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  1. Who will be the final member of Team SmackDown?

    I doubt it's Paige. A call up like Ember Moon makes no sense since I doubt they'll want her be defeated in her first match. Nikki ain't coming back just to get her head kicked in by Asuka. Lana would happen only for her to get KO'd in 5 seconds.  Honestly it'll probably be Nattie. 
  2. That man needs to give UP. Hang it up Vinchenso.  
  3. Alexa Bliss to appear on Disney show

    Krew so jelly. 
  4. Peyton would be ideal since she'll manage to do the most with a title reign. Ember would be nice as well, only if that means that Peyton gets sent to Smackdown with Billie.  
  5. Yas Alexa   ugh I just know the match is going to be so ugly though. 5 foot tall Lexi dragging an almost 6 foot tall Charlotte around for 10 minutes is going be so damn boring. 
  6. Raw November 13, 2017: Live Chat

    I doubt that's the case. I'm sure Paige was never meant to be the fifth member.  The more likely scenario now makes better sense. Returning last night would've caused her to get lost in the shuffle since it'll probably be Asuka's night w/ Nia joining her as a sole survivor with Bayley/Sasha drama on the side. Returning next week to confront Alexa, which is a given, puts all eyes on her.    I'm happy Dana's heel again, the face turn was a massive flop. Hopefully they let her be who she was in NXT. Hopefully Foxy continues to get airtime after SvS. Also Mickie should've won. We don't want no Bayley.  
  7. Major Return Set For Raw Next Week?

    Fuck Bayley. 
  8. Is SmackDown screwed?

    If they keep doing what they're doing then they'll be going nowhere. I just want them to call up Peyton/Billie/Liv and start from the ground up. They need a babyface that can serve jobber with the occasional win (Liv) and a heel that can wrestle and talk goodT (Peyton w/ Billie). Also pull the trigger already on Carmella.  
  9. Major Return Set For Raw Next Week?

    Honestly Raw is better cause Smackdown serving group projects every week since April got stale a very long time ago. Raw however is getting their shit together and have been for a while now. Paige just takes Bayley's previous spot in all of this since Bayley clearly has fallen very low on WWE's priority list.  Omg I'm so excited  Paige vs. Asuka, vs. Mickie and vs. Sasha again is going to be liT.  
  10. Emma and Summer Rae Released

    SO fucked up in Emma's case. I'm sure Summer was ready for it but damn I feel bad for Emma. 
  11. Charlotte and Sasha not friends anymore?

    I never bought them actually being close, they way they spoke about each other just seemed like a professional relationship and not how girlies usually talk about each other in this industry.  Apparently it was because Sasha thought she should've been the one to wrestle Nattie for the vacated NXT title. 
  12. Shayna Baszler Signs With WWE

    Sign Candice, Toni, Mia, Piper and most of all Mercedes cause I got chills watching her kick Shayna's ass in the tournament and I want to see it again.  
  13. Paige is back at the performance center

    She needs to go to Smackdown. She'll be wasted on Raw with so many big names. Comeback as a babyface and allow Charlotte to go back heel.   I'm so excited, I really thought she was done. Queen.  
  14. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K18

    They're usually uploaded around the last week of September so I'm guessing this year won't be any different. 
  15. Y'all need to learn that the amount of wrestling moves =/= actual wrestling skills. Alexa is better than Carmella and that is a facT that will not be discussed.  Dana Brooke and Nia Jax. 
  16. Does that Amber chick really carry a wrench around?  Anyways, Mandy/Trish. I'd say Alexa/Trish but Trish ain't claiming it as much as she's feeling the Mandy comparison. 
  17. I'm sure Charlotte and Alexa are devastated by this old mans opinion. 
  18. NXT Spoilers

    The next triple threat is Sonya vs. Ruby vs. Ember. I wonder who'll be the fourth? Billie? Mandy?  
  19. NXT Spoilers

    Peyton's in the Fatal 4 Way, Liv had a slayful look, Nikki was the one pinned and Taynara debuted as part of Adam Coles stable. I am SHOOK.  
  20. NXT Spoilers

    Liv   This disrespect to Peyton. Can't wait for her to go to Smackdown and run shit.   Also are they actually going to do these qualifying matches tonight or...?  
  21. Alexa Bliss

    She knew which way to go to get that following. She is smarT. "I love cosplaying" I ain't buying it sweetie, I know what you doing but I respect you. Then she goes on Total Divas to grab herself some of that Bella fanbase AJ refused to get into.  Best of both worlds.  
  22. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K18

    It's not about using a female in MyCareer, it's about WOMEN who buy the game playing MyCareer.
  23. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    She's gotten so much better on the mic. The mess that was her first promo.    
  24. Alexa Bliss

    Queen has 39 items on WWEShop and she's one of the 8 featured superstars along with Roman, John, Seth, Finn, AJ Styles, Sasha and The Hardy's. I'm  at how Miss Bliss became such a strong merch seller in only 9 months.  
  25. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K18

    Omg like on Shut Your Mouth where you could walk around New York City. Iconic.