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  1. Smackdown April 23, 2019: Live Chat

    Yeah, but as many of us have noticed, Raw is really hurting in terms of credible talent outside of Bliss & Becky. I mean the alternatives would be either Natalya or Tamina.   That said, having a person who's been out of action for half a year, competing in a ladder match isn't exactly the best idea either.
  2. Smackdown April 23, 2019: Live Chat

      My guesses for the MITB will be Ember, Alexa, Dana, Naomi, Bayley, Ruby. If the IIconics are not defending their titles at the PPV, I could see Asuka & Kairi Sane being in the match as well.
  3. Smackdown April 23, 2019: Live Chat

    Hears the smarks complaining and calling her "Woman Reigns" so she wins with a Spear.   That's some next-level trolling by Charlotte.
  4. Smackdown April 23, 2019: Live Chat

    Potential Women's MITB winner favorite?
  5. Sasha To Sit Out The Rest Of Her WWE Contract?

      ......and then loses the title the next night on Raw.
  6. AJ Lee

  7. Last week, Dakota Kai was able to jog/run for the first time since her injury.     And, today, it looks like she was able to travel without the help of a kneebrace.  
  8. In this case, I really don't blame Sasha for being disgruntled. I mean here's a summary: -Came up to the main roster with tons of fanfare & was relegated to Team BAD as Naomi's lackey -Crowd was super hot for her and chanting her name and at WM 32 for the new Women's title they failed to pull the trigger on her -Was taken off WWE TV for months -Came back and was stuck in a series of "hot potato" title reigns with Charlotte with Charlotte winning in the end -Won the title from Alexa; Alexa trashed her saying how she's unable to successfully defend the title and gets proven right when she beats Sasha 8 days after Sasha won it -Wasted an entire year with the will they/won't they "feud" with Bayley where they face some combination of the Riott Squad practically every week -And when it looks like they will finally feud, they get pulled back and put in comedic "couples therapy" segments; meanwhile on the other brand Becky/Charlotte get put in a serious heated feud that becomes the talk of the women's division for months with several MOTN contenders culminating in a WM main event -Become the inaugural tag team champions after months of begging; were expected to get a decent reign and establish the division and serve as anchors for it -Instead they drop the title in less than 2 months and instead of chasing the titles, are split up     I mean it's trivial to say that she wants out because of losing the tag titles. If nothing else, this was "the straw that broke the camel's back" with her getting fed up with constantly being jerked around by Management/Creative
  9. Smackdown April 16, 2019: Live Chat

      ♫♫ These fans don't want you to be their girl ♫♫
  10. Smackdown April 16, 2019: Live Chat

      She can take a page out of the New Day and be a Heel who thinks she's a Face and double down on all of her most annoying traits for Heel heat.
  11. Smackdown April 16, 2019: Live Chat

    And according to, Apollo Crews, Chad Gable, Mickie James & Liv Morgan have been moved to Smackdown.
  12. Smackdown April 16, 2019: Live Chat

      Poor Bayley. When every piece of offense you mount gets booed to hell and the crowd would rather cheer Roman Reigns over you. Yeah, safe to say her Face run has met its end, She either has to turn Heel(if for no other reason to give the Heel side another credible person outside of Charlotte) or she's done as a title threat.
  13. Raw April 15, 2019: Live Chat

      Well most fans have been saying no way Io gets called up since she's possibly next in line for the NXT women's title, but since they called up the War Raiders Viking Experience, who are the tag champs, I think everyone is on the table.
  14. Sasha Banks leaving WWE?

      Thanks alot! Now I'm picturing Sasha cutting Punk's pipebomb word for word in my head except replacing John Cena with Becky Lynch, Paul Heyman with Triple H, John Laurinaitis with Kevin Dunn and Brock Lesnar with Ronda Rousey.
  15. Nia Jax injured

    IIconics really were the winners of the Fatal 4 way match via attrition:      -Beth Phoenix is a part-timer and only makes a few scheduled appearances      -Sasha & Bayley have both snapped and want out of WWE      -Nia Jax pulled a Vince McMahon(except instead of tearing both quads at the same time she tore both of her ACLs)