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  1. WWE Worlds Collide 2020: Live Chat

    Bobby Fish and Alexander Wolfe with their homage to Brie Bella and Liv Morgan.
  2. NXT Superstar injured?

      Let's hope that's what it is because there were several pics of Dakota sporting a similar knee brace last year and she ended up having to have ACL surgery.
  3. NXT Superstar injured?

      So, she beat up Tegan Nox and stole her knee brace too?
  4. Adam Cole starting 2020 the same way he ended 2019.......     ..............dying on national television.
  5. Charlotte talks injuring Kairi

    Charlotte really sucks at this PR thing.  
  6. Charlotte talks injuring Kairi

    So, Charlotte was just worried about the match while Becky and Asuka were concerned for Kairi's safety and well-being. What is it with these 2nd generation gals and sticking their own foot into their mouths.
  7. Going from watching NXT's women division to AEW's women division has me like    
  8.   Probably didn't help that every time that she would get a push in WWE, she'd fall flat on her face. that, but more metaphorical and less literal.
  9. It would've been so much easier for her if she had just apologized and owned up to it; that she was young, brash and immature, but she's not that person anymore. Shawn Michaels, back in the 90s, was equally if not moreso as bad as her, but he owned up to his mistakes and past transgressions and showed that he matured and became a better person. Which is why he's now revered as opposed to hated like he was back then. Instead, she just doubled down and acted like everyone was doing this because they were jealous of her or some crap and just made things 1000000 times more worse for herself.
  10. Well, I guess we know who was the person that got into a legit fight with Tessa during a battle royal at an Indy show was         Seriously, at this point I wouldn't be surprised if she had beef with Io Shirai and Kairi Sane during her STARDOM excursions.
  11. To think this all started with Tessa's tweet. I haven't seen a tweet blow up in someone's face this badly since that time Stephanie McMahon praised Patricia Arquette and got ethered by AJ. 
  12.   All of these girls afraid of getting blacklisted from the wrestling industry because of Tessa. It's like she's the modern day Fabulous Moolah of the Indy women's wrestling scene.