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  1. Iconic Queens! I hope they'll find ways to keep using Trish & Lita after Evolution. Maybe a GM run or having them come back for a few more matches at big shows.  
  2.                                                                                             Both Trish and Lita will compete in singles matches against Alexa and Mickie at Evolution. These will be their first serious women's matches after 12 years of retirement. Which of the two matches do you think will be better? Vote and discuss
  3. I've been meaning to ask this for a while, what do ya'll think would've happened if Trish & Lita never retired in 2006? Like how would the women's division have played out if they were still there? 
  4. Women Main Eventing Major Shows

    Smackdown   Raw Impact   Pay-Per-View STEPHANIE McMAHON - 11 Stephanie McMahon vs. Jacqueline - Smackdown March 30, 2000 Stephanie McMahon, Triple H & Kurt Angle vs. Lita & The Dudley Boyz - Smackdown August 3, 2000 Stephanie McMahon vs. Lita - Raw August 21, 2000 Stephanie McMahon & Kurt Angle vs. Lita & The Rock  - Smackdown August 24, 2000 Stephanie McMahon & Triple H vs. Trish Stratus & Kurt Angle  - Raw January 22, 2001 Stephanie McMahon, Triple H & Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Team Xtreme - Raw, April 9 2001 Stephanie McMahon & Test vs. The Rock - Raw September 10, 2001 Stephanie McMahon vs. Triple H vs. Chris Jericho - Raw March 25, 2002 Stephanie McMahon & Zach Gowen vs. The Big Show - Smackdown July 3, 2003 Stephanie McMahon vs. A-Train - Smackdown August 14, 2003 Stephanie McMahon vs. Brock Lesnar - Smackdown September 11, 2003 LITA - 9 Lita & The Rock vs. Trish Stratus & Triple H - Raw July 31, 2000 Lita & The Dudley Boyz vs. Stephanie McMahon, Triple H & Kurt Angle - Smackdown August 3, 2000 Lita vs. Stephanie McMahon - Raw August 21, 2000 Lita & The Rock vs. Stephanie McMahon & Kurt Angle - Smackdown August 24, 2000 Team Xtreme vs. Stephanie McMahon, Triple H & Stone Cold Steve Austin - Raw, April 9 2001 Lita vs. Trish Stratus - Raw December 6, 2004 Lita & Edge vs. Maria & John Cena - Raw February 6, 2006 Lita, Edge & Randy Orton vs. Trish Stratus, Carlito & John Cena - Raw September 4, 2006 Lita vs. John Cena - Raw September 25, 2006 CHARLOTTE - 7 Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks  - Raw October 3, 2016 Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks  - Hell in a Cell 2016 (first ever women's Hell in a Cell Match) Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks  - Raw November 28, 2016 (Falls Count Anywhere Match) Charlotte vs. Bayley - Raw February 13, 2017 Charlotte vs. Naomi - Smackdown April 24, 2017 Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch vs. Carmella vs. Natalya vs. Tamina - Smackdown June 27, 2017 (Money in the Bank Ladder Match) Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch vs. Naomi vs. Tamina - Smackdown September 19, 2017 CHYNA - 6 D-X vs. The Corporation - Raw January 11, 1999 Chyna & Billy Gunn vs. The Rock - Raw July 16, 1999 Chyna vs. Triple H vs. The Undertaker - Raw August 9, 1999 Chyna & Triple H vs. Shane McMahon & Vince McMahon - Raw September 20, 1999 Chyna, The Rock & Eddie Guerrero vs. Edge, Christian & Chris Benoit - Smackdown July 6, 2000 Chyna, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Billy Gunn & The Rock vs. The Radicalz - Raw November 13, 2000 SASHA BANKS - 6 Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte - Raw October 3, 2016 Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte - Hell in a Cell 2016 (first ever women's Hell in a Cell Match) Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte - Raw November 28, 2016 (Falls Count Anywhere Match) Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax vs. Mickie James vs. Dana Brooke vs. Emma vs. Bayley - Raw June 26, 2017 (Gauntlet Match) Sasha Banks vs. Alexa Bliss - Raw August 28, 2017 Sasha Banks, Bayley & Mickie James vs. Paige, Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville - Raw December 18, 2017 TRISH STRATUS - 6 Trish Stratus & Triple H vs. Lita & The Rock - Raw July 31, 2000 Trish Stratus & Kurt Angle vs. Stephanie McMahon & Triple H - Raw January 22, 2001 Trish Stratus & The Rock vs. Kurt Angle & Vince McMahon - Raw December 3, 2001 Trish Stratus vs. Lita - Raw December 6, 2004 Trish Stratus, John Cena & Carlito vs. Lita, Edge & Randy Orton - Raw September 4, 2006 Trish Stratus & John Cena vs. Beth Phoenix & Santino Marella - Raw December 22, 2008 GAIL KIM - 4 Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong - Impact January 10, 2008 Gail Kim vs. Mickie James - Impact December 29, 2011 Gail Kim vs. Havok - Impact October 1, 2014 Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong - Impact October 28, 2015 MICKIE JAMES - 4 Mickie James vs. Tara - Impact December 9, 2010 (Steel Cage Match) Mickie James vs. Gail Kim - Impact December 29, 2011 Mickie James vs. Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax vs. Dana Brooke vs. Emma vs. Bayley - Raw June 26, 2017 (Gauntlet Match) Mickie James, Bayley & Sasha Banks vs. Paige, Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville - Raw December 18, 2017 AJ LEE - 3 AJ Lee & CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan & Kane - Raw June 11, 2012 AJ Lee & CM Punk vs. Eve Torres & Daniel Bryan - Raw July 9, 2012 AJ Lee & Dolph Ziggler vs. Vickie Guerrero & John Cena - Raw December 17, 2012 BAYLEY - 3 Bayley vs. Charlotte - Raw February 13, 2017 Bayley vs. Mickie James vs. Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax vs. Dana Brooke vs. Emma - Raw June 26, 2017 (Gauntlet Match) Bayley, Mickie James & Sasha Banks vs. Paige, Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville - Raw December 18, 2017 BECKY LYNCH - 3 Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss - Smackdown January 18, 2017 (Steel Cage Match) Becky Lynch vs. Carmella vs. Charlotte vs. Natalya vs. Tamina - Smackdown June 27, 2017 (Money in the Bank Ladder Match) Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte vs. Naomi vs. Tamina - Smackdown September 19, 2017 ROSEMARY - 3 Rosemary vs. Jade - Impact December 1, 2016 (Steel Cage Match) Rosemary vs. Taya Valkyrie - Impact October 19, 2017 Rosemary vs. Laurel Van Ness - Impact December 14, 2017 ALEXA BLISS - 2 Alexa Bliss vs. Becky Lynch - Smackdown January 18, 2017 (Steel Cage Match) Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks - Raw August 28, 2017 AWESOME KONG/KHARMA - 2 Awesome Kong vs. Gail Kim - Impact January 10, 2008 Awesome Kong vs. Gail Kim - Impact October 28, 2015 KELLY KELLY - 2 Kelly Kelly & Edge vs. Dolph Ziggler, Michelle McCool & Layla - Smackdown February 2, 2011 Kelly Kelly & Edge vs. Drew McIntyre & Vickie Guerrero - Smackdown February 25, 2011 NAOMI - 2 Naomi vs. Charlotte - Smackdown April 24, 2017 Naomi vs. Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch vs. Tamina - Smackdown September 19, 2017 TAMINA - 2 Tamina vs. Becky Lynch vs. Carmella vs. Charlotte vs. Natalya - Smackdown June 27, 2017 (Money in the Bank Ladder Match) Tamina vs. Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch vs. Naomi - Smackdown September 19, 2017 VICKIE GUERRERO - 2 Vickie Guerrero &  Drew McIntyre vs. Kelly Kelly & Edge - Smackdown February 25, 2011 Vickie Guerrero & John Cena vs. AJ Lee & Dolph Ziggler - Raw December 17, 2012 BETH PHOENIX - 1 Beth Phoenix & Santino Marella vs. Trish Stratus & John Cena - Raw December 22, 2008 CANDICE MICHELLE - 1 Candice Michelle & John Cena vs. Umaga, Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch - Raw July 23, 2007  CARMELLA - 1 Carmella vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte vs. Natalya vs. Tamina - Smackdown June 27, 2017 (Money in the Bank Ladder Match) DANA BROOKE - 1 Dana Brooke vs. Mickie James vs. Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax vs. Emma vs. Bayley - Raw June 26, 2017 (Gauntlet Match) EMMA - 1 Emma vs. Mickie James vs. Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax vs. Dana Brooke vs.  Bayley - Raw June 26, 2017 (Gauntlet Match) EVE TORRES - 1 Eve Torres & Daniel Bryan vs. AJ Lee & CM Punk - Raw July 9, 2012 HAVOK - 1 Havok vs. Gail Kim - Impact October 1, 2014 JACQUELINE - 1 Jacqueline vs. Stephanie McMahon - Smackdown March 30, 2000 JADE - 1 Jade vs. Rosemary - Impact December 1, 2016 (Steel Cage Match) LAYLA - 1 Layla, Michelle McCool & Dolph Ziggler vs. Kelly Kelly & Edge  - Smackdown February 2, 2011 LAUREL VAN NESS - 1 Laurel Van Ness vs. Rosemary - Impact December 14, 2017 MANDY ROSE - 1 Mandy Rose, Paige & Sonya Deville vs. Bayley, Mickie James & Sasha Banks - Raw December 18, 2017 MARIA - 1 Maria & John Cena vs. Lita & Edge - Raw February 6, 2006 MICHELLE McCOOL - 1 Michelle McCool, Layla & Dolph Ziggler vs. Kelly Kelly & Edge  - Smackdown February 2, 2011 NATALYA - 1 Natalya vs. Becky Lynch vs. Carmella vs. Charlotte vs. Tamina - Smackdown June 27, 2017 (Money in the Bank Ladder Match) NIA JAX - 1 Nia Jax vs. Mickie James vs. Sasha Banks vs. Dana Brooke vs. Emma vs. Bayley - Raw June 26, 2017 (Gauntlet Match) PAIGE - 1 Paige, Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville vs. Bayley, Mickie James & Sasha Banks - Raw December 18, 2017 SONYA DEVILLE - 1 Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose & Paige vs. Bayley, Mickie James & Sasha Banks - Raw December 18, 2017 VICTORIA/TARA - 1 Tara vs. Mickie James - Impact September 12, 2010 (Steel Cage Match) TARA VALKYRIE - 1 Taya Valkyrie vs. Rosemary - Impact October 19, 2017
  5. Expanding on their TV special counting down the top 25 moments in Raw History, added a photo gallery of more Raw moments counting down from 100, managing to encompass a few moments starring women. Listed below are said moments along with their ranking:   If you'd like to flick through the photo gallery and see the full countdown, check it out here and sound off below!
  6. WWE Hall of Famer Lita did a Q & A session in Paris recently and may have revealed a bit of a bombshell. According to her, there have been internal discussions at WWE about adding Women’s Tag Team Titles. “There has been talks of tag titles for the Women’s Division, and I think that I love that they first introduced the Money in the Bank briefcase, that’s been a long time coming and that adds an element of surprise within the title picture,” she said.  “I would love to see these rumored tag titles appear sooner than later, but for that to happen, I hope they bring up these women that are already at NXT or some women they’ve seen on the Mae Young Classic and expand the roster.” Lita is also hoping that a Women’s Royal Rumble takes place. “I would absolutely love if there was a Women’s Rumble. If anybody has seen the Mae Young Classic, has watched Ring of Honor, has watched these promotions around the world, there are no shortage of entrants of who could be in that Royal Rumble. “I think that we all should start a hashtag ‘#WomensRoyalRumble’ because you know, that’s how things happened before. Create that buzz, and they’ll eventually listen.” Lita served as the color commentator for the Mae Young Classic alongside fellow WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross. When asked about doing more commentating in the future, Lita responded by saying: “So, when I was asked to call the action alongside JR for the MYC, it was a big honor, and I love being able to come full circle. JR is the one who hired me initially to start my journey with the WWE so to work on that capacity on the other side behind the desk with him, I was really excited not only with that but the unprecedented history-making of a 32 women tournament is also very exciting to be a part of. So while I was very honored, I will say that I felt a lot of pressure, and I was very nervous because I’ve watched million wrestling matches and I’ve listened to commentating but when I’m watching, I’m not talking I just go like ‘Wow, that’s cool’ and so to translate to all-of-a-sudden jump in to be a commentator… (Looks at Sylvain Guernalec) I hear you’re a commentator. Is it hard right? Because you wanna do justice to the hard work that’s happening in the ring. I had just met these 32 incredible women and tried to do justice to them and to their matches. So yes, I was honored, but at the same time I was pressured, they’re saying a lot of things to you in your ear, you’re trying to hit time queues, it’s a whole thing. Very challenging but I enjoyed it.”
  7.     Lita Interview Notes: Lita Discusses the differences from her day, and today's backstage mentality of the women. She touches on how she felt about being given the chance to do cool things, but had to keep quiet about it, encase it was taken away. Touches on how women were being give chances on live events, and this helped create a change of public perception on Womens Wrestling. Mentioned that Kelly Kelly and Alicia Fox were given 25 minutes on Live events (Icons). Mentioned how she feels that it's a shame her and Trish get all the credit, when a lot of other women helped create a change.She also mentioned how the horse women get a lot of shine from this era, when there are other women around who have tried to create a difference.  Discusses how the performance center prepares all of the girls, and how they're able to pick up a lot of things that she couldn't back in her day. Talks about the Mae Young classic, and being nervous to work with Jim Ross, but she felt comfortable about him. Mentions how she sees a lot of similarities between her and Becky Lynch. Note: There's an entire section, where they discuss a little womens wrestling and pop culture ft Awesome Kong.
  8. WWE has announced that the first-ever Mae Young Classic women’s tournament will stream exclusively on WWE Network, starting Monday, Aug. 28, with the first four episodes available on demand. Episodes five through eight will be available on demand on Monday, Sept. 4. The final match will stream live from Las Vegas on Tuesday, Sept. 12 at 10 p.m. ET. The Mae Young Classic will be called by WWE Hall of Fame announcer Jim Ross, who will be joined on color commentary by four-time Women's Champion and WWE Hall of Famer Lita. The tournament, named after WWE Hall of Famer and one of the greatest WWE Superstars in history, Mae Young, will feature 32 of the top female competitors from around the world participating in a single-elimination tournament. "The Mae Young Classic is a unique and exclusive offering for WWE Network subscribers and further highlights our ongoing commitment to the 'women's evolution' in sports and entertainment," said Paul "Triple H" Levesque, WWE Executive Vice President, Talent, Live Events and Creative. "It's a privilege to showcase these talented women from around the world and to provide them with an opportunity to shine before a global audience on WWE Network." Competitors announced thus far include Toni Storm from New Zealand; Princesa Sugehit from Mexico; Lacey Evans, Sarah Logan, Tessa Blanchard and Abbey Laith from the United States; Kavita Devi from India; Jazzy Gabert from Germany; and Taynara Conti from Brazil. WWE Network will also stream an exclusive special entitled, Mae Young Classic: Bracketology immediately following SummerSlam, on Sunday, Aug. 20 at 11 p.m. ET. Fans can watch the Mae Young Classic and all of WWE Network's programming by signing up at   Source:    
  9. It was sooooo good! Lita opened up more than she has in pretty much any other interview. Good sister Lil is killing the podcast game.  
  10.   The Bruiser, The Hell Cats & Lita vs The Winners Circle MCW's Facebook post about it: a full in ring return coming? i doubt it
  12. Raw October 17, 2016: Results

    Lita's sit-down interview with Charlotte.   Dana Brooke vs. Bayley.   Emmalina promo.   Lita's sit-down interview with Sasha Banks.
  13. Lita tries out a new position

    Hopefully the women's matches improve.
  14. What are your general thoughts on girls who come from the indies (i.e. Natalya, Becky Lynch, AJ Lee, Sasha Banks, Paige, etc.) vs those who are groomed and "grow up" with the WWE (i.e. McCool, Candi Cane, Trish Stratus, Layla, etc.)?  Do you have any perceptions off one group or the other?   Sound of below!
  15. So I was looking back at Jacqueline's induction into the Hall of Fame, and then that prompted me to look at most of the other female inductions. It's safe to say that the Hall of Fame is a time for its inductees to dress to the nines, and I think we can all say that the women dressed up excellently, but which woman do you think personally looked the best at their induction?
  16. We're about a month into this "new era" and WWE keeps trying to hammer this point home (you can stop now, JBL) despite not giving us anything, really, to back this claim. But what do you think? Will this era we're witnessing be the greatest in women's wrestling history (surpassing the revered Golden Era) or will WWE's laziness, lack of creativity and institutionalized main roster sexism make it just like the rest, only with potentially better PPV matches? Discuss.  
  17. According to this review of WWE's new "100 Greatest Matches" book, the women are represented by the following matches: Paige vs. Emma (NXT Arrival) Sasha Banks vs. Bayley (NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn) Sasha Banks vs. Bayley vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte (NXT TakeOver: Rival) Trish Stratus vs. Lita (Unforgiven 2006) Trish Stratus vs. Mickie James (WrestleMania 22) The title of the book and official description suggests that these must be the 5 women's matches that WWE considers "the absolute best, most memorable and stunning matches in WWE history". Do you agree with this list? Which would you remove, if any, and what would you replace them with?  DiscussT.
  18. Top 15 T&A Matches || Number 1

    Bra & Panties Match. Paddle on a Pole Match. Evening Gown Match. Lingerie Match. Bikini Match. Mud Wrestling Match. The T&A gimmick match was a staple of the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression eras, but with the WWE’s PG rating and the recent retirement of the term Diva, the days of women ripping each others clothes off in front of excited crowds feels like another life time ago. So let’s take a look back at some of these matches from a previous era and send me a PM with your top 15 T&A matches with #1 getting 15 points and #15 getting one point. Deadline is 11pm EST Monday 25th April.   The Honorable Mentions   The Top 15  
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  20. Wrestlemania 32: Results

        Total Divas vs. B.A.D. & Blonde ft. Nikki Bella (skip to 1:34:00): Nikki and Brie Interview: WWE Women's Championship Unveiling, presented by Lita (skip to 2:02:00): Hall Of Famers Get Spotlighted: Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte (skip to 8:30) Charlotte Backastage Interview: Sasha Banks Backstage Interview: