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  1. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K20

      The alternate attires may be related to the MyCareer mode like last year when Sasha Banks had Maryse's outfit as an alt.
  2. Sasha Banks literally busting her tail to get MOTN at HIAC.
  3. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

      We've had longer 24/7 title reigns in recent memory than Charlotte title reigns
  4. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

      That's not really fair. I mean AJ's first reign was longer than all of Bayley's main roster title reigns(1x Raw, 2x Smackdown, 1x Tag Team) combined.
  5. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K20

      It's Lita or Nia Jax has a really slimmed down model this year. I think it might be Lita. I mean one of the career goals listed in the trailer for the female CAW was facing Lita, so........   As an aside hopefully, the VC amount you get will be more generous. 2K17 gave away too much VC, and 2K19 gave us far too little. I didn't think it at the time, but 2K18 felt like a happy medium. In last year's game you can get a 5-star match filled with drama and signature spots, etc. and barely crack triple digits, which really made grinding a pain in the ass.
  6. WWE SmackDown | Official Chat Thread

    -Ronda will return to get her win back -Shayna Baszler and her eternal NXT Women's title reign -Brock Lesnar about to go MIA with the Smackdown world title until he faces Cain Velasquez for the title     Um, when fans say they want WWE to be more like NJPW, this is not what they meant.
  7. WWE Games | Discussion: WWE 2K20

    Wow.....last year's model of Adam Cole was much more realistic and accurate than this year's iteration
  8. Didn't help that there was not many interesting topics. The only interesting parts were in the beginning when they were talking about their injuries and the recovery process, etc. 
  9.   Well, if Shane loses to Kevin Owens on tomorrow's Smackdown there will be a vacancy in the Smackdown GM position. And Paige was a pretty good assistant GM so............
  10. They definitely benefited from the curiosity factor. The key will be in a month or so, how many of those fans are going to stay with them. If AEW has any weakness, it would probably be in terms of depth. Hopefully AEW's decision to allow their talents the freedom to work elsewhere doesn't backfire on them too badly(which is what nearly happened at the last PPV when Moxley went down and had to be replaced by PAC and Fenix got injured days before the PPV)
  11. WWE Raw | Official Chat Thread

    1999: RAW IS WAR 2019: RAW IS CUCK
  12. CW developing 'Arrow' spinoff for The Canaries

    It gets worse, on her "deathbed" they had Laurel championing Olicity and had her trying to get Oliver back together with Felicity before going from perfectly fine and in stable condition to dead in like a 1 minute span.
  13. CW developing 'Arrow' spinoff for The Canaries

      Hard to do considering that they killed off Earth-1 Laurel in Season 4 of Arrow. Earth-2 Laurel is a metahuman that has the "canary cry". Her first appearance was during Season 2 of "The Flash" where she was a villain serving under the main villain of that season, Zoom. The latter half of season 6-7 of Arrow was basically her redemption arc.