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  1. sdfhgshfd; I think that was just because I got lazy and forgot to double check the member names
  2. And that about concludes the trivia. I can't think of anything else to post, other than thanking you all for making this event so fun to work on and participate in!
  3. HB Greatest Royal Rumble Statistics (Top Tens) 2018
  4. HB Greatest Royal Rumble Statistics (First Eliminations / Hall of Shame) 2018
  5. HB Greatest Royal Rumble Statistics (Points) 1 point women   Ronda Rousey - 9 (Matto, Shumiley, FROOT, MichaelPsyches, Rainbow Heart, Dana Brooke, Angho, Angelic, Gavin)     Shayna Baszler - 5 (Kevin Thomas, Foxy, Katy, prxnca, Qwan)   Alexa Bliss - 4 (Crystal, WWFoverWWE, Ari M, Dante)   Maria Kanellis - 3 (Jake, Twisted Bliss, Jeigz) Vickie Guerrero - 3 (sharmelllover, Samier, Cooksie)   Sasha Banks – 2 (Mandy Rose, Raja)   Aliyah - 1 (Mariah) Bayley - 1 (Eric) Becky Lynch - 1 (Vinaro) Kelly Kelly - 1 (Clara Torres) Lacey Evans - 1 (Layout) Mandy Rose - 1 (Henry Cavill) Nikki Cross - 1 (Ninja Balenciaga) Sarah Logan - 1 (Charlie) Tamina - 1 (Xachingwe) Trish Stratus - 1 (Shoaib) Vanessa Borne - 1 (Amlex)
  6. HB Greatest Royal Rumble Statistics (Points) 50 point women Maryse - 4 (FROOT, Cooksie, prxnca, Raja)   Naomi - 3 (WWFoverWWE, Samier, Amlex)   Alexa Bliss - 2 (Shumiley, Twisted Bliss) Alicia Fox – 2 (Matto, Gavin) Becky Lynch – 2 (Layout, Clara Torres) Bianca Belair – 2 (Henry Cavill, Eric) Brie Bella – 2 (Crystal, Angelic) Mandy Rose – 2 (Mandy Rose, sharmelllover) Maria Kanellis – 2 (Angho, Vinaro) Sasha Banks – 2 (Ari M, Dante) Sonya Deville – 2 (Michael Psyches, Rainbow Heart) Torrie Wilson – 2 (Jake, Dana Brooke) Trish Stratus – 2 (Kevin Thomas, Qwan)   Asuka - 1 (Ninja Balenciaga) Carmella - 1 (Foxy) Dakota Kai - 1 (Xachingwe) Jacqueline - 1 (Charlie) Lita - 1 (Shoaib) Michelle McCool - 1 (Katy) Natalya - 1 (Jeigz) Nikki Bella - 1 (Mariah)
  7. HB Greatest Royal Rumble Statistics (Eliminations) 3 Eliminations Nikki Cross, Mandy Rose, Ember Moon Sasha Banks. Sonya Deville, Liv Morgan Shayna Baszler, Sarah Logan, Alexa Bliss Maria Kanellis, Beth Phoenix, Michelle McCool 2 Eliminations Ronda Rousey, Nia Jax Bianca Belair, Becky Lynch Lana, Asuka Ivory, Lita Brie Bella, Carmella Dakota Kai, Charlotte Flair 1 Elimination Nikki Bella Tamina Lacey Evans Molly Holly Alicia Fox Taynara Conti Natalya Aliyah Bianca Belair Bayley Dana Brooke Mickie James Candice LeRae  
  8. dsggddgs; oh yeah, I just looked at the spreadsheet and that seems to reflect your post Me skimming through your first post and forgetting to check. I'll fix it now
  9. Maria Comes for Charlotte

    sgasdgsdg; I'll never get over Maria always getting dragged Auntie Jazz could teach her a few tips though.
  10. Thank fuck. Those are all the lists I had left I'll post trivia shortly!
  11. @Qwan™ @Jeigz @Mariah. @Vinaro @Raja @Shoaib.  
  12. @prxnca @Ari M. @Dante. @Amlex @Clara Torres @Layout  
  13. @Samier. @Cooksie @Gavin @Ninja Balenciaga @Eric  
  14. @WWFoverWWE @Dana Brooke @Henry Cavill @Angho @Angelic