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  1. Source Follow to this thread. Double downed by this insider:    
  2.   "In my head, I've always wanted to ascend to a really peaked level of fitness and then have the wherewithal to stay there..." - Robert Pattinson
  3. Saw this tweet, and thought it could make an interesting thread:   Do you agree, and if not, who would you put on your Mount Rushmore? Additionally, for fun and Women's History Month, what would be the all woman alternative?
  4.     the baby bump in the costume is sending  
  5. Got these from the DC Cinematic Subreddit. Also note there's no confirmation on whether or not the woman with Batman is Catwoman, but it's the most logical guess among fans and if true, will likely not be her final form as Zoe Kravitz has already confirmed there will be an actual Catsuit. Also note that the stunt version of costumes are usually made for practicality before aesthetic and appear different on screen following post-production!
  6.   We'll ignore the obviously dated, white beauty standards being employed, made obvious by the top five consisting of Henry Cavill, Bradley Cooper (??), Brad Pitt and George Clooney (????), and take this as another win for the actor of our generation! Source
  7. Whilst promoting her new show "High Fidelity" for Hulu, Zoe Kravitz was expectedly questioned about her role in the highly anticipated Batman movie, set for a June 2021 release. Here's a round-up of what she had to say: ET Online She also confirmed that her haircut is for the role  
  8. "The Batman" Casts Peter Sarsgaard

    Source They're really getting every great character actor of the new millennium in this, when Sam Rockwell shows up as Joker in the sequel