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  1. She didn't lie. There is no clear heroine/babyface. They build up Becky, only to leave her laying & crying right after she says that she wants to be a role model. What lesson does that send to all these little girls they all claim to want to inspire? Sasha disappears for months & gets a prime match while the others carry the load for her, all because of NXT. People shit on K2 & the models, but the current women's champ had no interest in competing until 2012. Had K2 said that, she'd have been torn apart. I don't think you need to be a lifelong fan & good for Charlotte for falli
  2. King likes money. I watch all of these movies because terrible movies are awesome. But if he pedigrees a shark, I will gif that & die of joy.
  3. I'm legit pissed. Reigns's first clean pinfall loss & the only thing clean in the ring was Rollins. Fuck.
  4. He's not a good guy. He's not a bad guy. But he knows a guy.
  5. I feel for her. She really wanted this & they screwed her over. Best of luck to her.
  6. Somewhere hundreds of teen girls on Tumblr are cutting themselves because Renee & Dean are WWE official.
  7. It's totally Jericho. He's always drunk or getting drunk & is just generally a messy human being.
  8. I feel for her. She really wanted to learn and grow as a wrestler & she got shit on all of the time. I was defending her last night on Wrestlezone when they were pissing on her. Unfortunately, with the way WWE is stacking the roster, willing to improve wasn't enough. I hope she continues & shuts everyone's mouths.
  9. Becky got her opportunity because Paige got a concussion, was put in her stead & ran with it. Nikki or no Nikki, Becky would have been fine. The only way Becky wouldn't have gotten her shot was had Paige not gotten injured. Regardless, the Divas/Women's title went from being the thing everyone talked about to a footnote without Nikki. She elevated the strap & no one else has come close to taking her spot as Top Diva/Superstar. While I would prefer Nikki to stay out of the title picture so Nattie can have her moment, if she loses @ ER, I'd expect Charlotte to drop the title back t
  10. Naturallement. And the Smarks will talk about how this is real women's wrestling & how no other Divas have ever had a stipulation match, despite Nattie once defending her title in a tables match.
  11. Sometimes I wonder if it is, or because we as fans are no longer just fans, but Smarks who think we're in the know, we think it's worse. I mean, yeah, Ryder got screwed, Sandow to a lesser extent, but there are also a lot of guys who just aren't meant to do more than job. Whos to say if the AE happened now, we wouldn't be crying that Austin was forced down our throats and why isn't Steve Blackman champ?
  12. I 100% agree about Ryder. He is one of the few times where I agree that WWE did him dirty. I'm really hoping that this storyline with him wanting to get back to the top leads to him defeating Rusev (once he wins) to have a meaningful US title run.
  13. Sadly, that's reality. People who work hard don't always get what they deserve. It sucks ass but it's reality. There will always need to be someone to job, but if they can get the fans behind them or impress those backstage, they can increase their star power. Look at Rusev. He was a joke. But he put in his time & he's back on track. He makes valid points, but when he was making the extra cash, was he demanding equality? No.
  14. Serious question: Has Natalya ever tapped out? As I recall, her losses to AJ were by rollup. And Charlotte pinned her on NXT, right? I cannot think of a time when Natalya tapped. I might be wrong but I can't.
  15. Honestly, there's no other ending besides Charlotte's last stand. I know they dragged shit out last year, but that was about the record more than anything else. There are no other faces for Charlotte to work with, unless Bayley comes up to ruin all your faves or they're waiting on Nikki. And as much as I love Nikki, I don't want her to come back right into the title picture. Nattie freshens things up, gives her her well deserved payoff & she puts over a new talent in Sasha. Everyone is happy, unless you are a Becky fan. Then you know you got screwed.
  16. Omg. Summer would kill it in that role. And Ric would LOVE IT. And it would really give Charlotte a chance to grow on the mic Meanwhile, Nattie vs. Sasha can start.
  17. Good. The division needs Nikki. Like it or not, she's the most over of the women, the most mainstream relevant, the most recognizable & the title was the talk of every forum while she held it. She was HBIC & no one has managed to dethrone the queen while she's been off. If Nattie doesn't win the title, expect Nikki to take it back come July.
  18. I hope Nattie wins. This would be the second time in Charlotte's reign where they set up a logical conclusion where the babyface should win & if they blow it again... Nattie is a workhorse. She deserves this. She can put over another Diva, like Becky or Emma or Sasha or Becky or Becky by dropping to them. But give her the W & the big TD moment. She's earned.
  19. Exactly. Everyone said the transition from the Butterfly to the Stay Puft Marshmallow title would magically fix everything, but all it did was decrease their value. As Divas, they were their own brand, with their own value. As Superstars, they're just another slot on the card that can be bumped for a Reigns promo or the Bullet Club.
  20. This. Not to mention it hasn't improved the women's division at all.
  21. I can understand why she's annoyed. Becky moves into the undercard feud, Sasha goes home to do nothing. Why not have her move into another rivalry? The fact that we're allegedly in a shiny new era but only four women are getting maybe 20 minutes of TV a week shows the only thing that changed is the title.
  22. Chyna deserved better in life, not death. And I don't mean grab our pitchforks & vilify Triple H & Steph. I mean she deserved better friends who would talk her out of questionable choices. She deserved caring doctors to help get her back on track. She deserved real people who loved her & not fame mongers who wanted to exploit her. I've made all sorts of bad choices in my life, from dating a guy who stalked me to taking a crappy job that made me miserable, but I have amazeballs friends who genuinely want me to be happy & said "please stop doing dumb ass shit." Chyna didn't
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