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  1.   Only downside is that the tournament is only going to be shown on Youtube as opposed to AEW Dynamite.
  2.   And even then that pairing has felt thrown-together just to give Tegan something to do, despite Shotzi being so much more charismatic and the more entertaining of the duo. It was pretty telling that on the last live show before everything went to hell, Dakota was still getting major heat and crowd reactions, while Tegan got crickets. 
  3.   It's funny. Like with her injury history, they probably thought they could make Tegan a lovable underdog that the fans would invest in ala Becky Lynch. Difference is part of Becky Lynch's appeal was that she was not Management's choice to be their Top Star. Becky never won a title down in NXT; her first title reign on Smackdown was super short; she played 2nd fiddle to other girls and was mainly in the "workhorse" role of making other people look good while other girls passed her over.  Because she was never the top girl and she constantly got jerked around by management and constantly passed over for other people, the fans gravitated to her and invested in her because whatever crumbs management gave her she knocked it out of the park.   Tegan doesn't have that vibe. She's someone that is clearly a management fave; was rumored to get a huge push from the getgo, making it to the finals of the MYC(meaning she would've been the finalist not the highly-touted Io Shirai); they constantly are pushing her despite having nothing in terms of character. If anything it feels like Dakota is more of a "Becky Lynch" whereas Tegan is a "Charlotte".
  4.   It looked like she stole Velvet Sky's old wardrobe from a decade ago.
  5. Seriously. She did a awesome job as the sympathetic babyface with her interactions against Shayna Baszler. Then she was rocking it as a ruthless, uncaring Heel with her actions against Tegan Nox. And even now, she's managed to make a random pairing with Raquel Gonzalez work to the point people buy into them and want them to become tag team champions. 
  6. It gets worse:   On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer provided several more details on the current situation with Young and Moxley:     If Moxley hated WWE before, he definitely is super pissed off now.
  7.         ARE........YOU.........F******........KIDDING.......ME!!!!!????
  8. I wonder if Heyman getting sacked has something to do with this. 
  9. This is where WWE's negligence can have a negative effect not just on itself but on AEW, as well. Remember, several people in WWE/NXT have spouses and boyfriend/girlfriends in AEW(Renee w/ Jon Moxley, Peyton Royce w/ Shawn Spears, Adam Cole w/ Britt Baker, Cedric Alexander w/ Big Swole, etc.)
  10.   Like I could understand, if he was like "Sasha is so hot, I wish I could bang her". While crude, it's not something out of the ordinary from a hormonal lustful male.   However, saying that "you want to rape her", that is where you cross the line. That goes beyond fratboy joking around and straight into "WTF were you thinking you dumbass!" territory