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  1. The latest episode of Total Bellas has continued the slump in viewership, down over 10,000 viewers from last week's season 3 premiere.  'What to Expect When You're Not Expecting', was ranked #19th in that night's 18-49 demographic, and featured Brie Bella train for her Royal Rumble return, and Nikki Bella confronting John Cena about wanting to be a mother.  If these viewership numbers maintain, season 3 will be the lowest viewed season of the Total Divas spin-off. Season 3: Episode 1: 517,000 viewers Season 3: Episode 2: 505,000 viewers Season 1 Total: 3.842 million viewers Season 1 Average: 640,000 viewers per episode Season 2 Total: 4.702 million viewers Season 2 Average: 587,750 viewers per episode Woo chile, why is no one watching the show anymore?
  2. To be fair, it was just a best of show...but it's not off to a promising start.    
  3.   Source   Wow, I guess Paige doesn't bring the ratings...
  5. '   With the help of Khloe and Kourtney Take the Hamptons and new Total Diva, Paige and Alicia Fox; Total Divas return on a high note with over 1.4 million eyeballs watching the highly anticipated reboot episode, which was promoted to feature the debut of Alicia Fox and Paige.   So far the reboot seems to be a success.