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  2. Batista on Diva's Division

    In a Huffington Post interview promoting the release of Guardians of the Galaxy, Batista was also asked for his thoughts on the current WWE product and had this to say concerning the Diva's Division:         Batista also discusses his thoughts on the end of Undertaker's streak, The Shield breakup, and more.
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  5. Update On Batista's WWE Contract

  6. Another Big Movie for Batista!

    Source:   It appears that Dave Bautista has been cast in the henchman rold of 'Hinx' in Bond 24. The movie is set for a fall release in 2015
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  8. Who will join Evolution?

    With Batista leaving the canvas, rumours are that he'll be replaced by another Superstar. Just for fun, which of the following could you see joining the faction! Explain why you chose them, but keep the Dave bashing to a minimum.