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  1. GWN Flashback Moment of the Week: LAX Debut (featuring Diamante and Rosemary) at 19:02 Kiera Hogan warms up before her match (featuring Jordynne Grace) + Allie (with Su Yung) vs Kiera Hogan (with Jordynne Grace) Full segment and match at 27:43: Rosemary sends warning to Allie and Su Yung (at 38:02) Scarlett Bordeaux hypes her upcoming debut (at 04:02) Hype video for Taya Valkyrie (c) vs Tessa Blanchard in a Street Fight for the Impact Knockouts Championship next week (at 20:41)
  2. GWN Flashback Moment of the Week: LAX (with Diamante, Homicide and Konnan) vs Drago and El Hijo del Fantasma vs Garza Jr. and Laredo Kid vs Naomichi Marufuji and Taiji Ishimori for the Impact Tag Team Championships at Slammiversary 2017 (at 23:02) Su Yung and Allie vs Kiera Hogan and Jordynne Grace + Rosemary appears during the match Full match at 34:07: Scarlett Bordeaux trains by the pool Tessa Blanchard gives an update on her suspension (at 09:57) Taya Valkyrie answers to Tessa's challenge for a rematch (at 13:36)
  3. Allie (with Su Yung) vs Jordynne Grace (with Kiera Hogan) + Rosemary appears Full match at 41:31: Scarlett Bordeaux reveals herself... as talent search winner Taya Valkyrie gives an update on her current status after Killer Kross' attack at Homecoming (at 19:08) Tessa Blanchard lays out Gail Kim backstage
  4. Allie and Su Yung vs Kiera Hogan and Jordynne Grace + Rosemary returns Full match at 26:33: Moose vs Eddie Edwards in a Falls Count Anywhere Match (Alisha Edwards appears) To watch Alisha Edwards appearance, advance to 03:02: Gail Kim is interviewed before the Impact Knockouts Championship Match (at 01:17) Impact Knockouts Championship Match: Taya Valkyrie vs Tessa Blanchard (c) with Gail Kim as special guest referee Full match: Brian Cage vs Johnny Impact for the Impact World Championship (Taya Valkyrie appears to celebrate with John and get in a fight with Killer Kross) Taya appears at 51:09:
  5. Impact Knockouts Championship Match: Taya Valkyrie vs Tessa Blanchard (c) Full match at 42:01: Su Yung vs Allie in the Undead Realm (featuring Kiera Hogan and the return of Rosemary) Full segment at 12:50: Johnny Impact (with Taya Valkyrie) vs Austin Aries for the Impact World Championship Full match at 30:25:
  6. Tessa Blanchard isn't impressed with Kiera Hogan Taya Valkyrie vs Kiera Hogan (featuring Tessa Blanchard) Full match at 07:20: Rosemary doesn't want Allie´s help vs Su Yung Su Yung vs Rosemary (featuring Allie) Full match and segment at 04:56:
  7. Austin Aries' town hall with the entire Impact Roster (Taya Valkyrie, Allie and Kiera Hogan appear) Eddie Edwards storms in the Impact Zone hunting O.v.E (featuring Alisha Edwards) Impact Knockouts Championship Match: Taya Valkyrie vs Allie (c) (featuring Su Yung and Rosemary) Full match and segment at 41:03: Eddie Edwards attacks Sami Callihan in his hospital bed (featuring Alisha Edwards)  
  8. GWN Flashback Moment of the Week: Jade vs Rosemary in a Six Sides of Steel Match for the Impact Knockouts Championship (featuring Gail Kim) (at 17:05) Tommy Dreamer returns to destroy Sami Callihan and OvE (Alisha Edwards appears at 00:56) Taya Valkyrie vs Rosemary (Demon's Dance Match) Full match at 20:18:
  9. Allie vs Su Yung Full match at 18:17: Rosemary challenges Taya Valkyrie to a Demon's Dance  
  10. Amber Nova vs Su Yung (with Braxton Sutter) Rosemary launches a vicious surprise attack on Taya Valkyrie (featuring Amber Nova and Richard Justice) Gail Kim pumps up Knockouts Champion Allie  
  11. Allie, Kiera Hogan and Braxton Sutter backstage segment (at 33:48) Taya Valkyrie vs Rosemary Full match at 00:48:
  12. Hania vs Rosemary (plus the return of Taya Valkyrie) Full match and segment at 40:19: Laurel Van Ness' commitment ceremony to the Knockouts Championship (featuring KM, Braxton Sutter and Allie)
  13. GWN Flashback Moment of the Week: Laurel Van Ness and Braxton Sutter wedding (at 18:38) Allie finds another note from her secret admirer (at 21:34) Hania vs Rosemary Full match at 24:47: Allie meets her secret admirer (featuring Laurel Van Ness)
  14. Allie has a secret admirer? (featuring Kiera Hogan) Impact Knockouts Championship Match: Kiera Hogan vs Laurel Van Ness (c) (featuring Allie) Hania vs Amber Nova (featuring Rosemary)
  15. Laurel Van Ness vs Allie next week at Genesis: Interview with Allie (at 02:34): Rosemary vs KC Spinelli (featuring Hania's debut) Full match at 19:30:
  16. Laurel Van Ness vs Rosemary Hype #1 Contendership Match: Sienna vs KC Spinelli vs Madison Rayne vs Allie Full match at 2:34: GWN Flashback Moment of the Week: Gail Kim's first Knockouts Championship Victory Impact Knockouts Championship Match: Laurel Van Ness vs Rosemary Full match at 30:32:
  17. Sienna vs Rosemary vs Allie Full match at 14:05: Allie gets a pep talk from Hall of Famer Gail Kim  
  18. Abyss vs Grado (featuring Laurel Van Ness and Rosemary at 11:15) Impact Knockouts Championship Match: Sienna (c) vs Allie vs Gail Kim  
  19. Rosemary and Allie vs Sienna (c) and KC Spinelli Knockouts Triple Threat Match Sunday at Bound for Glory (featuring Gail Kim, Allie and Sienna) LAX "invites" Eli Drake into their clubhouse (featuring Diamanté) Gail Kim addresses her fans
  20. Taya Valkyrie vs Rosemary Additional info: During the broadcast, it was announced that Taryn won't be competing at Bound for Glory because she hasn't been cleared by the doctors to wrestle after being slapped by Gail Kim last week.
  21. LAX (with Diamante) call out O.v.E Full match at 04:15: Hannah Harper vs Rosemary (featuring Taya Valkyrie) Full match at 22:31: Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim segment Full segment at 30:35: McKenzie Mitchell interviews Sienna, KM, Texano Jr. and Caleb Konley at 35:58 Bound for Glory Promo (featuring Rosemary, Taryn Terrell, Sienna, Gail Kim and Taya Valkyrie) Sienna (with KM), Texano Jr. and Caleb Konley (with Trevor Lee) vs Allie, Dezmond Xavier and James Storm Full match at 00:37: LAX (with Diamante) discuss their plans for O.v.E  
  22. LAX segment (featuring Diamante) at 14:05 Taya Valkyrie, Taryn Terrell and Sienna (c) vs Allie, Rosemary and Gail Kim Full match:
  23. Taya Valkyrie vs Ava Storie (featuring Rosemary, Sienna, Allie, Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim) Full match and segment at 13:30: Gail Kim, Rosemary and Allie vow more to come Laurel Van Ness looks for a new husband at 30:03 Taya Valkyrie, Taryn Terrell and Sienna confront Karen Jarrett  
  24. LAX (with Diamante) vs John Boland and Zachary Wentz (featuring O.v.E) Full match and segment at 12:32: Taryn Terrell and Sienna (with KM) vs Allie (with Braxton Sutter) and Gail Kim (featuring Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie's Debut) Full match and segment in HQ at 18:24: LAX confronts Johnny Impact (featuring Diamante) Grado calls off the wedding with Laurel Van Ness at 40:20 Rosemary-Sexy Star incident video package at 12:35
  25. GFW: Can the damage be undone?

    Over the last few months GFW (formerly TNA) has gone through a complete overhaul in terms of owners, management, talent, branding, etc. Now that Dixie has left the fold(thank the fucking lord) and with Jeff Jarrett once again at the forefront of the company, GFWs future has gone from being dead in the water to being put on life support with the chance of resuscitation.Jeff and Karen Jarrett have both returned as onscreen authority figures with Karen being the most prominent. Jim Cornette has recently returned as an onscreen personality, a lot of their old creative team has returned to the company such as Dutch Mantel. Gail Kim is taking on a producer role and they've had an influx of former and newer stars.Matt Sydal, Johnny Impact(John Morrison), Chris Adonis, LAX(Konnan, Hernandez and homicide), Alberto El Patron, Petey Williams, Diamante, MJ Jenkins, Hania, Kiera Hogan, Taya Valkyrie, Alisha Edwards, Ava Storie, Taryn Terrell, Sonjay Dutt etc. Have all joined/returned to the company since Anthem took over with Jarrett at the helm and rumour has it there's plenty more signings and returns yet to come.Tie all of the new/returning talent in with members of the current roster that they've made stars out of consisting of the likes of Allie, Rosemary, James Storm, EC3, Eli Drake, Eddie Edwards, Lashley etc.  it seems like they might actually have a chance of potential success again/ressurrection.Jeff Jarrett did wonders for TNA before Dixie forced him out of the door and it's fitting that they have brought him back in to fix the company that he once helped to build. From what I've read all issues of late wages/payments were from when Dixie was in charge and I don't think it's an issue anymore. The rebranding leads me to believe that they're starting afresh in an effort to remove themselves from the reputation that Dixie bestowed upon them. Who would you all like to see and return? Do y'all think they are finally on the rise again? Or has the damage been so badly done that it's irreversible?