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  1. Expanding on their TV special counting down the top 25 moments in Raw History, added a photo gallery of more Raw moments counting down from 100, managing to encompass a few moments starring women. Listed below are said moments along with their ranking:   If you'd like to flick through the photo gallery and see the full countdown, check it out here and sound off below!
  2. This is really sad. I hope they'll find ways to let her keep working there - as a manager, valet, trainer, etc.  
  4. Paige Possibly Injured at Live Event

    Is anyone from HB at the WWE Uniondale live event tonight? Hopefully it's nothing serious.  
  5. According to a new report, the WWE roster didn’t know about Stephanie McMahon’s announcement of a Women’s Royal Rumble until it was made live on air.  Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that according to multiple sources, the women in the ring had no idea what McMahon was about to announce. This was done so that everyone’s reaction was authentic and geniune. Only a handful of people knew what was about to happen, which did not include the production team. WWE was determined that the announcement would not get leaked out early.
  6. I haven't always been the biggest Paige fan, but from how her return has been and now after listening to her Chasing Glory interview, I'm totally a stan now. She didn't hold anything back and is really standing in her truth. Highlights:  
  7. SD Women's Match * SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair defeated Ruby Riott Raw Women's Match * Paige, Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose defeated Mickie James, Sasha Banks and Bayley source
  8.   source: Podcast: Podcast is 4 hours long if anybody wants to listen to it to see if any other dirt is in there
  9. Absolution vs. The Riott Squad

    Pretty straight forward: which stable do you think is better and which stable will enjoy better booking, more success as a unit and breed the bigger stars?
  10. ...why they out here having Paige in Billie Kay's make up
  11. Asuka vs Dana Brooke Alexa Bliss, Mickie James, Bayley, Sasha Banks and Alicia Fox segment Alicia Fox  vs Bayley vs Mickie James vs Sasha Banks; Paige returns with Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville Paige, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville attack Alexa Bliss backstage.  
  12. Survivor Series is tomorrow night, and while many are looking forward to conflicts like the men’s elimination tag team match, New Day vs. The Shield and Styles vs. Lesnar, we here on Heartbreakers have a mystery to solve. Just who will replace Charlotte on Team SmackDown in the women’s five-on-five elimination match?
  13. Paige Declares She Is Single

  14. - Paige may be days away from her cumback - WWE told her to lay low and not talk about wrestling - They may get married next year
  15. Source:
  16. Been down this way before, I'm back to take what's yours...
  17. AJ Lee is Britney Spears (taken from this post and expanded upon) - Britney's first taste of the spotlight was on a show with other future pop stars called The Mickey Mouse Club. AJ Lee's first taste of the spotlight was on a show with other future Divas called NXT. - Britney got her start in the music industry in a little known girl group. They broke up shortly after. AJ Lee made her main roster debut as one half of the Chickbusters, a little tag team who had to claw their way to the top. They broke up months later. - Britney then released her debut solo album and single in 1998 and took the world by storm in a way that hasn't been seen from a female artist since Madonna. She was highlighted by her naivety and innocence and served jailbait for the weirdos and r3lat@ble for everyone else. AJ was probs also only 16 at the time - She then got in a relationship with Justin Timberlake. It was arguably the biggest debut for a pop star yet. The success continued with her follow up album. AJ Lee broke out in a massive way and got into a relationship with Daniel Bryan. She was the focal point of this angle and was given the opportunity to take part in segments and the like that hasn't really been seen since Trish's era. She was highlighted by her naivety and innocence to the world of WWE. Her success continued following WrestleMania. - Britney had a nasty split with Justin Timberlake that started her sad "downfall". AJ was dumped by Daniel Bryan which started her sad downfall. - Britney began to take on a more edgy image, started getting involved with other boys and toying with her ex. AJ began to take on a more edgy image, started getting involved with CM Punk and Kane and toyed with Daniel Bryan. - Iconic lip lock(s) that took years off their lives - Britney seemingly found comfort in a relationship with Kevin Federline, a flop white rapper, but their nasty break up ultimately pushed her over the edge. AJ fell in love with John Cena, a flop white rapper, but his mistreatment and break up ultimately pushed her over the edge. - Britney spiraled out of control but unleashed what is considered her career best work "Blackout". AJ Lee spiraled and began to produce her career best work all throughout 2013-2014. - Britney rehabilitated then returned on top when people thought she was over, releasing her successful "Circus" album and netting her first #1 single in years, competing against the likes of Beyonce and Gaga as the top girl in the game. AJ came back when people thought she was finished with WWE, dominated the division some more alongside the likes of the Bellas and Paige and netted a second and record tying 3rd Divas title reign. - Britney then realized her fans will eat up whatever the fuck she does even though she doesn't care anymore and began to phone shit in. AJ did the same, ugh. - Britney now continues to exploit her dumb loyal fanbase, launching a successful, well received Vegas residency, garnering support from peers. AJ continues to exploit her dumb loyal fanbase, launching a successful, well received autobiography, garnering support from peers. - Both have us waiting desperately even though they're really not gonna do shit ever again. Lazy bitches. We cling to the hope that they will return to their former soaring glory and speak of yesteryear/bring our fave up wherever applicable or not because we can and got not shit else to do. - Conspiracy to erase ha impact but we're not having that! - Actually struggled with mental illness and overcame because LEGEND - Game-changer Nikki Bella is Beyonce - Part of a hugely successful, iconic girl group - Overshadowed by main girls throughout her career because they were saddled to said girl group and lowkey boring/repetitive. - Went solo and shat on everyone a smidge - Got back with said girl group, but was still THAT bitch - Came back solo and was STILL THAT BITCH, this time with younger girls constantly at her wig - Wound up surpassing the girl who once overshadowed her, media wise - Now is a BRAND and through hard work and dedication, established as one of the greatest of all time. One half of the biggest name couple in the industry. Her stans with a brain don't use that man; highkey has her whipped - Preaches shallow ideas of feminism and women's empowerment - Pretty dumb and vain Brie Bella is Kelly Rowland - See girl group. - Had a pop culture MOMENT through male counterpart and everyone thought she would be THAT bitch. - Invented dance pop - Wasn't that bitch, but is still amazing and stuff, always supporting her more successful family member! Will probably keep trying to snatch top girly in the future and it's the thought that counts. TBC. Paige is Christina Aguilera - Also a product of the young star making show. - Originally brought in to "compete" with main girl, but came off as a poor imitation - Consistently overshadowed by main girl until that bitch fell off, by which point she flopped anyway - Yells like a banshee - Tried to be edgy and controversial to stand out amongst contemporaries - Was kinda that bitch for a little while, but not quite because there were better - In touch with inner latina - Reality TV judge for a show that produces zero actual stars. Kinda a bitch on it - Got lazy and less relevant as time went on while new girls out-peaked her, effectively ending her career - Life's now a bit of a struggle and we don't know if we're gonna see the bitch again. Some pray we do. Some pray we don't. Some pray to satan. - Seriously, someone save her. Sasha Banks is Lady Gaga - Kinda came out of nowhere and fucking ended everyone with her tacky, gaudy fashion choices - Scooped up the gays with her different energy and OTT character - Gays turned her back on her and now drag her on the regular - Takes themselves too seriously to the point where it annoys everyone - Annoying stans (don't shoot the messenger) - Accused of stealing from idols - Broke records, changed the game, helped revive a dying industry and take it to new heights - Is taking a bit of a back seat, but continues to push through with pure talent tbqh - Some say they look like a rat Charlotte is Taylor Swift - Dad bought her a career, but kept the ball rolling since - Somehow continues to fucking shit on everyone and everything in every aspect, with minimal effort - Secretly a lesbian - No ass - Loves to talk about WOMEN - Powerful beyond compare and a game-changer Naomi is P!nk - Started young with a hip-hop flair - Was the underdog and overlooked in spite of talent, frequently compared to her more "marketable" peers - Found her niche and picked up steam - Likes trapeze and gymnastics shit because they're extra and want to make the other girls look lazy - Has established longevity with success and brands themselves as the voice for the other. Feel THE Glow! Bayley is Katy Perry - Children use. The rest of us are confused. - Has had her moments. - The career long frenemy of Lady Gaga. - Is cute sometimes. - Some of us will root for her through her struggle era I guess. - TBC: Carmella is Miley Cyrus, Alexa Bliss is Ariana Grande, Mickie James is Mariah Carey, Dana Brooke is Demi Lovato, Nia Jax is Meghan Trainor - This edition of Nightline brought to you by Wonder Woman, still in theatres now.
  18. She was on Busted Open radio show today with Del Rio. Included interesting notes/highlights and the audio. Paige said they are laughing about the situation now, but the situation was a media nightmare for them and their family.  Paige said they argue like a normal couple but since they are under the media spotlight, it was presented like it was a massacre.  She said they are waiting for the official report to come out so people can see what really happen.  Paige admitted they shouldn't argue in public, but they are a couple and can't shy away from living.  She joked that sometimes they say mean things when they fight. Paige said that Alberto said something he shouldn't have said and ended up with a drink over his head.  She joked he should have gotten the entire plate of spaghetti on his head.  Alberto reiterated he said something mean and that he shouldn't have said it and said it was mean.  Patron said he felt humiliated since he was surrounded by people and reacted angrily but three minutes later, the police asked what he wanted to do.  Alberto told them nothing so the police let them go and advised them to go their separate ways until they calm down.  Paige said that people shouldn't do what they did, especially if they are in public.  Alberto said sometimes when you argue, things come out and then three minutes later, you are fine.  He said that they were refusing to live life like they are celebrities and wanted to live like normal people, but they were in the public eye.  He said that he wasn't saying their behavior wasn't bad "because it was" but he's trying to teach his kids to act a certain way and he should have been doing the same in the public eye, with fans or just being out in the public.  He said they inspire people from all over the world to be better people and show them that if they dream something, they can accomplish them and see their dreams come real. Paige said that she wants to apologize specifically to the younger fans.  Paige said that they shouldn't have acted the way they did.  Alberto said that she can apologize, but he's not going to do that - he's just going to act the way they should be acting in public.  He said that if anyone was offended, that was not their intention and they are going to move forward. Bully said that they are saying everything is great, but Paige's family has stated they are very concerned about her well being.  Paige said that she loves her family but some of the media stuff is scary to look at and they are reacting to those stories.  Paige said her family is doing well with the exception of her Uncle, who passed away yesterday.  Patron said that their families found out about everything via social media and the Internet and that's not nice.  He said that they didn't really know what was going on until they spoke with them.  They are concerned someone was arrested.  Patron said his family stays away from social media and the Internet so when they hear something, they wait and call them to see what was going on.  Paige's family believed the Internet BS and reacted accordingly. Paige also noted that she would be returning to WWE soon.  She said that she had a CT scan earlier today.  She said she can't wait to back to work as she had her surgery last October.  She said she's ready to go back and see the other women.  She's excited to see all the new women, naming Bayley, Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax and said that she was so happy Naomi was champion right now. Bully asked them if they were genuinely happy to be together and if they saw this relationship lasting.  Paige said he can be an a-hole but he's her a-hole.  Patron said that they want to be together and you never know what will happen in the future, but they've been working to make it work for over a year in this relationship.  Whether they are supported by others or not, they are together and happy.  Patron said something bad happens and people ignore the good and forget about it.  He said that Paige has been helping him and taking care of his kids from day one.  When he left WWE and when she went through neck surgery, they were there for each other.  Paige goes everywhere with him to support him. They bring positive things to each others' lives.  One bad thing on the Internet and social media makes everything else forgotten.
  19. Emma ran to twitter to express how she felt about Alexa's jacket: Paige co-signed with:    Alexa throws shade at Emma being unable to get Merch:  
  20. Concern over Paige's health Everybody pray for her, I'm genuinely worried..