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  1. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    You already knowing Jacqueenline ticks all the boxes without my presence. A closet stan.
  2. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I'd also like to believe this is Ember's way of confirming she'd like another match with Jacqueline down the line. Legends only.
  3. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I knew it from the moment all those NXT girls (minus Xia) were so nonchalant and blase about getting called up for the Rumble in that WWE PC video. Papa Hunter needs to stop feeding these stunt queens' egos.
  4. I had to look up the stats and I'm surprised only 1/10 of the HBRR winners have been blonde
  5. Some parting words from the host to wrap this year up? Of course! I was lowkey worried about how this year would turn up because last year's HB GRR was, imo, a flop. Thankfully, I had nothing to worry about! This year's HBRR saw fresh faces, an iconic top three and a new winner. While I knew it would be obvious who the #30 slot would go to (and how hard it was to make that seem like a surprise), I'm very content with how the rest of the Rumble ran this year! Who would have thought we'd see Jazz and Christy Hemme in a HBRR? Who would have thought that past winners like Billie Kay and Naomi would get knocked out so early on in the competition? I love to see y'all switch it up Thank you all for participating in this thread! Voting, posting or even lurking; I really appreciate the efforts that you all go to to make this thread as entertaining as it is. We're curently sitting at 82 pages, 2031 posts and 23,975 views. And those numbers are only continuing to grow. Without you all, that wouldn't be possible! Now that's impact. Good night, heartbreakers. Once I finish posting trivia throughout the week, I'll see y'all back in the Games part of the forum in July for the 2020 HB GRR xoxo
  6. They were on the main roster; they were both just floundering at the time dgbjsgshgsdh;
  7. I was getting ready to drag but then I realized I botched Kairi's tally sabhgjbdsagsdgsdgsdhg; Should be fixed now.
  8. No because Sasha won the 2015 HBRR while she was in NXT.
  10.   ELIMINATION #29:  
  11. 2020 Heartbreakers Greatest Royal Rumble Wildcards! Don't worry! I know y'all want to find out which former Joshi star will stake her claim as the first ever Japanese HBRR winner (sorry Sasha), but first, you'll find out which girls managed to stake their claims as wildcards for this year's Greatest Royal Rumble, along with the 45 other girls that have competed in the most matches on WWE TV this year. The criteria for wildcard privileges are as followed: - Must not already be active talent - Must not have qualified for this year's HBRR - Must not have been a wildcard for the previous year's HBGRR (i.e: no Emma, Jacqueline, Michelle McCool, Rosa Mendes or Torrie Wilson) If there is a tie for a certain spot, the woman who advances is crowned on the basis of having more '5 point' scores than the other. The five girls that received the highest amount of votes in the wildcard round are as follows: Wildcard #1 (13 points): Wildcard #2 (12 points): Wildcard #3 (10 points): Wildcard #4 (10 points): Wildcard #5 (9 points): Full Results:  
  12.   ELIMINATION #29: