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  1. She doesn't sound bad    
  2. Paige is Allegedly Pregnant

    A mess. Wait? It could be an April Fool's joke though.
  3. WWE superstar Paige will be marrying her fiance former WWE star and current TNA star Alberto El Patron this Wednesday according to Del Rio’s most recent instagram post. The couple got engaged back in August of last year when Paige proposed to Alberto inside the ring at a WWC show in Puerto Rico.  
  4. “I made a big mistake. Huge. I put trust in the hands of someone that took advantage of a young girl years ago. It was my mistake and I’ll always take responsibility. But the one thing that was the hardest was thinking “my husband is gonna leave me” “my family will disown me” but I’m blessed beyond words to have a family and a husband that stuck by me because they know who I am. They know I’m not a bad person and they held my hands through hell. Because as my husband says “you may feel like the devil is throwing you into a storm, but just remember, you are the storm”. And he’s right. But we are human. Unfortunately people don’t see it that way when they are behind a keyboard. They don’t think that we have feelings or that we don’t suffer. Not only was I a victim of viral humiliation but a victim of cyber bullying. I had days where I wanted to physically harm myself. Not only for what millions was telling me but because my family and my husband were suffering the same fate from the internet because of my mistake. It made me and Alberto to wonder how people who aren’t as mentally strong as us can handle this? How many people have to suffer because of the internet and the cowards behind the keyboard. Or how many men and women have fell into the same trap as me and made those mistakes? That’s why we are taking this massive negative and making some kind of positive. We wanna bring those people to justice and also take down the ones who are trolls, with the lack of a better term. Bring awareness. Bring help to those who don’t have the tools or the mental strength to do this themselves. To show men and women alike to always think about their future before they do something like this that may cause a butterfly effect later on in life. Now I know through all of this is.. No one will make me feel bad about my mistakes, I already know what they are and I already feel bad. But Alberto and I together can also make a change. My mistake could help people’s future. Think. Before you act. Anyways. Onwards and upwards. Only happiness. No longer talking about anything. Just looking into the future and being happy! I mean come on, I’m getting married? How can I not be happy!!!!”  
  5. So I guess they won't be getting rid of her after all. Whether you love her or hate her, this is actually pretty cool.  
  6. Tamina, Paige, Summer Rae, Eva Marie, Naomi are all inactive due to injuries/breaks. Alicia Fox is M.I.A, Dana Brooke comes in every 5 years to be Charlotte's protege and what the hell is happening with Emma?   When do you think the girls will come back to TV and how will they be reintroduced/shown? (Thoughts on any possible gimmicks/comebacks).   I honestly think Summer & Eva will call it quits. Naomi will come back after Wrestlemania. Paige will come back to feud with Charlotte. (MAYBE) Tamina will be a face and team with Becky & Nikki for the time being. Maybe they'll put her in a rivalry with Nattie or Carmella. Dana & Alicia will stay doing nothing since Superstars got cancelled  
  7. Bayley, Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Stephanie McMahon segment Sasha Banks vs Charlotte Flair  Nia Jax vs Local Jobber   Paige & AJ Lee Returns To Raw (Click Here)      Authors Note: Although this is a breach of my SD LIVE contract due to @Ari M. busy schedule I took it upon myself to post the Raw results thread. There's no color coding here sorry. Enjoy. 
  8. Paige to start MMA fighting?   Explains those videos of her learning submissions.
  9. omg beige is coming back serving us luchadora.. should we be shook ladies?    
  10. Asuka makes history

      Paige who?
  11.   This is serving educated guess as these reports usually do, but I think it's interesting nonetheless. I didn't even know people still checked for Ronda after her loss, but I'd be interested in seeing her drag Charlotte for personal reasons.
  12. Alberto Del Rio and Paige's restaurant, Cantinita San Antonio, has been open for over a week now and has received mixed reviews (via Facebook Review rating system).  Below are some reviews: More reviews could be found on their Facebook Page. For all the San Antonio residents and future tourists to the city, will you be visiting Cantinita San Antonio?  
  13. Can they just let her go already?  
  14. Paige doing heroin?

    NSFW place of her being injected with needles and Del Rio holding her hand for support    
  15. On Saturday, Alberto Del Rio posted a tweet that appeared to include details of his girlfriend Paige's neck injury, followed by a shot at an unnamed foe. In what appeared to be a diagnosis of Paige's neck from a doctor or expert of some kind, Del Rio's tweet included the following description of what appears to be a pretty significant injury: "You have a disc herniation at c6/7 pushing on the exit of the C7 nerve root and causing all your side upper extremity pain and some of your neck pain. Also, you have a lot of wear and tear for your age." After the screen shot included in the tweet, Del Rio sarcastically wrote the following reaction: "Hmm ... interesting and they say she's not hurt." While Del Rio didn't outright say WWE, instead commenting to the always-popular "they," one could make the connection based on recent reports. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter recently reported that Paige and WWE have been at odds regarding how her neck injury should be handled, with the latter feeling it isn't necessary and thus, unwilling to pay for it.  
  16. Paige on TMZ

    (scroll down for video)   she really doesnt give a fuck anymore  the way ADR was stroking her face like a puppy  they literally look like theyre trying to be the irl version of edge and lita