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  1. I love the story behind the tattoo. I just can't imagine how much pain she had to go through to get it.
  2. Raw September 16, 2013: Results

    Oh, and where is Kaitlyn? Is she injured?
  3. Raw September 16, 2013: Results

    From the looks of it, Natalya might be the next title holder after AJ, or I might be wishful thinking. Is the Bella twins face now or something? I LOVED THAT STEPH SEGMENT! OMG HOW I MISSED BITCHY STEPH!!
  4. Random Thoughts

    Yup. I just realized that I will sparsely log on from now on. It's just that I became so used to not logging in here for so long time, that I forget to log in. Also, I wont be here with you guys every Mondays because I will be busy with classes the whole day
  5. Random Thoughts

    I know right? I mean the way the people acted on twitter, it's like are we living in the 21st century or what? So immature and so tasteless. I'm taking this more to heart because I am South Asian myself.
  6. Should The Bella Twins Split?

    I think they shouldn't split. I will keep it short and simple here. Brie completes Nikki and Nikki completes Brie. Anyone care to disagree?
  7. Random Thoughts

    The racist attacks against Nina Davuluri is making me cry :crying2:
  8. Jim Ross Announces Retirement

    I am going to miss him a lot.
  9. Random Thoughts

    Almost had a fucking heart attack today. I forgot where I parked my car. I kept on looking, walking around the parking for 15 minutes under the scorching sun. No luck. After my 6:30 class ended, I rushed to the parking lot again. Kept on looking but still no luck. Then I started crying in the middle of the parking lot, looking like a freakshow with eyeliner streaked eyes from the tears, sweaty face, and messed up hair. Then, lo and behold, I see my car parked at one corner of the parking lot looking all fucking majestic >. I kept on kicking my car for few minutes out of frustration.
  10. Random Thoughts

    Just reached home only to miss RAW. Oh the frustration
  11. Raw September 9, 2013: Live Chat

    Is it still going on? Or am I too late?
  12. Random Thoughts

    Melon! So glad to talk to you again!
  13. Random Thoughts

    Have been stressed out for months now. Because of it, I started losing interest in pro wrestling
  14. Random Thoughts

    Katie, Goddess! How have you been my sisters!? Jorgee, my boo! It's been such a long time!