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  1.     For regular people the timeframe for recovery from a torn ACL is usually around 2-3 months, where they focus on being able to do normal day activities such as walking. For athletes, though, it takes them 6-9 months since they need to be able to do more strenuous activities such as running, jumping, and cutting. It's usually around the 2nd week or so that, they have them do weight-bearing exercises and being abe to walk without the aid of crutches. So I think Dakota is right-on-schedule. My guess is, that Dakota probably won't be cleared to work at the PC and house shows until around SummerSlam.   That being said, it appears that Dakota is making good progress as in this gif from her IG story, she's able to do squats without the aid of a knee brace.  
  2. SPOILER: Teams for Elimination Chamber

      'Cause we needed to spend the extra 10 minutes or so on Shane McMahon
  3. AJ Lee

  4. NXT Live Event Division

      Move over Nia Jax, Io Shirai is the real "FaceBreaker".
  5.   He was so angry and furious at Nia Jax that WWE gave him the US title to make it up to him. I see you, Truth. Way to play "the game".
  6.   True that. What he did was a complete burial of Bianca, and indirectly a burial of those that put Bianca over in the process. I mean if Bianca is "trash" and not worthy of Takeover then what does that say about the other girls who lost to her during her streak.   There were so many ways he could've conveyed the message of Bianca being an upstart and not ready for someone the caliber of Shayna Baszler. Off the top of my head, he could've talked about how she brags about her undefeated streak, yet how it pales in comparison to Asuka's, who ran roughshod over the entire NXT roster, people on the WWE roster and even WWE Legends. Or question the validity of her streak, since the only notable names Bianca beat was a Candice Lerae, who was distracted by the drama between her husband, Johnny Gargano & Tomasso Ciampa, and a Dakota Kai, who weeks earlier had been physically and mentally dissected by Shayna Baszler, or how Io Shirai did the damage in the Fatal 4-Way and that Bianca just stole the win. They all would paint the picture of Bianca as a "paper challenger", a "Buster Douglass" to Shayna Baszler's "Mike Tyson". And I left off Nikki Cross intentionally, because I leave an opening for maybe one of the panelists to mention how Bianca took everything Nikki Cross threw at her, the same Nikki Cross that gave Shayna a run for her money months ago, and physically dominated her to refute everything he said.   All of these could've worked and would make sense in terms of kayfabe. Instead he buried her. It really reminded me of Heel Michael Cole and how he would shit on everything that Daniel Bryan and the Divas would do in the ring.
  7. NXT Live Event Division

    Look, if Io is going to get the big push for NXT Takeover: NY, can she do us a favor and stop trying to cave in these girls' faces. First, Xia Brookside at the MYC, Aliyah at a houseshow last month and now Vanessa Borne.      
  8. NXT Spoilers

      She's the one with the dreadlocks wearing the Raquel Diaz hand-me-downs.
  9. NXT Spoilers

      Wrong! Jessie got choked out in 2 backstage segments and this.   Also, apparently Io blindtagged Bianca(which did not sit well with her). Hopefully, they keep Bianca as a Heel because Lacey has already been called up, Shayna & co. are getting called up post-WM, that leaves NXT pretty barren in terms of strong, credible Heels that can put together a Takeover-caliber match.
  10. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Good news, Aliyah got her first singles win in forever at the NXT taping today.   The bad news:      
  11. AJ Lee

  12.   Jessamyn & Marina are so bland, horrible on the mic, cannot act worth a damn, devoid of any charisma or personality and are terrible in the ring. They're like every negative stereotype of "The Diva Era".