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  1. So they left one of Bayley an Ruby out just so Alexa could win an do nothing all match
  2. Raw June 4, 2018: Live Chat

    So wait when Brock beat Roman in the cage match the ref's decision was final but now Kurt can over turn the ref's decision  
  3. Raw June 4, 2018: Live Chat

    Well that was one way to create more tension between Sasha an Bayley 
  4. Well they should have just renamed that a 2 on 1 match 
  5. Raw May 7, 2018: Live Chat

    So Four from Raw an Four from Smackdown then 
  6. Why do i see Ember winning this by count out i can see both Bayley an Liv an Sarah at ringside who then start brawling with each other which distracts Sasha an Ruby an makes them join in the brawl an they get counted out while Ember is still in the ring.  
  7. Raw April 23, 2018: Live Chat

    Saw that ending coming a mile off sadly 
  8. Raw April 23, 2018: Live Chat

    Well that promo by the riott squad gave away that Ronda is coming out to save the day an standing tall at the end of the main event
  9. Raw April 23, 2018: Live Chat

    That or do we think we will get a Bayley or Sasha heel turn but more than likely it will be a way for Ronda to run down an save the day after the match becomes a brawl 
  10. Raw April 9, 2018: Live Chat

    If you want to know spoilers for Raw one of the dirt sheets has the rundown on there patreon 
  11. WrestleMania 34: Live Chat

    Be interesting to see what they do with Alexa now as i can see Nia vs Asuka an Bayley Vs Sasha as the two main feuds on raw going forward 
  12. WrestleMania 34: Live Chat

    Thought this match would be on far later seems early for this