the Jersey thing and lose the tights under the shorts cause the Lola Bunny concept is cute.  Ember's going to make a damn good champ. She'll look dominant yet still make everyone she faces look good. The champ we need, the champ we deserve.   
  2. NXT March: Spoilers

    Yas Ruby.  
  3. NXT March: Spoilers

    Yas Ember  
  4. SmackDown February 21, 2017: Results

    I wonder if they'll take advantage of Nattie's momentum after winning the feud.  
  5. So excited for this.   nn Alexa turned in to public enemy #1 after last night. I'm shook.  
  6. SmackDown February 21, 2017: Results

    I need Alexa & Becky away from each other until the end of the year at least.   Mickie's booking has been a mess. Alexa killed her promo. Nattie/Nikki slayed. Maryse was swinging for ha life. All that was missing was something with Carmella. Hopefully Tamina returns next week because we have 4 heels and only two babyfaces until Naomi comes back and by the time she comes back Nikki's one week away from taking a break.   My heart broke for Naomi but hopefully she'll win it as soon as she comes back.  Lexi my two time champ.  
  7. Naomi giving up the title puts a damper on what was otherwise a damn near perfect night. But she'll get her moment again and hopefully it's at Mania.  However, Alexa opened up the show and showed why she's a bad bitch, her and Becky have a nice match where she becomes a two time women's champ, Becky still manages to get the upperhand on Mickie, Nattie & Nikki tear the house down AND Maryse makes her return to the women's division. And most importantly, took up a damn hour of the show. The REAL revolution is on Smackdown. 
  8. The women took over one hour of a two hour show.  
  9. The fucking mirror spot   THAT MATCH WAS SO FUCKING GOOD THEY DID THAT   It took TWO DIVAS to show Harlotte and Sasha how it's done.   Maryse taking out years of frustration on Nikki with that pipe. The way she was swining it around.  
  10. True but I'm not asking for an AJ/Nikki sized reign. Just a 114 or 130 day reign cause it gives the title a bit of importance instead of everyone losing it the minute they defend it. 
  11. No. I'm sick of the punching and kicking. I want to stan someone who has a moveset for once. 
  12. I need for Alexa to take advantage of this opportunity and add MOVES to her set and really show out because I'm damn sure this reign ain't lasting past WM. That being said, whoever gets the title next needs to hold it for over 100 days cause these reigns are way too damn short. 
  13. Alexa the two time champ.   The ending was so ugly, it came out of nowhere but my girl champion again. Honestly I want her to lose it at Mania so hopefully Nay comes back and snatches in a Fatal 4 Way.    
  14. Omg Thea must have watched AJ's promo religiously because that was exactly the same   This looks so cheap, though. Should've gotten the real attires because they look like shit. 
  15. Raw February 20, 2017: Live Chat

    ;vokmi I wonder if she ever watched these back and thought to herself "wow I did THAT. I killed it."
  16. She said Carmella and Lexi are the best, how they're respectful and how the locker room loves them. Also, she's working on music with JoJo. That's it.
  17. So finally they speak about NXT and she praised Kelly. Said Lana and Nattie are her girls, the one's who've always been there for her and Tamina is her sister.  Said it's hard to see the other women pass by her and it took her time to realize that it wasn't her fault, she wasn't doing anything wrong despite her thinking she was. 
  18. There's like 20 minutes left and all she's talked about is her family, John's kids and how it's her time.   
  19. Alexa Bliss

    She's gotten three different t shirts already in addition to the hoodies and bracelets. Merch queen.    
  20. Poll about past Women

    I don't think Eve or Beth would comeback, tbh. Kelly's basically confirmed at this point so her, Melina, Victoria and Katie Lea (to serve Curt Hawkins) are the ones I can see coming back. 
  21. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    They're teasing  
  22. Tamina returns at live event

    That gear   If she goes to Raw she'll be jobber, on Smackdown they'll at least give her return a story. That being said, I don't find her entertaining unless she's serving comedic bodyguard so can't say I'm exactly looking forward to her return since she'll most likely be babyface. 
  23. If people continue to speak on this and start contacting WWE about it then she is done. I know it's heat of the moment but for the word to pop up in her mind out of nowhere like that means she probably uses it commonly. 
  24. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

  25. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    It wasn't directed at him. Not at anyone actually.