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  1. McLegend reflects on LayCool & more

    did i hear this bitch correctly?! "You know what, Layla and I were good friends"
  2. i officially re-stan Nikki Bella
  3. Shelly Martinez Claims Umaga Sexually Assaulted Her

    i want to comment but i feel like they will be misconstrued/read the wrong way so I shall refrain. i suppose the only way to get some truth to this is if the other men in the room come forward and the stories match up.
  4. Chelsea Green signs with WWE

    Daria and Mandy are shook. time for a Tough Enough redemption
  5. Paige on Chasing Glory Again - She's Back!

    enlighten me bb 
  6. Paige on Chasing Glory Again - She's Back!

    WWE really trying to make Brie the victim in all this... they have such a Trumptardian mindframe
  7. Maria Kanellis tonight on RAW?

    bring ha back to ha roots
  8. the undefeated Amy Weber, at that. what an icon
  9. Your Favorite Melina moments?

    the match against Alicia Fox
  10. i always wish it was this Carmella when i see these kinda topics pop up
  11. still bitter they never gave Dawn Marie this treatment