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  1. Taya Valkyrie gives an interview to Gabby Loren before the match to crown the #1 Contender for her championship (at 15:02) Madison Rayne vs Kiera Hogan vs Jordynne Grace (featuring Taya Valkyrie as the guest commentator) for the #1 Contendership to the Impact Knockouts Championship Full match at 41:46: Rosemary offers help to Suzie, and challenges her to a matchfter her victory at Bound for Glory (at 27:32)
  2. Special look at Tessa Blanchard vs Sami Callihan ahead of Hard to Kill (at 39:47) Full segment at 40:26: James Mitchell forces Suzie to stay away during the match between Havok and Rosemary (at 05:39) Havok (with James Mitchell) vs Rosemary (featuring Suzie) Full match at 06:03: Kiera Hogan, Madison Rayne and Taya Valkyrie vs ODB, Tenille Dashwood and Jordynne Grace Full match at 14:50: Rob Van Dam and Moose get ready for their upcoming tag team match (featuring Katie Forbes) (at 24:34) Rob Van Dam (with Katie Forbes) and Moose vs Brian Cage and Rhino Full match at 27:43:
  3. Tenille Dashwood vs Jordynne Grace (featuring Taya Valkyrie) Full match at 01:57: Brian Cage confronts Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes (at 33:21) Rob Van Dam buries Brian Cage (featuring Katie Forbes) Full segment at 34:17: Rosemary tries to make Suzie remember who she was (featuring Havok) (at 44:22) Taya Valkyrie tries to turn Kiera Hogan and Madison Rayne into her allies (00:57) Tessa Blanchard is interviewed before Sami Callihan tells the "truth" about her (featuring Gabby Loren) (at 23:07) Tessa Blanchard and Sami Callihan throw down in wild brawl Full segment at 35:56:
  4. Rob Van Dam (with Katie Forbes) vs Rhino with Tommy Dreamer as special guest referee During the match, Katie interfered and attacked Tommy Dreamer, the match starts at 02:40: James Mitchell warns Suzie about Rosemary (at 33:32) Joey Ryan is taken to wrestler's court (featuring Madison Rayne and Kiera Hogan) Taya Valkyrie shares her thoughts on having to defend her title at Hard to Kill against Jordynne Grace and ODB (featuring Gabby Loren) (at 20:20) Impact+ Flashback Moment of the Week: ODB (c) vs Gail Kim vs Brooke for the TNA Knockouts Championship at Bound for Glory 2013 (featuring Lei'D Tapa) (at 21:40) Katie Forbes and Rob Van Dam interrupt an interview with Brian Cage (at 25:31) Tessa Blanchard vs Madman Fulton Full match at 29:21:
  5. Taya Valkyrie crashes  ODB 's emotional return Full segment at 32:59: Sami Callihan has strong words for Tessa Blanchard Jordynne Grace meets with  ODB  before her match (at 10:41) Katie Forbes and Rob Van Dam return and set Rhino off Full segment at 13:00: Impact+ Flashback Moment of the Week: Mickie James (c) vs ODB for the TNA Knockouts Championship at Impact Wrestling (at 23:21) James Mitchell introduces Suzie to her "best friend", Havok (at 25:25) ODB vs Taya Valkyrie (featuring Jordynne Grace) Full match at 32:46:
  6. Taya Valkyrie and John E. Bravo vs Jordynne Grace Full match at 16:57: Suzie and Rosemary meet with James Mitchell (at 26:51) Tessa Blanchard vs Moose vs Daga vs Rich Swann vs Michael Elgin vs Brian Cage Full match at 40:57 (Tessa enters the match at 34:37 in the second link):
  7. Madison Rayne (with Kiera Hogan) vs Alexia Nicole Full match at 20:36: Rob Van Dam announces Katie Forbes and him are coming back to the Impact Wrestling ring next week (at 29:08) Tessa Blanchard and Rich Swann vs Sami Callihan and Madman Fulton Full match at 43:34: Jordynne Grace challenges Taya Valkyrie and John E. Bravo to a match next week (at 16:44) Havok vs Crystal Moon Full match at 20:57: Suzie compliments Havok's aggressiveness in the ring (at 26:41)
  8. Alisha Edwards discovers what Ace Austin's true intentions were behind his interest in her (featuring Alexia Nicole) (at 15:28) Taya Valkyrie is challenged by Madison Rayne and Jordynne Grace (featuring Kiera Hogan) (at 17:35) Alisha Edwards invites Ace Austin to her hotel room (at 33:47) Madison Rayne vs Taya Valkyrie (featuring Jordynne Grace) Full match at 06:48: Suzie meets Rosemary and Havok for the first time (at 20:40) Alisha Edwards and Ace Austin come together in a hotel (at 29:30) Tessa Blanchard, Daga, Rich Swann and Tommy Dreamer vs Sami Callihan, Jake Crist, Dave Crist and Madman Fulton Full match at 40:13: