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  1. WWE Hall of Famer Ties The Knot!

    If it wasn't for her dad's tragic passing, these past two years would probably have been the best two years of Torrie's life! - Made history in the first ever all women's Royal Rumble - Competed in the first ever all women's PPV in WWE history - Got inducted into the Hall of Fame - Got married She looks absolutely glowing in her dress as well!
  2. I'm legit shook that Dorothy actually made the Top 30. I legit didn't expect any pre-80's girlies to make the list   I'm so mad I didn't think of Pulp Fiction tbh. I could've had an excuse to add Uma twice to my list
  3. What's next for women's division?

    It's literally all about the Four Horsewomen + Alexa, really. Nikki's damn lucky she was able to make her partnership with Alexa work, because she'd be in the same place as Dana and Sarah otherwise. The whole idea of pushing only 5 women out of a division of 29 is only going to serve more harm than good. At least with the other eras, multiple Divas were given a chance to shine: Trish, Lita, Victoria, Molly, Jazz, Jacqueline, Ivory, Gail, Stacy, Torrie, Sable, Dawn, Nidia for the Golden Era  Beth, Kelly, Eve, Natalya, Alicia, Maryse, Melina, Michelle, Layla for the MMM Era. Compare all those names to just Charlotte, Becky, Sasha, Alexa and Bayley for this era. It elevates the division as a whole when more girls are represented, rather than just the main players.
  4. Former WWE Diva Gets Married

    How is she looking even better now than she did in 2006???  Congrats to Kristal for finding the Fountain of Youth and positively glowing with her new man!
  5. Ronda, Sonya & Carmella join Total Divas Season 9

    Oh cool, Carmella's joining! Maybe this season will actually be worth wat-- Never mind.
  6. That should be all the lists! Trivia coming later
  7. @Amlex @Shoaib. @Henry Cavill @Vinaro @Christon  
  8. @Katy @Eric @Puggle @Michael Psyches @Layout  
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  10. @FROOT @Angho @Twisted Bliss @Angelic @Mariah.  
  11. @Charlie @Kevin Thomas @prxnca @Rainbow Heart @Foxy  
  12. sabvsdgsdg; Mandy Rose "getting" 10+ points from you being the warning I should have listened to, but didn't pay much attention to
  13. On a more serious note, I know women's wrestling has kind of fallen off the wagon recently since Ronda stunk up the joint, which probably lead to a little less activity on HB. So, I just want to express gratitude to everyone who participated and/or sent their list in! It might have been a little quiet throughout, but the finale night couldn't have gone any better imo. In before anyone points out the numerous edits I've had to make tonight.  Thank you all for keeping this bi-yearly HB tradition alive!                           Also, keep your eyes peeled for the 2020 Heartbreakers Royal Rumble in January! Y'all thought the 2019 HB Rumble was suspenseful? I can already guarantee that 2020's HBRR is definitely going to keep every member on their toes, heading into the newest decade
  14. Sis also won by a country mile. Definitely the biggest runaway victory in recent years bjdgbsdgsdg;