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  1. 'Morbius' Teaser Trailer First Look

    What's SUPER confusing, though, is So, with the cameo at the end it's leading to a lot of head-scratching.
  2. The Best X-Men Character?

    VERY late to this party, but as Uncanny X-Men #168 was my first ever X-Men book, and this was the splash page (which is what I went on to name my comic book store when I opened it in 1986) Kitty will always hold a special place in my heart despite her 500 other personal issues. (They made her a ninja? Okay... sure...)
  3. New Year, New Family Members

    Hey everyone! I'm a little late to the party, but had to swing by and say how excited we are to be working with the community. It was obvious from Mariah's initial email to us how much she cares about all of you, and that really stood out as something we should take notice of. While the primary partnership is with Batman-News, it extends to all of our properties. The Nerdy, in particular, is my long-gestating baby that is going through its awkward toddler phase, but is 100% my creation and a long time of me trying to convince people why it would be different from other sites out there. (My rule for the staff there is "If you nerded out about something, you can write about it."... which leads to posts about odd topics like a school being turned into an aquarium...) But I digress, we're excited to be working with all of you. Here's to a long, and fruitful, partnership!