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  1. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    I'll take it
  2. Honest Opinion on Shayna Baszler?

    Underrated. She's boring to watch in the ring, but aside from that, she's got a pretty good character and she's actually tolerable unlike the rest of the Horsewomen she associates with. Ronda's a quick learner, but she still feels insufferable to me.
  3. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Thank you sis 
  4. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Does this mean I'm going to have to endure 10 more pages of Ronda Rousey every time I open this thread?
  5. Oh really? Djdnfjfnf; oops
  6. Lemme post a NSFW warning for the expose that nobody wanted to see.  
  7. Well one division had Jacqueline and the other doesn't, so no. Next.
  8. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    How are we feeling about this, @Vinaro?
  9. Not Nia trying to keep Tamina from getting a championship. Nia wants to be the only Samoan woman with a title run so badly.
  10. dsghsdhsdfhsd; Gail tugging Diva Dirt by the little roots they had left with just one word  
  11. This is definitely the break that Becky needed. She was was pretty well respected by the fans before, but this recent heel turn and mega push has cemented her to basically being one of the most popular superstars in the company today, male or female. Becky herself absolutely exudes that top girl energy. She's killer on the mic, is insanely charismatic and she's one of the better in-ring performers today (though as others have uttered, her style isn't the most exciting). The only thing that could halt all that momentum of hers is how WWE goes about booking Becky in the long-term. We all know WWE's creative team is notorious for turning gold into shit.
  12. Happy Birthday Travis, x

    Happy birthday sis!    
  13. Hopefully Necki has better taste than giving Dolph another ride, considering this is the same man who ended up banging the likes of Amy Schumer and S*nny. He has no standards. She should have some, at least.
  14. All the smarks dragging Crown Jewel by its roots while praising Evolution. HB's impact?


    1. Twisted Bliss

      Twisted Bliss

      The women outsold like usual. :shook: