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  1. Well seeing as there's only one Queen in the division with a reigning undefeated streak at Wrestlemania, it's only right that we discuss what moves she's gonna make after she continues said streak after winning the battle Royal this Sunday. Nobody else has anything important going on at the moment anyway. It's more than likely a guaranteed title shot, so it's not a matter of who's winning, it's who's title is she grabbing and keeping when she wins. And how long after she drags Sasha in their feud after her iconic first-ever unpredictable, totally unexpected, legendary Wrestlemania heel turn will she be reigning again? What's next for our female John Cena? Discuss within  
  2. Despite being one of the least physically imposing Divas on the current roster, Sasha Banks has been a bit of an unstoppable force ever since making her Raw debut in mid-July. Although since then she has lost at live events, in multi-Diva matches, and in flaw-free NXT Takeover main events, The Boss has still yet to tap out or get pinned on WWE programming in her seven month main roster career. With her currently in a feud aligning with Becky Lynch against her former Team B.A.D. teammates and on the cusp of entering into the Diva's Title picture as well, it's inevitable that Sasha will soon suffer her first official loss.   The question is, which Diva do you think will be the one to be put over by finally ending this iconic streak? Feel free to state your reasoning for who you think (or hope) it will be below. Also, if you believe that she'll retire from WWE undefeated, let me know and I'll like, just because.