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  1. Bayley, Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Stephanie McMahon segment Sasha Banks vs Charlotte Flair  Nia Jax vs Local Jobber   Paige & AJ Lee Returns To Raw (Click Here)      Authors Note: Although this is a breach of my SD LIVE contract due to @Ari M. busy schedule I took it upon myself to post the Raw results thread. There's no color coding here sorry. Enjoy. 
  2. So I guess they won't be getting rid of her after all. Whether you love her or hate her, this is actually pretty cool.  
  3. Paige to start MMA fighting?   Explains those videos of her learning submissions.
  4. omg beige is coming back serving us luchadora.. should we be shook ladies?    
  5. Asuka makes history

      Paige who?
  6.   This is serving educated guess as these reports usually do, but I think it's interesting nonetheless. I didn't even know people still checked for Ronda after her loss, but I'd be interested in seeing her drag Charlotte for personal reasons.
  7. Alberto Del Rio and Paige's restaurant, Cantinita San Antonio, has been open for over a week now and has received mixed reviews (via Facebook Review rating system).  Below are some reviews: More reviews could be found on their Facebook Page. For all the San Antonio residents and future tourists to the city, will you be visiting Cantinita San Antonio?  
  8. Can they just let her go already?  
  9. Paige doing heroin?

    NSFW place of her being injected with needles and Del Rio holding her hand for support    
  10. On Saturday, Alberto Del Rio posted a tweet that appeared to include details of his girlfriend Paige's neck injury, followed by a shot at an unnamed foe. In what appeared to be a diagnosis of Paige's neck from a doctor or expert of some kind, Del Rio's tweet included the following description of what appears to be a pretty significant injury: "You have a disc herniation at c6/7 pushing on the exit of the C7 nerve root and causing all your side upper extremity pain and some of your neck pain. Also, you have a lot of wear and tear for your age." After the screen shot included in the tweet, Del Rio sarcastically wrote the following reaction: "Hmm ... interesting and they say she's not hurt." While Del Rio didn't outright say WWE, instead commenting to the always-popular "they," one could make the connection based on recent reports. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter recently reported that Paige and WWE have been at odds regarding how her neck injury should be handled, with the latter feeling it isn't necessary and thus, unwilling to pay for it.  
  11. Paige on TMZ

    (scroll down for video)   she really doesnt give a fuck anymore  the way ADR was stroking her face like a puppy  they literally look like theyre trying to be the irl version of edge and lita  
  12. Miss. Saraya has always talked about creating a possible clothing line. Eva Marie has her own clothing line called called NEM Fashion which is something some of these girls can not say.  Eva will have a job outside of WWE if something ever happens. Paige will be working at a restaurant that will not get enough customers then will officially shut down. Eva does not need a man to promote her, instead she promotes her man. Alberto Del Rio has a kid or kid(s) he has to take care of... Will he even be able to take care of the kids and Paige?  Paige cannot provide for herself outside of WWE pay... As we can see before Wrestling she was homeless and even if she goes back to Japan with her mother she will not be racking enough money up. If Paige cannot afford more than one attire then is she even really getting paid? Maybe she's saving up for her release? Who knows? Sources say Paige has most likely blown all of her money on the Restaurant that her and Alberto Del Rio came up with together  Eva Marie has a clean childhood without abuse, using public swimming pools for bathing, and no drugs. Overall do you think that Paige envy's Eva Marie's life or would wish to be her?      
  14. Who Will Return First?

    With all four girls being discussed to be making their return soon, who will we see make their return first? Between Emma, Eva, Paige and Tamina (and no, we're not counting live events)   I'm just excited to see all of them return, and hopefully take some air time on Raw because I'm so sick of seeing the same 5 girls every week. 
  15. WOOO LAWD. This girl got it where it would still be shown on camera if she was to return to WWE.   UPDATE: Paige's mom sending out a sub?    
  16. Paige quits WWE?

      apparently this dude is a very credible source of Meltzer's Paige sis wyd
  17. With news breaking this week that Alberto Del Rio has officially ended his WWE stint, reports surfaced after that two-time former Divas Champion Paige would be exiting alongside her boyfriend. Since being taken off TV in May, things have been up in the air-- she's been injured with potential nerve damage, she's gotten suspended for a Wellness Policy violation and she's hired a lawyer. Something's been amiss, but speculation is meant for another thread. Paige has been a major player in WWE for the past three years-- from rising from NXT jobber to inaugural NXT Women's Champion (with a nearly year-long reign that's yet to be surpassed in length), putting high workrate women's matches back on the WWE map with her NXT Takeover: ArRival match against Emma, and  an iconic debut on the night after WrestleMania XXX in which she unseated then longest reigning Divas Champion AJ Lee to win the Divas Championship, the highest possible prize for a WWE Diva at the time, in her very first night on the main roster. Since then, she's become a significant crowd fixture; tons of merchandise, a starring role on Total Divas, a run on Tough Enough as a judge, two years worth of title feuds between her first two reigns, AJ Lee's second and third, Nikki Bella's second and Charlotte's first, and two WrestleMania wins under her belt. It would be really hard to claim that Paige hasn't experienced any success. The question posed is, if this is the end for Paige, has her success been short-lived? Could she really have pulled off lifer status like many had anticipated her to (and AJ Lee before her)? Or is her career trajectory sort of predictable, given the short shelf-lives of women in the WWE as far as remaining key members of the roster? Do you think her run may impact some of the current division's career lifespans?