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    so Cena/Nikki vs Bayley/Elias got turned into Cena/Nikki vs Sonya/Elias an Bayley got added to a Sasha vs Alexa vs Bayley match instead where Sasha did a 619 on bayley according to twitter guess it makes sense pairing Elias up with a heel instead of a face Bayley.
  2. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    The new raw Intro   
  3. Fastlane 2018: Live Chat

    Can already guess what Raw will be like tomorrow some kind of contender match where Nia will get the pin an Bayley an Sasha will have a misunderstanding costing each other the match to cause more tension
  4. Good to see Bayley finally stand up to Sasha with her coming back to help Asuka that showed it wasn't a heel turn i think this  will just be a grudge match with each trying to out do the other rather then either of them turning heel.
  5. Another six women tag match tonight then going by that
  6. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Interesting Choice of a match for a MSG house show Cena/Nikki Vs Elias/Bayley  
  7. I didnt expect any Sasha/Bayley follow up after the match tonight especially when they have a better option for Sasha to get heat next week with Raw being in a certain hugger's San Jose 
  8. So what are the odds Nia lose to Asuka at Elimination chamber then takes out Mickie or Mandy an then takes one of there places in the chamber