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  1. Impact has moved her profile to the alumni section on their website.    Source -
  2. She'll now be known as Tegan Nox.  Source - 
  3. Ember Moon & Charlotte Flair are the first two competitors in the match, so what girls do you think will make up the rest of the match? 
  4. Impact ranked the top 5 most extreme knockout matches and here's what they chose:  5. Daffney vs. Taylor Wilde - Monsters Ball match at TNA Sacrifice 2009  4. Tara vs. Mickie James - Falls Count Anywhere at Final Resolution 2010  3. Rosemary vs. Jade - Last Knockout Standing on Impact Wrestling March 2nd 2017  2. Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell - Last Knockout Standing at Slammiversary 2013  1. Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong - No Disqualification at Final Resolution 2008 
  5. Top 10 Female Wrestlers?

    WWE/ROH/TNA/Stardom ect... Doesn't matter which promotion what is your top 10 female wrestlers in the world right now?
  6. Feuds You'd Like To See?

    So what feuds would you guys like to see that haven't happened yet? I'd really like to see a Dakota/Bianca feud and a Becky/Asuka feud. 
  7.   Video of Nikki’s entrance at MSG tonight, hope she returns to TV soon ❤️
  8. Rate the ppv match

    With the blockbuster week of Summerslam i figured this would be the perfect time for a thread like this. I want this topic to be light and fun nothing too shady or sassy something we can come back to after ppv events or live Wwe network specials since the live events threads have all but retired. Give your general rating and review about the match factoring in the story, the action, and how much you were emotionally invested. 
  9. Brandi has removed all mentions of Impact Wrestling from her  twitter profile, with her husband Cody on the horizon of finalizing where he's going to call home. Does this also mean (yes) that Brandi Rhodes will be leaving Impact Wrestling, and following him? (like the puppy she is and not an independent woman)  Source:
  10. Kevin Matthews (with Sienna) and Kongo Kong (with Laurel Van Ness) vs Mahabali Sheera and Braxton Sutter (with Allie) (ft. Rosemary) at 12:30 Angelina Love and Davey Richards vs Alisha Edwards and Eddie Edwards at 10:15
  11. LAX (with Diamanté) vs Garza Jr and Laredo Kid at 03:36 Kongo Kong (with Laurel Van Ness) vs Braxton Sutter (with Allie) at 19:26 Karen Jarrett interview GWF Women's Championship Match: ODB vs Sienna (c) at 09:48
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. Impact Wrestling Spoilers

      Impact wrestling finally seem to be getting back on their feet again. I said from day one if anyone could save Impact that it would be Jeff Jarrett and he seems to be doing just that. Their kayfabe breaking storylines sound messy but so appealing to me. Them referencing the JBL bullying scandal by saying they won't tolerate bullying at the announce desk. Alberto name-dropping Paige and them dragging Dixies ass to hell in recent episodes are a fucking kii. They seem to be thriving under the new regime with the influx of new and returning talents, onscreen characters, authority figures and new management behind the scenes also. The merger will definitely help also but 8 titles is very excessive atm. Matt Sydal debuting would alone make me watch but I'm actually kinda digging their new direction and talent roster so they've gathered my interest, for now anyway.  Im just happy to see King back in a wrestling ring. @Lady DarkFox I'll send you the YouTube videos when he returns.      
  14.   Find out the list by visiting the link below    
  16. Name The Owl (help me win) Impact Wrestling is naming the owl for a 150$ shop gift card help me win it pls, just fave my tweet.  ps. idk if this is even the correct section, because it's news in a way. 
  17. Hello everybody!! The First WWE UK tournament was this weekend and maaan, did it feel beautiful. I didn't know anyone when it first started but once it was ended I was filled with emotions xD I think Tyler Bate really deserves it! what do you guys think?   cheers!
  19.   After over a decade, WOW is back for a brand new, action-packed second season! Make sure to check back into this thread every week to see what's happening in the world of the WOW Superheroes. But until then, WOW has uploaded previews of all 11 of the new season's matches/episodes to Youtube. You can click here to watch them. The full versions of each match/episode from the new season will be released on their website according to the schedule below. I will embed them in a new post the thread and link them in this post as they are released. I will be doing this for any extra video segments/promos uploaded as well. You can also click here to watch flashbacks of Season One.   SEASON TWO Episode One - Next Generation - Released March 1st, 2016 Episode Two - Cold War - Released March 1st, 2016 Episode Three - Solar Eclipse - Released March 11th, 2016 Episode Four - High Expectations - Out March 18th, 2016 Episode Five - Jailyard Brawl - Out March 25th, 2016 Episode Six - Homecoming - Out April 1st, 2016 Episode Seven - Battle Of Queens - Out April 8th, 2016 Episode Eight - Award Show Shocker - Out April 15th, 2016 Episode Nine - Winning The Lotto - Out April 15th, 2016 Episode Ten - Leaps Versus Kicks - Out April 22nd, 2016 Episode Eleven - Rule The Roost - Out April 29th, 2016   BONUS CLIPS Lana Star - Get To Know Your Superhero Jade - Get To Know Your Superhero Caged Heat - Get To Know Your Superhero Santana Garrett - Get To Know Your Superhero Amber O'Neal - Get To Know Your Superhero Sophia Lopez - Get To Know Your Superhero Sunshine - Get To Know Your Superhero Spike - Get To Know Your Superhero Jungle Grrrl - Get To Know Your Superhero Tropical Storm - Get To Know Your Superhero Kitty - Get To Know Your Superhero Azucar - Get To Know Your Superhero Bully Busters - Get To Know Your Superhero Tatevik - Get To Know Your Superhero Jessie Jones - Get To Know Your Superhero Abilene Maverick - Get To Know Your Superhero Thug - Get To Know Your Superhero Frost - Get To Know Your Superhero WOW Real Athletes Trailer One Trailer Two Trailer Three Azucar's Evolution Storm Warning Inner Strength Princess Jasmine Ceremony Lana Sunshine Introduction and Lana & Kitty Comments Caged Heat Crack On Bully Busters A Ray Of Sunshine The Best Attorney In The World A Chip Off The Old Block