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  1. Ideally, Peyton would finally get some gold around her waist, like she's deserved since the last couple of Takeovers, but I can see the winner being Kairi tbh
  2. James Storm Done With TNA And Could Be WWE Bound

    Didn't we all?
  3. Match set for Final Spot on Team Raw

    I'd really, really be surprised if Bayley doesn't win tbh. But then again, she's flopped hard in the last few months sooo... 
  4. Your faves' W-L record?

    JACQUELINE: WINS: 72 (37.50%) DRAWS: 5 (2.60%) LOSSES: 115 (59.90%) I feel attacked
  5. Emma and Summer Rae Released

    Summer's release was probably the least surprising thing ever. At least she's able to freely pursue her endeavors now, though. sdgfdshdfhdfh; Emma though?? I thought she'd still have a career for another year or two, at least. I'm shocked.
  6. WWE signs Ronda Rousey

    who was in charge of signing these MMA horses? is this down to the same person who has that 'big men' fetish? what's going on around here?
  7. Summer Rae teases return to in-ring action?

    oh no. my blew away.......
  8. Alicia Fox gets merch!

    I'm so happy for Allahlicia                                       but at the same time fuck that design because that's clearly targeted towards furries.
  9. Superstar Photo Booth

    A look
  10. Random Thoughts

    hfdf' sis i'm not prepared for the wps when I inevitably ghost out after a week
  11. Random Thoughts

    I'm guessing I picked a good time to come back?
  12. NXT Spoilers

    I'm so glad Peyton's finally getting the starring role she deserves. It's a shame, but Billie just had to be sacrificed in order for Peyton to RISE to the top   
  13. I don't see it happening, but if she comes back, I think she could do decently well on SmackDown, but I really doubt she'll have any success if she goes to RAW.
  14. Would you like to see ring girls in WWE?

  15. Shayna Baszler Signs With WWE

    Unfortunate. She looks like a less promising Baron Corbin.