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  1. Who's in HOF 2019?

    So since the precedent since Ma Stratus has been to induct a good sis yearly, who is going in next year? Time to start a syndicate.   I'm thinking the likeliest are Michelle McCool (First Diva's Champ, 4x Champ overall, Diva of the year) or Victoria(2x Champ, stalwart of the golden era and should be in already)  Melina is an outsider because of heat but she's a 5x Champ and very iconic still. Chyna would almost be insulting at this point. Could they break protocol and give it to Mickie while she's still active? Might be a nice way for her to wrap things up instead of another reign? What about Bull Nakano? Asuka has invigorated interest in Japanese women's wrestling, what about the OG?   Thoughts?
  2.   If they are releases coming this month, who's gonna get kickedT out the door? I know this may seem bad and horrible of me but I love releasing sprees!