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  1. Snooki took Kelly’s spot and Melina being in that match made absolutely no sense and was just not going to happen so I really don’t understand why he was mad. 
  2. Because of that interview? So I’d assume the blonde they replaced her with will be gone by next week cause that girl stumbles through every single word. 
  3. Everything Alexa does or doesn’t do when she’s wrestling. Her excuse for it is even worse.  Liv plays up to the comedy too much and she’s on the verge of becoming a comedic jobber permanently and I’m worried. 
  4. Ashley Massaro passes away

    She was my absolute favorite when I was younger. This is so sad. May she rest in peace. 
  5. Alexa Bliss Removed from MITB Match

    Give Alexa a break. Let her stay home for a month or two. Her career cannot be over this early.  
  6. Nikki Cross Gets a Character Change

    That gimmick was never going anywhere on the main roster. I hope it’s more of a  “Idgaf I’ll kick your arse” character.
  7. SARS issues apology for bigotry

    I hope the Media continues to dig further into this and starts looking into the idiotic stuff other POC and female wrestlers get suspended and fired for while these ugly steroid fueled white men continue to get excuses made for them by the company. I really want Vince and all of his lackeys backstage done and over with. 
  8. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I’m listening to the Bella’s podcast and the first thing I hear is those two arguing about whether it’s better to shave or rock a bushy vagina   They’re annoying though. They’re just arguing and accusing each other of screaming and cheating.  
  9. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Why can’t these people let feuds END  
  10. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    This is lowkey homophobic 
  11. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    jesus christ who writes this crap..  
  12. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    When are they announcing the women  
  13. Corey Graves Opens Up About Relationship with Carmella

    Of course Lillian dove into this  
  14. Women’s MITB ladder match leaked

    Mickie, Liv and Ruby should be in this match.  
  15. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    I want Liv.  
  16. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    This poor man    
  17. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    Where is Miss Bliss?  
  18. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    That whole segment was a damn mess. 
  19. I hate the fans for making Becky think she’s hot shit on twitter  
  20. Garza Jr. and Others Report to WWE PC

    Stanning Garza for obvious reasons pero I'm seeing he’s been wearing tights lately. Switch back to the skimpy trunks or you won’t make it far.  
  21. Full Superstar Shake Up Results

    This is also Mickie’s last year under contract I believe so they might want to give her one last good run before she bounces. I don’t see them investing that much in Ember either.  Liv’s doomed. She’s there to be what Dana is on Raw. I just hope they take notice of her potential eventually.  
  22. Full Superstar Shake Up Results

    True. Nikki (if she doesn’t end up quitting like the other two from Sanity) ending up on Raw makes up for them losing four people while Smackdown only really lost one. Hopefully Zelina becomes an actual part of the division while also managing Andrade. I feel like she’ll have a AJ/Alexa rise.  
  23. Full Superstar Shake Up Results

    But I’m ready for #SquadUp to blast through the arena.
  24. Full Superstar Shake Up Results

    I don’t even know what to think. The roster is a bit too strong for her to even have a decent chance, not to mention the lack of time and they’re known for cutting matches.  
  25. Full Superstar Shake Up Results

    I fucking knew it they were breaking up the Riott Squad.