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  1. Favorite/Best Gimmicks?

    As the title suggests, what are your favorite gimmicks from our women over the years?  There may be some confusion between your favorite superstars and favorite gimmicks, because for some women, their "character" was just them and they happened to be that bitch (por ejemplo: Trish, face Eve, Michelle McCool when she was face, Sable, Kristal, Gail Kim). So to make things clearer, I mean an actual gimmick. An actual fully realized character that was invested into. (i.e. Ivory RTC, Michelle's teacher, Charlotte as the Queen, Mickie/Alicia/AJ/Victoria crazy, Bayley.) So as such, who would be your favorite gimmicks we've seen over the years? Doesn't have to be WWE either, because TNA has had some "Killer" gimmicks for the women as well. PS: Naomi is a special case as her gimmick is pretty much her, but she counts because there's a whole seperate investment that went into it.
  3.   why don't all of hearat breakers adopt legend morettis motto? The world would be a much better and safer place!  They don't do drugs or drink and drive. They like to stay healthy and alive?.... What current diva/superstar will promote the Ivory/Molly way? Conservatives we need to take a stand! And at least watch this meaningful after school special PSA before you lock it MODS... Even though @charlie is the ultimate good girl.... And I am the second best good girl,when medicated on my abilify.... But since I suffer from bi polar disorder mania depression I should be a role model here for taking my medication aging a good girl.... Cuz good girls don't!