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  1.                         Here are the legends who competed:                                                                                                                                                Discuss
  2. The general public has been praising the first ever women's PPV show. Are you surprised by the positive feedback? Do you think this should become an annually thing and be even bigger next year?  Honestly, despite WWE's lack of interest into building and promoting this PPV, I was actually surprised that people are loving the show. We are women's wrestling fans, but I always thought we were a minority that would fill a 2k venue at most, yet alone a sold out 16k venue!  
  3. The ring isnt big enough for them to get decent spots, so much talent and opportunity wasted. Its going to be a crowded mess and give viewers anxiety by trying to keep an eye on all of their favorites. I bet it will be worse than the kid rock battle royal 
  4.                                                                                             Both Trish and Lita will compete in singles matches against Alexa and Mickie at Evolution. These will be their first serious women's matches after 12 years of retirement. Which of the two matches do you think will be better? Vote and discuss
  5. After the announcement of the first ever women's WWE Pay-Per-View event, Sky Sports spoke to Stephanie McMahon:  
  6. The video can be found on youtube but I cba to look for it. I don't know if I believe this or not Renee actually seems like she gets on with almost all of the divas and she is a sweetheart so I doubt she's disliked unless it's for a very good reason or it could be something stupid
  7. Who will join Evolution?

    With Batista leaving the canvas, rumours are that he'll be replaced by another Superstar. Just for fun, which of the following could you see joining the faction! Explain why you chose them, but keep the Dave bashing to a minimum.