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  1.   A place where you can discuss everything and anything that airs on the WWE Network exclusively (Divas mainly) as well as airings of WWE Main Event, NXT or any particular event or match from their library that you are enjoying.       Streams:
  2. Top 10 Female Wrestlers?

    WWE/ROH/TNA/Stardom ect... Doesn't matter which promotion what is your top 10 female wrestlers in the world right now?
  3. ABC's of Women's Wrestling

    Let's see how many times we can go through the alphabet one post at a time with a female wrestler for each letter of the alphabet! One name per post. l'll start us off with Angelina Love.  
  4. Catch a brand new season of "Total Divas" premiering Wednesday, November 1st at 9|8c on E! They put a legend on the thumbnail too.
  5. Who is the queen of FCW?

                                                         Before there was NXT, there was FCW. Launched in 2007, Florida Championship Wrestling used to be a development territory of the WWE before it was replaced by NXT in 2012. Newly signed girls would start their wrestling careers with this promotion before they were promoted to the main roster. Many of the girls who started in FCW went on to have great careers on the main roster. So who, in your opinion, is the most iconic diva of FCW? Here are the girls:  
  6. Favorite Divas photoshoot

    Every year from 1997 to 2006, WWE used to release a bikini/lingerie DVD and magazine featuring the divas. Which was your favorite DVD/photoshoot? Would you like to see the women of the present generation to do such photoshoots in the future? Vote and discuss! Here are the DVDs: Here are the magazine covers:    
  7. Renee Young recently revealed on Twitter that she won’t be a part of the upcoming season of Total Divas. Young had been a series regular since last year. Young was asked by a fan on Twitter if she would be appearing on the latest season of the hit E! Network show, Total Divas. To this Young replied: ✔ @ReneeYoungWWE ''Nope I am not, but the new cast will crush it!!'' Young recently tied a knot with her long time boyfriend Dean Ambrose in a secretive marriage without any cameras around which means that their wedding won’t be shown in the series. 
  8. Did WWE blow it with Charlotte?

    In NXT Charlotte was on the hottest wrestlers (both in the male and female divisions) around. After a series of amazing matches with the likes of Bayley, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch, she was both over by the NXT universe and WWE management. Many fans were beyond excited for her to get called up to main roster but three months on since thats happened many believe; including the WWE universe (apparent due to a lack of any reaction on any show) that she has become stale both in terms of character and in ring performance.    Personally I feel that what this 'divas revolution' failed to grasp was the individuality and uniqueness of all the NXT divas that got called up. Instead, there was a strong focus on the different teams and whilst some teams continue to slay us *cough* Team B.A.D *cough*, others were a disappointment from the beginning. This mostly applies for team PCB (or NBC) or whatever the fuck they want to call themselves now, whose continuous wins and dominance grew to annoy both the WWE universe and online fans. And suddenly Charlotte was thrown into the title picture and within a month became the WWE Divas Champion.    The problem with this was that it was all too predictable from the beginning. Fans love rooting for the underdog (hence Bayleys popularity in NXT), and with Charlotte being booked as the dominant one to begin with her title win had no redeeming value or pay off that fans enjoy (in fact WWE still have her going over the number one contender Nikki, which makes no sense). On top of that; as I mentioned above, her in-ring work has become boring and her character is seems to have become a bootleg version of her dads (not her fault but still). With Sasha Banks continuing to slay lives down in NXT, the WWE universe have made it clear that she is what they want to see and Charlotte is no longer an attraction in herself.    The fact that WWE can't seem to have her lose anything is hurting her in the long-run, her character has had no suffrage (minus the title match on Raw before NOC, which I will admit is genius), meaning the fans feel nothing for her. If WWE are serious about having her as the face of the division they need her to lose everything, her title, Becky, Natalya etc.. to give her some vulnerability and make fans begin to root for her again. In the meantime WWE is more than welcome to throw the title on someone a little 'badder'.  
  9.     Despite Nikki being injured for most of last year, failing to hold championship gold and Bries retirement both girls still stay winning outside of the ring. Congratulations my legends.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. 2016 Predictions and Hopes

    So we're already a month into 2016 almost, but I still thought this thread would be appropriate. What are you 2016 Predictions and Hopes for women's wrestling? Better late than never!
  12. So guys what do you make of this, Will the bellas even acknowledge her Personally im tired of renee's involvement  
  13. That's actually pretty sweet how her & Dean started dating! I've got a feeling that Renee will sort of be the voice of reason during this season of Total Divas.
  14. Season 6 starts on November 16th!   
  15. Some of you probably don't know, but i have recently started professional wrestling training just early this month, it was recently just a 30 day trial to see if i wanted to continue and i must say, it pretty much sucks (I am still not comfortable doing back bumps, and my cardio sucks balls), but i do plan on going back, hopefully in July, so at the moment i am saving up for the actually training.   So anyway, at the end of my last session, my trainer sat down with me, and was asking me if i wanted to continue, and what i plan on doing in wrestling. I clearly told him that i wanted to be the best, and i wanted to stand out as much as possible. I wanted to be the either the next Taker, Ric Flair, The Rock, Trish, Lita, Kurt Angle, Mickie, Melina ect. I refuse to be just that Black girl in the ring, I refuse to be the angry black girl, i refuse to be a hoe with a pimp, be some dancer ( I can't dance), or be a black girl who happens to be jealous of some white girl. I want to be the best, the best that has ever been, i want to be unique as possible. He then tells me gimmicks are based on stereotypes, and that the only way for the crowd to react (mind you i live in racist ass Texas), i then responds by saying then want would be the point of me to be in wrestling, if i not in it to be the best or to make a difference.   He also tell me, that since I am a Black Women, i have to work 5 times harder. Mind you, my trainer has 15 years of experience and himself is also African/Black American. What he is saying is right, but honestly i really didn't need to him to tell me that all, shit I been a wrestling fan for 15 years. In mainstream women wrestling, there has only been 1 AA Divas champion, and only 2 AA to ever hold the Women's champion. How i would describe the wresting biz for black women, is how i will compare to the entertainment business. The only roles that we seem to have is to either a angry black women, a dancer, and the help.  Both Cameron and Naomi were dancers, and Alicia Fox was pretty much a token black girl with Team Bellas. Even though I been on Naomi ass about her constantly changing her gear style and hair color, no one cant deny that Naomi has try so hard  to get notice by the wwe officials to notice. And i honestly feel like WWE is never going to give her a chance. For the grammar mistake btw.  
  16. - She's blonde  - She's white - She does the best twirling head scissors since Trish  - Improved quickly after her first match - She's Not Fat - Not Injury Prone