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  1. Small update:   Apparently Dakota was still travelling with the roster for the remainder of the National tour judging by the IG story that she posted. Also, a fan that attended last night's NXT House show in Des Moines spotted her walking to the bus on crutches and carrying an ice pack for her knee.
  2. AJ Lee

  3. Would you be here for an all women's NXT?

    I think that some of the girls that aren't doing anything might be used to work NXT UK ala Deonna Purrazzo, who worked the most recent NXT UK taping.
  4.   Not really. Dakota Kai was the perfect fit for this angle because of her past history with Shayna Baszler dating back to the beginning of this year. So, having her come out to help Kairi was excellent from a story and character standpoint. Also, Dakota is a more polished wrestler than Xia, which is kinda important when you're dealing with 2 "greener than gooseshit" wrestlers in Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir. Also Xia, once she debuts, would need to be built up. I'm not too confident that she'll be used as anything other than as a jobber(ala Aliyah & Vanessa Borne) if she were to debut right now.
  5. NXT Spoilers

     Kairi has been sick for the past week with Hand-Foot-Mouth disease, and since it's very contagious she was not used at the tapings at all. Too bad for her because the first few weeks of this taping and the backstage segment they ran on this past week's NXT indicated a faction warfare feud.
  6. NXT Spoilers

    Detailed spoilers:  
  7. AJ Lee

  8. AJ Lee

          AJ's IG Stories:          
  9. AJ Lee

  10. Honest Opinion on Shayna Baszler?

    Shayna, I have no problem with. Her style is different, but it looks very brutal, which is good in terms of in-ring storytelling. She has a very solid grasp of her character and she's been improving with each Takeover event. As for the other two, well......... say they are green might be a understatement. Let's just say this, Dave Meltzer was a huge fan of the MMA HW, and was very high on Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir.........until he saw them wrestle live in-person at the San Jose House show this past Thursday. After seeing them in action he did a quick 180 on them, basically saying they are not ready for a push at any level. 
  11. AJ Lee

  12. So, Daniel Bryan is in a storyline with AJ where he turns Heel in the middle of it and then WWE are going to have him act like a dick towards AJ in the coming months. I'm getting a sense of deja vu, but I just can't place my finger on it.