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  1. As far as accomplishments/achievements go, Nia has been MIA.
  2. Raw July 17, 2017: Live Chat

      The funniest story I heard was that it involved AJ Lee, which will lead to CM Punk returning to WWE.
  3. Raw July 17, 2017: Live Chat

      No surprise Dean is so hesitant to team with Seth again. Seth broke his heart in the worst way possible.  
  4. So, WWE execs don't like these girls because they are "unfuckable".   Gee, glad that some things haven't changed at all. 
  5. NXT Spoilers

    Ember Moon injures a person, immediately is rewarded with a title match.   Roman Reigns would be proud.    
  6. Lana charts in the top 10

      C'mon, that was uncalled for.                     .......Besides, at this point, I think Lana fans will be happy if she can actually go 1 minute without being pinned or tapping out.
  7.   Maybe she wrestles Maria and tries to beat the record that she set against Lana.
  8. Rumored Women's Match for Battleground

      So she's getting the "Kaitlyn" treatment?
  9. Paige's Brother Sends Message to Fans

      You also had Kurt Angle, their World Champion at the time, get arrested for stalking and harassing his then girlfriend, Rhaka Khan and never got punished for it. Don't forget Jeff Hardy showing up at their PPV completely wasted and "high as a kite". Instead of removing him from the show, they had him wrestle in his condition making a mockery of the event.    It's a new name, but at the core this is still the same ol' TNA.