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  1. Priscilla Kelly Vomits on Joey Ryan's Penis

    And it's shit like this that make me sympathize with Jim Cornette.  By doing this, they lose the ability and the right to make money.  Never thought I'd take Cornette's side on anything that didn't involve Russo and Dairy Queen, but here we are.
  2. Fastlane 2019: Live Chat

    Shane needs to work on his cardio if they're going to use him as a wrestler.
  3. Jeff Jarrett joins creative

    Oh god, why?  So, if Jarrett wants to bury someone, will he call them a slapass?  Or make them watch "With My Baby Tonight?"
  4. Biggest Wrestling Pet Peeves?

    3 ways twitter fans talk about how a wrestler's job is: Haven't worked in WWE:  Not good enough. Just got released from WWE: Weren't good enough to be there. Still working for WWE:  Corporate shill.
  5. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Took me a minute to realize that was Ronda.
  6. Biggest Wrestling Pet Peeves?

    Wrestling fans who think they know more about the business than the people who are in the business. Vince Russo (just everything about him) Kevin Dunn (same as Russo)
  7. TJP Released

    And nothing of value was lost.  Now bring back Gulak.
  8. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Oh great.  Hall fell off the wagon again.
  9. Chris Hemsworth playing Hogan in biopic

    Anyone who does a petition to cancel this shit should just automatically add my name to said petition.  My hatred for Cunt Hogan and anything related to him is legendary around HB. Also, Chris Hemsworth sucks for this.
  10. Raw February 18, 2019: Live Chat

    Well, Raw wasn't good again, I see.  The crowd sure didn't help.  Lafayette, LA don't deserve shit.
  11. Carmella Is Innocent

    Where I live, trash comes on Tuesdays.
  12. Carmella Is Innocent

    Also, I know he's a professional, but I hope Michael Cole trolls the fuck out of Graves for weeks.  Maybe enough to get Graves to quit.
  13. Carmella Is Innocent

    Three pages in 1 hour.  That's got to be a record.
  14. Carmella Is Innocent

    I didn't think Carmella could get any lower than Big Ass, but she proved me wrong. I feel bad for Grave's soon to be ex wife.
  15. He's gotta have a brain first.