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  1. Reason for the Great Khali's return?

    Wow. My thoughts on this article summarised in three simple words.
  2. Ivory Comes Out of Hiding!

    What a timeless, underrated legend. I love stanning for talent 
  3. Big Brother

    Don't trust it tbh. Anything that has BradTheLadLong's name in it always turns out to be fake  
  4. Honestly, Carmella. Alexa's definitely got a more impressive career on paper, but the fact that Carmella was able to make history by becoming Miss Money in the Bank (twice at that), and cement herself as an established face of the SmackDown Live! roster is more impressive imo. Anyone and their dog could've told you that Alexa was going to have a lot of success. That much was already apparent. A lot of people, however, thought that Carmella's career was going to sink without Enzo & Cass. Hell, she's even doing a lot better right now than they are, considering they're likely bound to end up as mid-card talent (at best) once their rivalry is over. It might just be down to the fact that Carmella's always been a SmackDown Live! competitor, but regardless, she's doing fabulously. lmao at Nia.
  5. I mean I'm pretty much just stating the obvious here, but the longer Paige stays with Del Rio, the dimmer her future looks. It's sad, but it's not like anyone else can really do anything about it, other than Paige herself.
  6. Raw July 17, 2017: Live Chat

    Bih she better not. I'm not here for Jacquelegend suffering on the lesser brand just for a cheap storyline.
  7. I'm just here for the pettiness of Sasha/Alexa's never-ending cyber rivalry tbh. If only it translated as well on-screen as it does online.  
  8. Who Should TNA Sign?

  9. Worst Botch in History?

    Honestly this was the first thing that sprang to mind It starts from around 3 minutes in
  10. Worst Womens Finisher?!

    I honestly don't really like the finishers that have been done over and over and over. Like the DDT or the Facebuster. It just feels more ineffective with the more women who utilise it as a finisher.                                                   Also, Bayley's finisher fucking sucks too.  
  11. SmackDown July 11, 2017: Live Chat

    Mama Tamina's actually looking hot! If she keeps this up, I might just have to stan her Also Maria actually kinda tugging a bit. Vinaro's wet dream finally coming true
  12. NXT Spoilers

    Jenna Van Muscle? Jenna Morasca isn't shook.  
  13. Big Brother

    Also I want Deborah to win so bad because she's the sweetest thing but ugh! The BBUK audience are never gonna vote for a black girl to win, and some of them are fickle enough to lump her in with her sister's actions.
  14. Big Brother

    Andrew is so embarrassing Honestly they may as well just hand Sam the £15,000 or whatever because the others stand no chance with his 6'3 showmance shit. Andrew's awful, Simone's both boring and awful, and as much as I love Sue, she's pretty much the next eviction.
  15. Quality over quantity! I'd rather have a division with a smaller number of women who knew how to develop each of them well, than a division with a larger number of women which only focuses on one half of them, while the other half gets dust.