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  1. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    let's get him to WWE asap 
  2. Brie Bella's journey to get back in the ring

    I'm ready for Brie Mode to be activated  
  3. NXT Spoilers

    that's how it starts first it's on the ground then you'll see her rolling over bitches THEY DONT WANT US TO LIV
  4. NXT Spoilers

    And not Sonya winning via Liv's finisher. She's DONE. 
  5. NXT Spoilers

    this is why I want Liv & Iconic Duo on Raw and Smackdown. At least then Liv would be Nia/Alexa's bitch and Iconic would be getting ready for a MITB match.  
  6. NXT Spoilers

    Omg not the same Takover match with the same people on TV a month later   i remember NXT 2013 - mid 2016 was so good.  
  7. Wig News: Mickie James SNAPS on Twitter!

    I hope this works for her the same way Naomi's meltdown gave her the title.  
  8. NXT Spoilers

    Well Liv looking like a Oompa Loompa at least confirms she's jobbing to Peyton and Billie. 
  9. Vote for new Women's Elite Action Figure

    Carmella's getting one regardless eventually but this is probably Emma's only chance.
  10. SmackDown May 23, 2017: Live Chat

    Long gone are the "SD wins" "RAW wins" days. Now no one wins. 
  11. Women's Money in the Bank Match in the Works

    Meanwhile Raw gets a fucking stick on a pole. I really do hate them. Trying to throw us off by giving Alexa that title accolade when they were always planning this. Raw girls would've slayed this.   CARMELLA is the only answer as to who should win. Use Ellsworth to your advantage, princess.  
  12. Raw May 22, 2017: Live Chat

    I kind of want Alexa to lose the title because I really want Sasha/Bayley and Alexa keeps pissing me off in the ring so why not. I also want Mickie to be a contender, I know she's there to put over the others but she slayed me tonight so I want her WITH the title.  What was the point of Nia being Alexa best friend when she hasn't been with her for like two weeks now? Maybe she'll play a role at ER but come on.   Foxy can't keep losing to Sasha's knees but good that she beat her ass afterwards. Also Noam is a hunty. I had my suspicions but he has been oozing it these past few weeks. He's been slaying.  
  13. NXT TakeOver: Chicago: Live Chat

    I really like Ruby. Her energy and her look are great but she's pretty sloppy. Nikki annoys me but at the same time I love her work. I really need Ember to send Asuka packing already cause these takeover matches are so ugh ever since she won the title. 
  14. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    The match was the best either of them have looked on the main roster. It should've been on Raw. Nia standing on top of Dana had me shook.  
  15. #BL2017 - Block Lana?

    Had it been by anyone else in another time then sure, there's really nothing to speculate about. However this isn't the first time they've done this, this calculated twitter attack has been done several times already by the same group of girls towards, if I'm not mistaken, the same target. It's no coincidence that Sasha tweets that then tweets the hashtag along with the other two just when everyone's attacking Lana left and right because she's messy on twitter. These girls ain't stupid nor are they innocent, they knew exactly what they were doing and how people would take it. #BL2017 being about one thing sometime ago doesn't mean someone in their group chat joked about changing it and they all jumped at the opportunity. I think it's more than fitting to speculate because it fits very well.   
  16. #BL2017 - Block Lana?

    I understand Summers hatred for Lana since she fucked her over. The constant shading on twitter with the rest of her girlies is not a good look, though. Give it a rest and just completely ignore her. All of them. 
  17. I'd say Smackdown needs people but if she goes there then she'll be a face cause they're stacked heel wise. Unless they use her as a on screen personality only. Either way I'm sure they'll do better use of her there. But I wouldn't be opposed to Raw because I feel like they'd try to pair up Emma & Summer as the endgame of Dana/Emma or hopefully they do a trio, BFF 2.0. 
  18. NXT May 17, 2017: Results

    I think they'll be real good in a few years, you can see the potential. Lacey ha booty and her legs. Sonya is interesting, I like her intensity but she's got some pacing issues (just like Lacey). The ending where she just kept looking at Lacey instead of just charging at her the minute she was in position made Lacey look like an idiot waiting to get hit. This Asuka is what I want on the main roster, it works so well for her.  
  19. Bullshit at Carmella winning at Mania. Naomi was the plan since like January, it was quite obvious and Carmella was like the least build up out of the 6.  The rest I hope is true cause she's definitely the most interesting heel right now on the roster and she deserves the push. If Alexa managed to make herself a big star solely on character, Carmella will do it too.  
  20. She was worth so much in these kind of roles. Idk why because it didn't require much from her part but it just felt right coming from her. They really should've let her be like a GM or whatever. 
  21. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Not if Noam has anything to say about it.  
  22. Didn't the girls constantly go to LA to film themselves eating together? I have you shooK at the possibility miss Taryn. 
  23. It's Liv y'all. She flew to New Jersey (ha hometown) where Raw was being taped and now she's in LA. She's a blonde and she's with Enzo. I have cracked the code.