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  1. AJ Lee

  2. Raw May 22, 2017: Live Chat

      Emma, stop stealing Triple H's schtick.  
  3. Backlash 2017: Live Chat

      Bradshaw, at least was a former hardcore champion and had his stint with the APA, so he was viewed as a ass-kicker by the fans. Mahal, a month or so ago was getting bodied week in and week out by the likes of Enzo Amore, Big Cass and Mojo Rawley. And we're suppose to buy him as a threat, now.
  4. Backlash 2017: Live Chat

      It works.    I mean you have Jinder Mahal, who is being used to help WWE tap into the India market. Then you have Mojo Rawley, who is Rob Gronkowski's former teamate and friend. And you know how much of a whore WWE is for mainstream attention. They just might be crazy enough to do it.
  5. Backlash 2017: Live Chat

    Well, based on WWE's most recent booking, this will probably be SD's main event for SummerSlam:  
  6.   Dean better be careful. Rowan be going after his girl.  
  7. Charlotte...........and by extension Ric Flair on a reality show, what could possibly go wrong?
  8. For Bayley to win, she needs to imagine that Alexa Bliss is Tommy Dreamer.  
  9. AJ Lee

  10.   She never really fully recovered from that vag injury.
  11.   People have been comparing this feud to the Alexa/Becky feud in terms of how one-sided it has been in Alexa's favor. Except it's actually worse, because at least Becky could maintain her heat and momentum by "bringing the fire" via her promos. Bayley doesn't have that ability and thus she's just losing momentum and fast.