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  1. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    xtube has been dry the past couple of days, so thanks gurls for the nice little treats -- haven't checked this thread in a couple weeks.
  2. Sunny Arrested Again

    she will be out sucking dick for coke soon enough, settle down ya'll
  3. New Match For Wrestlemania

    i'm indifferent on this at the moment... let me drink and smoke some more and i'll be more deciding.
  4. Kelly Kelly's Dad Passes Away

    literally tearing up.... this is so sad. love and prayers to her and her family 
  5. i'm still perplexed anyone with vision or a sense of smell would fuck him 
  6. Wrestling's Sexiest Men | NSFW

    my new fave  
  7. i cannot wait for this bitch's 3 hour long speech.
  8. i'm so happy divas of past and present are banning together to stand up for what is right and WOMEN'S WRESTLING!
  9. Enzo Amore Released by WWE

    enough about that disgusting piece of shit, time to put that belt on Cakes Nese
  10. 2018 Predictions and Hopes

    where is the 2017 thread so we can compare and contrast what happened?
  11. First Ever Women's RR - Who's In?

    i need redemption
  12. Another 3rd Gen Women's Wrestler is coming

    obviously, and she's a lucky gurl
  13. damn first Bray, now Kevin... what the fuck is wrong with me?   *gets fat, stops bathing, waits for the hot men to flock to me*
  14. Hi!

    welcome and beware, there are a lot of catty queens here