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  1. Raw 25: Live Chat

    For all the people who bought tickets to be there live at the Manhattan Center and got a glorified 205 Live House show with short, crappy matches and a whole load of nothing for over 3 hours:  
  2. Raw 25: Live Chat

      And then just as he found a new person to fill the vacancy in his heart in AJ Lee; she too left but not before stomping on his heart and snatching his daughter's wig on the way out..
  3. Raw 25: Live Chat

    This sums up Raw 25 for the most part:    
  4. Raw 25: Live Chat

      Raw 1000 had AJ Lee & Layla backstage where we got a wacky segment with Jim Duggan, Roddy Piper, Mae Young and her son, Hand, The wedding segment with AJ Lee becoming General Manager of Monday Night Raw Stephanie McMahon emasculating and attacking Paul Heyman And lastly, Lita returning and defeating Heath Slater in her first match in 6 years and celebrating with her fellow legends.    Raw 1000 felt like a special episode, that had nostalgia acts mixed in throughout the entire show that actually interacted with the stars of today, but also set up future storylines(AJ becoming GM, and Punk turning heel by attacking The Rock)   Raw 25 just felt like a regular episode of Raw with the legends showing up on stage for a quick paycheck.
  5. Raw 25: Live Chat

      I'm just going to pretend that that last segment was booked by Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks.     
  6. Raw 25: Live Chat

      I guess this is Vince McMahon's feelings on The Revival    
  7. Raw 25: Live Chat

      And I don't think Bayley or Mickie even got tagged in to the match. Multiwomen tag match. Only a select few were in the ring. We really are serving Diva Era c. 2011.
  8. Woman Alleges Enzo Amore Raped Her

    The 205 Division is cursed. Austin Aries quits WWE, Neville is trying to get out of his contract, you have the incident with Rich Swann and his girlfriend, Su Yung, and now you have Enzo Amore allegedly raping a woman.    
  9. Sunny Says Candice LeRae Too Ugly for Main Roster

    Sunny's right, the girls must be 10/10 in the looks department that the guys want to fantasize about bedding. Girls that fit the "girl-next-door" trope or who have an alternative type of look are just "unf***able" and will never catch the attention of the regular wrestling audiences and be popular major draws for the company.         
  10. Stephanie saving our girls?

    Between Asuka's undefeated streak on Raw and Rousey and Shayna being "female Brock Lesnar" on Smackdown and NXT, the women's division in WWE is going to suck for the foreseeable future.
  11.   Probably because they think he'll help them increase their marketing to the Mexican audience. Makes sense I suppose, I don't think they have anyone on the roster, main or NXT, who can help them in that regard.                     Oh wait....................  
  12. AJ Lee