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  1. No Mercy 2017: Live Chat

      Nuh-uh, Cena still hasn't busted out the Emerald Frosion or the Springboard Stunner.
  2. No Mercy 2017: Live Chat

      Zack Ryder was kinda mediocre in-ring wise and Cena still got a good match against him.
  3. No Mercy 2017: Live Chat

      It's pretty sad that Cena had a better match with the freakin' Great Khali than he's having right now with Roman Reigns.
  4. No Mercy 2017: Live Chat

    And now the "CM Punk" chants.   Roman/Cena is starting to remind me of Lesnar/Goldberg from WM XX.
  5. No Mercy 2017: Live Chat

    Welcome to Bizarro World.  
  6. No Mercy 2017: Live Chat

      I would say concussion more than anything.
  7. No Mercy 2017: Live Chat

    Welp, Nia Jax has been eliminated from the Royal Rumble.
  8. Bayley

      Bayley's finisher from the Indies:     It's like MsChif's Desecrator got married to Dean Ambrose's original Dirty Deeds.
  9. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K18

      It was in the Creation Suite video. One of the options for the filters in Create-A-Show was 8-bit which makes it look like the old NES games.
  10. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K18

    Who else can't wait to play WWE 2K18 on the NES:  
  11. Charlotte and Sasha not friends anymore?

      I don't know, AJ was forced to grow up pretty fast and had to look after her family and she really didn't have problems with jealousy or more competition. You don't suppose that Triple H may have fostered this behavior into Sasha? I mean all of the heaps of praise he gave her, putting her onto such a high pedestal, giving her all of these accolades, the IWC treating her as God's gift to wrestling, etc. It's bound to inflate anyone's ego and give someone a chip on their shoulder. Charlotte, like you said is more mature, but things like her brother David's failed wrestling career, and her other brother, Reid succumbing to his demons, also may have helped temper her and helped shape her perspective on things as well.
  12.   Only if on the pre-show Charlotte dedicates her match to her father.
  13. Shayna Baszler Signs With WWE

      I have no problem with people using elements of MMA in their arsenal. I mean Undertaker used several moves to expand his arsenal and diversify his matches(i.e. Triangle Choke, Hell's Gate) and he was still entertaining(before injuries and old age caught up to him). But when it's you're entire arsenal, then yeah, it just doesn't mesh well in a pro wrestling setting.