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  1. Queenbee is fucking shaking!
  2. I really don't like the direction this thread is heading in. The intent behind the fundraiser and the video is to support Lexi with the tragedy that's just struck her from Ashley's passing. Money's obviously going to play a part in that so Lexi's got a better chance of shaping her future how she wants to (hence the fundraiser), but this really shouldn't call for prying into why certain wrestlers are paying certain amounts, or even dragging other members over donations. It's an ugly way of thinking. More on-topic, I absolutely adore the camaraderie of the girls in this video. The divas having this tight-knit sisterhood really shows that the performers who work for the WWE really are like one big family.
  3. Eurovision Song Contest

    Thank fuck Albania got through sdbsdjkgsdsdg; with that line-up I was half scared Albania wasn't gonna make it An absolute queen tbh! Jonida is such a style icon. Her semi-final look was really cute but her Cleopatra-esque get-up for her nationals had me shook 
  4. Ashley Massaro passes away

    I'm devastated! This was perhaps the last thing I expected to wake up to as news. Huge condolences to Ashley's friends and family. Thinking about her career in hindsight, she was always used pretty prominently. She was definitely in some huge storylines; her involvement with Trish/Mickie, her rivalry with Melina, her rivalry with Vince's Devils, etc. She was always doing something throughout her tenure in the WWE, no matter how short it seemed. It's pretty much echoing what's already been said, but Ashley was a big part of people's childhoods because of how prominently she was used. She seems like a sweet woman as well, like how she'd reach out to fans on her Myspace page (and even on Twitter). It absolutely sucks to have heard the stories of her getting abused within the WWE. I can't imagine the damage that must have done to her mentally. She deserved a much better end than that.
  5. General Gaming

    Given MK11's history with leaks, I fully believe we'll get Sindel and Sheeva as DLC. I'm excited, too! They deserve a playable appearance since they haven't gotten anything since MK9, like nearly ten years ago, I think?
  6. Dress like a soccer mom and wear ring gear from Target (for the one match she'd compete in every few years).
  7. Eurovision Song Contest

    I'm gonna try and binge the Semi-Finals tomorrow, but if Australia and Albania don't snatch good placements, there's gonna be riots!
  8. That bit of blind gossip seems like it relates directly to this thread  
  9. General Gaming

    Me missing out on the MK11 train Right now, Jade and Cetrion are my main girls. I do wanna try out the others though (minus Sonya). Have we all heard the news that...  
  10. I have a feeling it could. Everywhere I’ve been, online or in real life, I’ve heard nothing but talk about Endgame. Plus it’d beat having a top-grossing film that approximately zero people talk about.  
  11. First Trailer for "Persona 5: Royal"

    I'm super excited for it! I absolutely loved Persona 5 the first time I played it, and it's one of those games where you get more out of it the second/third time around. I'm intrigued to see what the additional content is for this game I don't know how to feel about human Morgana though
  12. Shadia Bseiso released from NXT

    I literally only saw her picture on the WWE Performance Center website. Has she even had many live event matches?  
  13. Lana leaks sextape on Snapchat

    These sex tapes are always catching me off-guard. So is the fact that I didn't even get to see Rusev's cock.
  14. Sasha Banks leaving WWE?

    I'd feel for Sasha if she left. She had the ingredients to be one of this generation's top stars, in terms of her being one of the best in-ring workers in the company and having decent mic skills, but her booking has been horrific since 2016. At least with girls like Dana and Alicia, they know what they're getting in terms of the (unfortunate lack of) treatment they receive in the company. Sasha's presence on the main roster has taken this yo-yo dip where she's had great highs, but awful lows. The fact that all of her title reigns combined still can't match up to Carmella's only championship reign is telling of how creative feel against Sasha. Nothing against Carmella at all, but it's shocking that Sasha's 5 championship runs have all been miserably short. She can be billed as one of the Four Horsewomen and a multi-time champion, but her reigns have definitely dampened the momentum she's built all these years for herself, primarily on fan support. Because WWE sure as hell never saw Sasha as THAT girl. As for Bayley, she can leave. I'm not gonna say WWE creative are blameless (they knew what they were doing with that This Is Your Life segment), but her mic skills are fucking atrocious. She killed her own damn momentum with that segment on that RAW aftershow. 
  15. Bliss and Banks At It Again?

    Ehh. I'm not buying it. The timing seems too convenient. This happens around the time that Alexa squashes Bayley on RAW. I'm pretty sure they'll have Alexa vs Sasha next week or something and use this stuff from Twitter to plug it.