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  1. NXT January 18, 2017: Results

    It's who immediately came to mind. But we all saw Charlotte's transformation so Liv ha mic skills are coming.  
  2. NXT January 18, 2017: Results

    I really like Nikki in the ring. Slay chica. Liv was so cute. She needs to learn that she doesn't have to take a pause after every word though. Ember  
  3. Marti Bell is gone from TNA

    Jade being the only Dollhouse member to survive.    
  4. SmackDown / 205 January 17, 2017: Results

    I've only ever been shocked by The Bellas return and it didn't even shock me that much cause I barely knew about those two.  
  5. Mickie looks exactly like she did when she first debuted. Like how  she did not look this young at NXT Toronto  
  6. Alexa's capable of a lot more because the girl can fly all over the place, like she's close to Naomi & Charlotte in that area. But as a heel, she just keeps it basic because she doesn't want the crowd to react positive to her. As a babyface she was always experementing and doing flips, as a heel she's doing the basics and while I understand her motive, it's no excuse. Naomi showed last year you can mix both, so idk why she won't add actual moves. It's why I want her to babyface again, I know she'd be putting damn good matches if she gave it her all in the ring. I want her to save her mega heel run for later on, a la Trish and not serve a Melina and flop during her second heel run.   Also, let us remember that Becky ain't that exciting to watch either. While the girl is GOOD, she's had matches on the main roster with Charlotte, Nattie & Sasha and they all leave you feeling the same way her matches with Alexa leave you. Not here for y'all putting all the blame on Miss Bliss. Becky's miles ahead but Becky's pretty technical and barely a spot monkey. Put that with a heel that wants to keep it old school and all you'll get is solid ring work. 
  7. Alexa the 2nd ever SDLive women's champ, won the title in a tables match in only a 4 month main roster career, has competed in every PPV since joining the MR, main evented Smackdown in a steel cage match and retained the title, and aligned herself with the woman who got the torched pass to by legends Trish & Lita.  My queen, Alexa Bliss.    Triple threat at Royal Rumble pls. I need Mickie to Spin Kick them BOTH next week.  
  8. I'm hoping Alexa wins tonight, then a triple threat at Royal Rumble with Mickie winning. Rematch on a Smackdown episode then the EC match hopefully given to the women with Becky/Mickie/Nikki/Naomi/Alexa/Nattie then Becky can go one on one with Mickie at Wrestlemania. 
  9. Raw January 16, 2017: Results

    N/A leaves a lot to be desired. She has this hybrid bitch/monster gimmick going and it's weird. I'd have Eva return and team with her because right now   I love Craylicia so much.  
  10. Update on Mickie James' Smackdown Return

    omggggg I won't say anything until I actually witness it  
  11. Female WWE Hall of Fame Inductee REVEALED?

    I could name quite a few who should go in before her but they always did like her so can't say I'm surprised. 
  12. Sasha being in it is so random. It's random in general but Sasha just  
  13. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    THAT'S what they dug up and made him go private? Stan twitter is so embarrassing.  
  14. Naomi returns to the road

    So Carmella's getting a non jobber win on Tuesday  
  15. They could've done a lot better cause these picks are just   This just means it won't actually be Deonna. It might actually be Mickie.  
  16. Summer Rae and friends shade Lana

    I feel bad for Lana. From what I've seen from some of her interactions on twitter, she really wants to be cool and friendly with the girls but she's going about it the wrong way or something considering she's kind of like the punching bag of the division. All of them have come for her one way or another. Idk if it's unintentional attitude problems but something clearly is up with her that the other girls aren't buying.  And it all kind of started when she screwed over Summer Rae.  
  17. Degrassi

    I really did like Maya's story and her transformation this season. It was fitting especially considering everything she's gone through with everyone around her.   Esme is a mess and it always pissed me off how none of them would even try to clapback. And her always having that ugly side braid.   I love Miles but he was a bit of an ass with the whole Lola thing and the acting in the play was so fucking bad like why was that the best they came up with when that was basically what the whole season was building up to   I like Frankie, I always see her getting hate. It's obvious she's the one they'll revolve the show around after this class graduates, I think they're doing a good job laying out all the aspects of her character. Bitch is kind of crazy and insecure. I mostly hated Maya because of her horrible horrible music career plot.   I hated Vijay the minute they had him covering Maya's songs so badly and then acting like she commited murder because she wasn't here for it. I HATE how they portray the effeminate gays in this show. Triston was like that and I hated it, thank god they toned it down a bit. You don't see Rasha and Zoe acting like an overdramatic mess. I really hope if they feel the need to keep gay characters that they scrap him and get some new ones.  
  18. Degrassi

    I really want them to kill Vijay off. He managed to top Maya as the absolute worst. Speaking of, Maya  as a bitch is something I can get behind.   Anyways, I liked Lola's story and Zoe's as well. Miles and Tristan's was cute until that horrific play they did about the whole thing.   And the girl with the wig was really nice this season too.  
  19. The acting was so bad here but that metldown was hilarious. I'm so ready for Craylicia to officially make her comeback.
  20. Damn   Really great night. Nikki/Nattie turning their feud into something good with one brawl. Carmella's match was horrid but looking at the performance by herself and the segment after she slayed her role. Becky & Lexi getting a steel cage match.  My baby getting in two stipulation title matches before she loses it.  Really excited and I hope they do the best they can with what's around them and SLAY the show. They better main event as well. Last time I understand the feud wasn't that developed but now it's heated and their star power has grown so pull the trigger and let them kill it. I really hope Mickie gets revealed next week. A main event steel cage match with the return of Mickie James would be the best closer possible.  
  21. Alexa's right Becky's always coming up woth excuses. She talks big before every match then when she fails there's an excuse as to why she wasn't enough. While I like the confidence of her character, it comes off ugly when she has to give everyone an excuse everytime as to why once again she fell flat on her face. Not liking that part of Becky.   I hope it's Mickie under the mask then next week Alexa retains with help from her only for Mickie to DDT them both and say it was all a plan to get close to the title which sets up a triple threat at Royal Rumble.  
  22. Alexa and Becky not getting much time on the main show so they gave them talking smack all for themselves instead  
  23. that jobber was fucking horrible tho like wtf were they thinking having her face Carmella of all people?  
  24. Not Taryn hacking Liv's twitter and shading Carmella