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  1. Slight spoiler, I guess. According to PWInsider, they are doing a triple threat match tonight on Raw to determine who gets to face Asuka at TLC. Nia Jax vs. Emma vs. Alicia Fox will have a match where the winner faces Asuka at TLC.
  2. As JUST announced by the No Mercy Kickoff Panel, the Raw Exclusive PPV TLC, will take place in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the target center, and will feature the debut of ASUKA!
  3. Women's TLC Match??

    With No Mercy approaching next Sunday, the following RAW PPV TLC is right around the corner! The women of RAW have already had so many history making matches, from the first main roster Ironman Match, to the first women's Hell in a Cell Match! Despite the messy booking of the division as of late, who's to say they won't shoot their shot and book the first women's Tables Ladders & Chairs match! I know women like Sasha Banks, as well as Alexa Bliss (who missed out on an opportunity in the Women's MITB ladder match due to the superstar shakeup) would LOVE this opportunity for the division. It would also be cool to see some of the under-utilized women have some part in the match!  With the debut of Asuka drawing near, and the return of PAIGE rumored to happen soon, this could add an interesting dynamic to this idea.....but only time will tell! What are your thoughts? Let me know below!
  4. Are you ready for ASUKA?

    As we come to an end of a historic reign that we didn't appreciate that much until the end Asuka's reign of terror in NXT has come to an end. Negotiations are in action to send her to RAWR or Smackdown Live where will she end up? Will she show up on RAWR and step in the ring with the Legit Boss The Raw Women's Champion? Or will she end up on Smackdown and tangle with the Smackdown Women's Champion The Queen Of Harts Natalya. No one knows but what we do know is they better be ready for Asuka even the girls in catering. With that being said how do you think Asuka will play out on the MR? Would you want to see her as a face or heel and will the crowd give her a warm reception or will she suffer the same fate as Bayley?  Please share your thoughts and save your shade for ER or you can suffer an injury for 30+ days with a ban.
  6. Ember Moon vs Asuka For The NXT Women's Championship    The Empress Of Tomorrow Vows To Remain NXT Women's Champion    Icons! Legends! 
  7. Asuka Praises Bianca BelAir

    Asuka giving Bianca that co-sign.  
  8. NXT Superstar Asuka continues to break records and is on the verge of setting a new milestone in her reign as NXT Women’s Champion: 500 days as champion! After that, Asuka will only be a few days away from the second longest reigning Women’s Champion in WWE history, only behind The Fabulous Moolah. In an interview with  Newsweek, Asuka discusses joining the WWE, the records she’s broken and which main roster Superstars she’d like to compete against. Highlights of the interview below. On signing with WWE: “When I decided to sign a contract with WWE, I decided two things. I was determined not only to win, but to leave [breaking] records. That is something I feel like I can do as a return to WWE [for hiring me].” Wanting to change women’s wrestling in the WWE: “I wanted to change women’s wrestling in WWE. In wrestling, men and women do the same thing, but sometimes the men look more powerful and more impressive. I am trying my best to fill the gap between men and women.” Thought on joining WWE’s main roster: “I’m going to go to TakeOver and beat Ember Moon and keep my title. Then I will probably go to Raw or SmackDown and get another title. Of course I want to go to Raw or SmackDown, that’s one of the reasons I joined WWE. But I think there’s an appropriate timing…I’ll go when it’s the right time.” On which main roster Superstar she’d like to face: “I don’t use the words ‘respect’ or ‘admire’ toward my opponents, but I’m interested to have matches with Sasha [Banks] and Charlotte [Flair]. Those two women I’ve never faced before.” Asuka also discusses adjusting to life in America and advice she’s received from Triple H. credit: diva-dirt
  9. Asuka Passes Another Milestone

    As of today it has been 484 days since Asuka defeated Bayley at NXT TakeOver: Dallas and became NXT Women’s champion. She has now officially surpassed New Day’s reign (483) and, Asuka is now 8th longest reigning champion in the history of WWE. in 19 days she will surpass Rockin Robin’s WWE Women’s Title reign, which would make her the second longest reigning women’s champion behind Moolah’s several year long reign. Love her!
  10. Another Superstar Shake Up

    Source: PW Insider Elite 
  11. Asuka Continues to Make History

    C'mon Asuka, push through!  
  12. NXT June 14, 2017: Results

    Full Match -  
  13. 10:15-Nia Jax Vs Blue Pants     17: 11-Dana Brooke & Emma backstage interview     Emma Vs Liv Morgan // Bayley Interview  
  14. NXT March 22, 2017: Results

    Asuka vs Jobber  
  15. Asuka Replacing Naomi at MSG

    The Asuka Era 
  16. Peyton Royce w/Billie Kay vs Asuka For the NXT Woman's Championship + that insanity group and Ember Moon For Higher Quality click here
  17. Full Match on Daily Motion   Peyton Royce Vs Billie Kay vs Asuka vs Cross
  18.   Ember Moon vs Liv Morgan      Fatal Four Way Face off  
  19. NXT Year End Awards

  20. Biliie & Peyton attack Asuka + Billie & Peyton vs. Sarah Bridges & Macy Evans Nikki Cross promo Asuka promos