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  1. I'm glad the orange cunt is going out. I'm just sad I'm from a state that orangutan actually won.
  2. Glad to be back and in the few minutes I've been back; I love what I see.
  3. I'm glad to be back goddamnit.

  4. Happy birthday, Heartbreakers. I have nothing cute to say this year, but fuck Covid-19.
  5. I now declare The Barber Shop incident to be Shawn Michaels' face turn. Seriously though, at this point Marty needs to be in a jail cell.
  6. This is not how I thought I would start today: https://www.ringsidenews.com/2020/08/05/marty-jannetty-admits-to-making-a-man-disappear-in-troubling-social-media-post/
  7. Well, this is my first time in this section, but I just found out today that my (no longer) cousin has been convicted of sexual assault on a minor. He'll be serving 55 years for this. If you want to read more, I have a link to the story. http://www.mississippivalleypublishing.com/daily_gate/nauvoo-man-sentenced-in-sexual-assault-case/article_c820ffe9-f8c9-5c51-97bd-dcfd7932bc12.html?fbclid=IwAR0RnS_DBELhmXj2fV28LNgKmYbMeXzMbkrSqkgQABucjpT0m2bYsdeB66A Hope he rots in the 10th layer of Hell.
  8. The theme song was the only good thing about Cops anyway.
  9. J.K Simmons is Jameson to a lot of people, so that's great news.
  10. How to be a massive piece of shit, The Jim Cornette way: Hates Becky Lynch for wanting to be a mom. https://www.ringsidenews.com/2020/05/15/jim-cornette-roasts-becky-lynchs-decision-to-become-a-mom/ Makes fun of Dana Brooke's face. https://www.ringsidenews.com/2020/05/17/dana-brooke-reacts-after-jim-cornette-drags-her-look-she-dares-him-to-man-up/ I've never seen anybody in wrestling this bitter over small, trivial shit. He was only funny when went after Vince Russo, and even that's getting old now.
  11. Man, I liked Gulak. His "Better, Safer WWE" gimmick was a license to print money. He was getting good reactions from the fans, which not everybody from 205 Live, with the exception of Mustafa Ali, could get.
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