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  1. Hello Everyone

    Welcome.  May your stay be excellent, or at least decent.
  2. Lars Canceles His Own Push?

    Who gives a fuck about Shrek's little diseased brother, other than Vince and HHH?  Nobody here does, and we're the most important.
  3. Brooke Hogan's Father Returns To Raw

    Cunt Hogan better go away after this.  I'll be at work, so I don't have to look at his racist, old, holier than thou ass.
  4. Hello

    Welcome.  May your stay be superlative or at least decent.
  5. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    Stacy, why would you be friends with a overly tanned cunt?  I thought she was better than that?
  6. Not Moderated: Extreme Rules

    He looks 55 with that look.
  7. New girl

    Welcome.  May your stay be excellent.
  8. Howdy

    Welcome.  May your stay be pleasant, or at the very least, decent.
  9. TLC 2018: Live Chat

    Well, there's Becky's main event caliber feud.  And congrats, Asuka.
  10. TLC 2018: Live Chat

    At least the right guy won.
  11. TLC 2018: Live Chat

    Thank Big Show and Sheamus for that bullshit.
  12. TLC 2018: Live Chat

    Why did Mysterio add a mohawk to his mask?  It looks dumb.
  13. TLC 2018: Live Chat

    San Jose, California.
  14. TLC 2018: Live Chat

    Why does Lars exist?  Did he need to?
  15. TLC 2018: Live Chat

    Also, how the hell are New Day still over?