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  1. Regal Praises Sasha, Bayley & Becky

    bih what is this? WHERE is the Carmella praise? WHERE is the Charlotte praise? WHERE is the Alexa praise?
  2. I really think this could have just been a singles match, with Cedric coming out as a surprise to take care of Noam, but...ehh. I guess I'm just happy Alicia's actually getting a PPV match 
  3. WWE Superstars try not to flinch

    Lana might be a bit of a mess but she's so good at keeping character tbh. Also Alicia's reactions are the cutest  
  4. Wig News: Mickie James SNAPS on Twitter!

    sgsdg; oop. Not me getting beaten to the punch
  5. Wig News: Mickie James SNAPS on Twitter!

    also best known for being PMS' bitch. 
  6. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I miss @sharmelllover . He was always the Sharmell to my Jenna Morasca.
  7. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    I mean I just told you why people don't want to go for the conversations you push for way too frequently and even obsessively, but if you're not gonna listen to that, what else can I do?
  8. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    There's only so many times you can push for a debate before it gets tired and stale. The vast majority of your posts revolve around defending AJ or slating Sasha Banks, so it makes it seem like you're trying to feed into an obsession rather than contribute to a debate.
  9. Ugh. I would've said there was a chance the MITB match could still happen, but the elimination concept throws that all off. Charlotte's gonna win, lbr. I can't see anybody else challenging for the title.
  10. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    So did everything else that was likable about him.
  11. I also can't believe a lot of the posts I've seen either. I mean most of them are respectful, but then you also have people making jokes about Ariana Grande or betting that it's a Muslim behind the attack, as if that was even needed. I'm so disgusted with humanity. 
  12. This is honestly such a sad ordeal. I can only echo the words that have already been posted in this thread. It was meant to be a fun, positive day, but it ended up in so much unneeded tragedy and despair. Thoughts and prayers to the poor victims that had to endure something so horrific.