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The road to TLC begins with a kidnapping? It was a hot night for HBW action, but Celestia had other plans when she misted "the Latin beauty" Jasmine and disappeared with her when the lights went out. What does Celestia want with Jasmine? You will find out this week when Akira is calling out Celestia for answers and Jasmine.


Things only get stranger when we move to Kimberly's "announcement" on what she will be doing at TLC. She lead her Survivor Series team, a reunited Team MAC, to a Mercedes lead win over the old leading faces of HBW, High Society, so what is a queen to do with no opponent for TLC? Maybe challenge the woman who won you the match. Kimberly has given Mercedes a championship opportunity at TLC in a TLC match and she delivered that message with a poignant statement:


So, a lot of things have been said about Kimberly Storm all over social media and it’s been this way since day one. Kimberly can’t wrestle, Kimberly is a plastic whore, Kimberly slept her way to the top, Kimberly doesn’t deserve to be here, Kimberly doesn’t show up, Kimberly doesn’t deserve to be champion. And after last night, I’m beginning to question whether or not all of these statements are true? At Survivor Series, I fought with two girls who I’ve had the pleasure to call my sisters since day one. And while we’ve been at each other’s throats over time, they still had my back and pulled through for the MAC legacy, which is why I wanted you both out here with me. But back last night; there was a moment where we could have lost it all because I was too in my head, focused on anger and hatred for other girls, instead of focusing on earning your respect and fighting for everything my sisters and I built together. I’ve become a monster---someone I don’t even recognized---and I don’t know if I like it. So I wanna make things right, which is why: Cedes… originally I picked you for my Survivor Series team to cost you a title shot

But I believe after the PPV you earned one. So at TLC, it’s going to be Kimberly Storm vs. Mercedes Benson in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match.

And I want you to give me your best because…

BITCH, when I drag your ass across my ring, I want you to face the same humiliation I did last night when I was eliminated. Are you frigging kidding me? You really tried to show us up, huh? No, that’s not gonna fly. I want you to know that your all is never and will never be good enough---for these sad people or in general. And I hope you continue to lose sleep over the fact that you will never measure up to Chloe Chanel and Kimberly Storm again in your life. Me? You think I give a shit what everyone thinks of me? No sweetie, I LOVE the monster I’ve become and I LOVE how mad I make everyone. There’s not a damn woman in this locker room or neckbeard on the internet that can tell me I’m not the baddest bitch. And if that wasn’t the case, then why is it that whenever one of these clowns want an inkling of attention, they call upon my name, yourself included? Kimberly Storm and Chloe Chanel birthed you whores and don’t you ever forget it. But the child bearing ends today. Now I’m booking my appointment at the clinic for all your abortions. So get ready because a Storm is coming. And Mercedes? Don’t for one second think you will EVER steal my spotlight---MAC’s spotlight---again! Period.

Mercedes was unceremoniously BOOTED from Team Mac earlier this year after not liking the behavior the team displayed toward Benson’s cousin, Jasmine Garcia. Kimberly would then go on to sneakily take over Team Mac leadership from Mercedes, the woman who made her, and have her booted from the team as a result. These two women have NEVER faced off in singles competition and this match is sure to make this hotly anticipated match-up, one not to miss.


Selina takes aim at former HBW heartcore champion, Teresa, in her continued bid to become "That Bitch" of HBW. As you may remember, Teresa, Selina, and Blake faced off in a triple threat match to see who would become Survivor Series team captain against Team Cynthia. The finish of the match would see Teresa lawn dart herself at Selina's friend, Cynnamon which would cause Selina to take her eyes off finishing off Blake to check on her friend. Blake would then sneak away with the win and become team captain while Teresa and Selina would miss an opportunity to get spots for TLC. Selina was pissed.

Teresa would try her best to overcome the two on one odds, but it was just too much and Selina would capture the victory. Selina seems to be done with Teresa, but is Teresa done with Selina?


The men of HBW have been... neglected to say the least. This match was as a result of that neglect. Ken tha Doll, with a new lace front wig, wanted to see more men in action at HBW, so he appeared in Akira's office looking for just that. Akira in all her fucks given through together a tag match just to get Ken out of her face and out of her space: Ken and Riley vs Valentino and Cash. What Akira failed to check was the relationship status of Ken and Riley. As the match went on it was clear Riley was not feeling Ken's energy. And it all came hurling at Ken with a shot to the back of head and Riley leaving the ring and leaving Ken to take an L. Did Ken take that lying down? We will come back to that in a few...


Blake Storm continues to take the division by storm as she continues to surprise HBW crowd everywhere with her victories. This time she takes on two returning HB women, Winona and Winta. Winona hasn't been seen in HBW since her loss to Britney at HBMania, and Winta hasn't been seen since she faked her own death on Twitter. The match was hot, but Blake's ring awareness got her the win over HB's vets. Who is gonna cut her momentum? WHO?!?!


Akane was ready to refocus and regain what he loss after taking a quick loss to Kyle at TLC. And while it was great coming out of his mouth, he was serving a whole lot of desperation in the ring. Akane knocks down the ref and then low blows Aaron which fails spectacularly. He would see himself lose in another quick match. Someone save him, he's drowning.


Cynthia THOUGHT she was going to weaken Holly, and what she GOT was her ass beat. IV made it known that they are nobodies pet when they destroyed Cynthia and Holly. They look to continue to their destruction when they face the Holly and Cynthia in tag action this week. Will Cynthia and Holly be able to work together to get their revenge on HB's new tag team?


These two have been talking trash about each other all over social media and that all came to ahead in this main event match. Dawn and Chloe went at each other all over the arena. This match would only end when Chloe hit Dawn over the head with a trash can causing the match to end in DQ. Akira had the unfortunate experience of being on a conference call with upper management while this went down, and she got an earful about the main event ending like this. She was quick with an answer: Mercedes and Dawn will face Team Mac in a no DQ tornado tag match in what she billed as a tag team double header (IV vs Holly and Cynthia being upped to headlining status). Upper management was happy to hear that and Akira was able to keep her job. But she just booked a no DQ match with women who want to kill one another. She may need to call an ambulance.

Remember when I asked if Ken would take what Riley did lying down? That answer was no. After the show, Ken would seek Riley for answers, which he got. According to Riley, he doesn't deal with Gay people, especially effeminate ones like Ken. Ken didn't like those words and proceed to beat Riley's ass. This would end in Akira's office right in Akira's face. And now Akira is looking for an apology... from KEN (WTF) this week. Will she get one?

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Mercedes walks to the front of the stage with a beaming smile on her face and poses with the Heartbreakers Title to a massive crowd reaction. She walks down the ramp, slapping hands with fans before making her way up the steel steps, through the ropes. She poses with the title in the center of the ring with receives another loud pop, before grabbing a microphone handed to her through the ropes from one of the stage hands. 

The music fades out and she begins to bring the microphone to her lips as a "YOU DESERVE IT" chant rings throughout the arena. She instinctively pulls the mic away from her mouth, nods and mouths "thank you" before bring the mic back up and starting to speak.

Mercedes Benson: "I-"

Kimberly Storm: "Awww, would you look at that! Buick is celebrating her brief return to relevance. See Coco, I told you girly would appreciate my gift. Unfortunately for her, that championship is still property of MAC and it's only for rent. You know how pay per night works, right bitch? Because if you're confused, you could always ask your whore of a cousin Jasmine. And apparently she doesn't just sell her hole anymore, but also her soul."

Chloe Chanel: "And I bet that ho's asking price was STILL low. It's what we'd expect from the laundry list of MAC rejects, like the bitch standing before us. But see, Chevy, MAC is high priced. We're high quality, we're designer, we're opulence. And Chloe Chanel? She's Miss Money in the Bank."

Kimberly Storm: "Oh, that's right! Not only have I not been pinned for my belt, but this fellow legend to my side is just waiting for the perfect moment to send your long ass right back to obscurity. If that pressure wasn't enough, both of us will be entering the Royal Rumble match. In simpler terms since you're not very bright: your days are numbered and we will be getting our Women's Championship back."

Chloe Chanel: "But lucky for you, though, we have our sights set elsewhere for the time being."

Kimberly Storm: "Yep. The greatest tag team in HBW history is making space on our mantles for our Tag Team Championships. HIV, Cellulite and her call girl, the other team---none stand a chance against MAC."

Chloe Chanel: "The groundbreakers, the gamechangers."

Kimberly Storm: "The FIRST and ONLY woman to hold every title available, an accolade I already occupy."

Chloe Chanel: "Girl..."

Kimberly Storm: "Point is we're moving on to continue carving our names in the history books, while you can enjoy being one of the many women who we stomped over to get us there. A footnote; a transitional champion to the richest bitches."

Chloe Chanel: "And the next time you see us between them ropes, you best believe we ain't sparing any expense in beating your goofy ass within inches of your meaningless life. As a matter of fact, I think we can pencil you in for a sneak preview right now."

Mercedes pauses while holding her microphone away from her mouth before finally bringing it back up to her mouth 

Mercedes Benson: ...Oh I'm sorry, are you done? Listen, you both are so great at running your mouth. Like, really good, I have to admit it. But unfortunately for the two of you, I've beaten you, and I've beaten you enough times to know that that's really all you that are -- MOUTH. For instance, Chlo, you came all the way down here with that briefcase… I’m standing right here with this title… so why don’t you put your money where your mouth is, literally. No? I didn’t think so.

But good luck on winning the tag titles. I can’t wait to see how all the scams you have planned work out for you. And to answer your question, I’d love a sneak preview. Now clearly you’d both want a fair fight, and you can see that I’m clearly outnumbered, but it’s just my luck that I had a special surprise guest waiting in the back to come celebrate this win with me and I think she might be up for a fight…"

LiLith runs down the ramp and into the ring!

The bell rings and the match begins!


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In what many are calling one of the most engaging comeback stories in history, this past week's Royal Rumble PPV saw the unforeseen, and quite frankly unprecedented, blaze of glory for once-scorned superstar, Winona Petrova. As most of the HBW universe would recall, Winona previously suffered a perplexingly abrupt and quite mortifying defeat at last year's stage of the 'grandest show of them all', against then-HBW Champion, Britney Diamond. What was meant to be a crowning achievement for Winona, ended up an embarrassing black mark that's haunted her throughout the latter end of her career. Plunged into a crippling stint of depression as a result of the humiliating loss, Winona completely isolated herself and ultimately undertook a recluse existence, having been absent completely from television, as well as the entirety of the HBW landscape, for the better part of six months. It was not until she returned within some of the final months of the year (Oct. 2018), that she boldly proclaimed to the HBW Universe the start of her personal 'road to redemption'. However, instead of empathy and an amiable acknowledgement of her aspirations that she'd hoped for, she was served callous derision and an unfathomable amount of mockery, both by fans and her colleagues alike. Opportunities had noticeably started to dwindle for Winona, who had started to suffer an imbalanced record of wins to losses, to being absent altogether from tapings for weeks at a time. Behind the curtain, she was also being heckled by her colleagues, who felt that the laughable defeat had diminished her worth, and that she just didn't have a place in the division any longer. The repeated abuse began to tear away at Winona's psyche, and lent to her becoming increasingly erratic, before it culminated in an unhinged verbal assault aimed to towards acting General Manager, Akira (who has gone on record multiple times to establish her lack of faith in Winona), for her perceived lack of opportunities. Nonetheless, Winona proved that no one's final curtain call is concrete without a hard fight, and went on to outlast 29 other women in a grueling battle to secure her spot and right all wrongs in the main event of HBMania III for the HBW Championship, while also securing records for the longest time spent in a single Rumble match, as well as a tie for most eliminations. How will this affect Winona's standing in the HBW 'pecking order' going forward? What are Akira's thoughts on this unprecedented turn of events? What of current-HBW champion, Mercedes Benson?

HIghlights of the match also included fiery upstart Blake Storm setting records in her own right, managing to outlast 11 other women in the match (after being unjustly forced into the #1 spot as per the call of the vengeful General Manager), before being unceremoniously dumped from the match. Former champions Remy London and Donna Kelly also made surprising returns in the Rumble match, to far differing feats of success. HBW superstar Aspen also made a triumphant return to the HBW fold, just four months after giving birth to her first child, and securing two eliminations in the match. Could this perhaps be a second wind for this bright star?



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HBW Rumble statistics, records, and eliminations


Longest time spent in a single Rumble match

  1. Winona Petrova - 18:52
  2. Blake Storm - 17:00
  3. Britney Diamond - 10:01


Most eliminations in a single Rumble match

1. Winona Petrova (tie) - 5

1. Britney Diamond (tie) - 5

3. Blake Storm - 4



All entrant times spent in match

  1. Winona Petrova - 18:52 (record)
  2. Blake Storm - 17:00
  3. Britney Diamond - 10:01
  4. Aspen - 8:07
  5. Cynthia Chang - 7:58
  6. Donna Kelly - 7:30
  7. Roxanne - 7:03
  8. Isabella - 6:33
  9. Jasmine - 6:22
  10. Chloe Chanel - 5:47
  11. Selina - 5:32
  12. Winta - 4:44
  13. Giavanna - 4:30
  14. Lilith - 4:23
  15. Sara Joe - 3:45
  16. Teresa - 3:33
  17. Akira - 3:32
  18. Kimberly Storm - 3:27
  19. Charli Rose - 3:17
  20. Gloria Marie - 2:50
  21. Dawn - 2:27
  22. Epiphany - 2:23
  23. Weslee Brooks - 2:03
  24. Holly West - 1:38
  25. Violet Payne - 1:38
  26. Tia Cruz - 1:28
  27. Celestia - 0:54
  28. Big Bad Cindy - 0:48
  29. Kandy - 0:38
  30. Remy London - 0:15 (record)


Full list of entrants


  1. Blake Storm
  2. Lilith
  3. Big Bad Cindy
  4. Tia Cruz
  5. Remy London
  6. Roxanne
  7. Jasmine
  8. Isabella
  9. Weslee Brooks
  10. Chloe Chanel
  11. Holly West
  12. Aspen
  13. Britney Diamond
  14. Dawn
  15. Giavanna
  16. Sara Joe
  17. Gloria Marie
  18. Kimberly Storm
  19. Winona Petrova
  20. Donna Kelly
  21. Akira
  22. Violet Payne
  23. Celestia
  24. Teresa
  25. Selina
  26. Winta
  27. Charli Rose
  28. Cynthia Chang
  29. Epiphany
  30. Kandy



All entrant eliminations in match


  • Winona Petrova - 5 (record)
  • Britney Diamond - 5 (record)
  • Blake Storm - 4
  • Cynthia Chang - 2
  • Isabella - 2
  • Lilith - 2
  • Aspen - 2
  • Donna Kelly - 2
  • Chloe Chanel - 1
  • Kimberly Storm - 1
  • Gloria Marie - 1
  • Winta - 1
  • Selina - 1
  • Epiphany - 1
  • Akira - 1
  • Big Bad Cindy - 0
  • Tia Cruz - 0
  • Remy London - 0
  • Roxanne - 0
  • Jasmine - 0
  • Weslee Brooks - 0
  • Holly West - 0
  • Dawn - 0
  • Giavanna - 0
  • Sara Joe - 0
  • Violet Payne - 0
  • Celestia - 0
  • Teresa - 0
  • Charli Rose - 0
  • Kandy - 0



Miscellaneous statistics


  • Tallest entrant: Epiphany - 6'8"
  • Shortest entrant: Celestia - 5'1"
  • Heaviest entrant: Epiphany - 275 lbs.
  • Lightest entrant: Celestia - 88 lbs.
  • Longest-tenured entrant: Akira (? years)
  • Total number of champions in match: 15 (1, current)




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Image result for dreamdoll valentines day


 Do you have any Valentine’s Day plans and if so, with whom?
I do, actually. I plan on getting flewed out to Germany. I’ve taken vacations all across the world, but, for some reason..never there. And Cash is taking me, girl. Duh.

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?
Valentine’s Day, to me, is all about love— and receiving new Chanel bags and a couple pieces from Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior. There’s no better way to show me that you care than to buy me expensive ****.

What do you look for in a guy or girl?
See, that’s a difficult question because I like real authentic hood n*****. Y’know, n***** that sell drugs and n***** with a couple felonies. Not for anything too crazy tho.  "I’m only loyal to the  n***** that’ll bust guns for me" as my bitch once said.

Describe your most ideal romantic date
My most ideal romantic date? I would say just take me somewhere special, like maybe Paris or Jamaica, and let’s just have a nice dinner. That’s not too wild, is it?

What is the best gift anyone has ever given you?
Omg so before coming to HBW, I used to be a bartender at the strip clubs in New York. And on this one particular night, Drake comes in and he’s throwing money all over the dancers or whatever. After a while, I guess he gets bored so he comes over and starts tipping the f*** out of me and my homegirl and then he took us back to his crib later on. All them bitches were fuming, especially the strippers. But anyways, the next day he took me out and bought me a pink Maserati. 


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As it was revealed by Akira last night on RAW, Winta will be gracing the cover of Playboy Magazine. Winta will be the FIRST Woman from HBW to have her very own spread, busting it open for the world to see. We spoke with Winta in an excusing interview on shortly before her shoot to get her thoughts on this historic moment:

What was your reaction to Akira selecting you to be be featured in next months Playboy?
Honestly, I was shocked! I've been away from the ring for quite some time and have been trying to get back into the groove of things around here and all of a sudden, I'm in Playboy. Mostly shocked, but also honored to follow the footsteps of so many women who've been in Playboy before me. Latoya Jackson, Kim Kardashian, Naomi Campbell and Mariah Carey to name a few. *smiles* hahaha I'm kinda excited!

You're going to be completely nude and the world will see you're goodies... Are you at all nervous?
Yeah, of course. I was VERY self conscious about my body as a teenager and I still am to a certain extent, but I think walking out to that ring in-front of thousands in attendance and millions watching has helped me a little bit too *laughs* but in all honesty, the spread will be done in a tasteful way and I'm all about body positivity. Everyone has seen breasts and the female genitalia sometime in their life, so it's nothing new here *shrugs*

Have you gotten any heat in the locker room after everyone found out you were going to be in Playboy?
For the most part, no. I did notice a few glares here and there from some girls, but for the most part, everyone has been either positive or neutral on Playboy. Some people think it's objectifying women, others don't. It's just funny when some people have something to say about it, meanwhile you're coming out into the ring in a thong and fishnets. There's a lot of hypocrisy like that in the locker room, so I try not to pay too much attention to that.

If anyone should follow in your footsteps, year... who should be the one to grace the cover of Playboy?
Well, I'd say Selina, but based on her energy backstage, I think it should go to someone who's head isn't up their own ass. I think Chloe or Kim would be great for Playboy and would make for some fantastic spreads. Better yet, Chloe AND Kim together! You can't beat a tag team edition!

Any last words for the HBW Universe?
Well, I wanna thank everyone who's supported me since day one, you guys are the best. You guys are the one's that keep me going and I'm gonna work hard to make you guys proud! This Playboy spread is treat for you guys! *laughs*


Since this interview took place, we witnessed Selina, along side Giavanna, attack the Playboy Covergirl in the ring, ending their match in a DQ last night, just one week before Winta's Playboy cover reveal. Will the jealous duo NYV crash Winta's Playboy party next week on RAW, or will Selina keep a low profile and get ready for her match against Winta at Elimination Chamber? Tune in next week to RAW to find out, only on HBW Network


Here's a sneak peak at what will be inside the March Edition of Playboy,
featuring HBW's very own, WINTA!




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Image result for raw png 

Winona Petrova vs Dawn w/ Akira ringside + Mercedes Benson on commentary



Cynthia Chang vs Epiphany



Kio vs Valentino



Blake Storm vs Isabella w/ Violet Payne



Winta gets confronted by NYV backstage.



Soon after the announcement was made, the cameras panned to the backstage makeup area, where Winta was seen ELATED as she prepared for her match later tonight. 

Selina and Gia suddenly appear on the scene. 

"Winta, girl, it is so nice to see you! scoffs Listen, I just wanted to come around and apologize for being such a distraction in your last match against my girl Gia. I know we have a match tonight and I can promise you that there will be none of that happening."

" ...yeah, it better not. You know Selina, I-- "

"I also wanted to congratulate you on the cover! I mean, anybody in their right mind would have picked ME, or even my bestie Gia but I guess the prestige of the magazine has just lost its touch. I mean, we went from the Marilyn Monroe's, the Kim K's and  the Torrie Wilson's to..... you. Non-taken though, honey. It is important that we give men and women something that they can relate to."

"Excuse me? You have some nerve t--"

SELINAcuts her off
"Well, I have already said what I wanted to say so good luck tonight and may the prettiest girl win. Bye!"

Selina prances away holding hands with Gia, as Winter looks on irritated and confused 


Selina w/ Giavanna vs Winta + post match promo


"EXCUSE ME, I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY!!! This saggy titties BITCH is the girl you guys chose to be your Playboy cover girl? Winta?! Akira, honey, I know that you are getting old and your eyesight is not as good as it once was but even the blindest man in this world would have picked me! I exude elegance, class, status and main stream attention in ways that Winta or ANY OF THE OTHER BITCHES ON THIS ROSTER COULD DREAM OF!"

"And you what Sel? I don't know about you, but I am TIRED of the disrespect, girl. First, we lose "qualifying" matches for the tag titles that we didn't even know were to qualify for the match. Then, they try to beg for us join the tag match at the Rumble when bitches decide that they are too good to show up and do their JOB. And now this!"



"Please. I wouldn't joined that match even if they paid me a million dollars. Y'know I get to say these things because my money is very fucking long. Most of these broke heux would jump at the opportunity. It could NEVER be me. I don't need the company to pay for a playboy spread like this hag. But Winta, you're in luck! I know you probably can't hear me right now but be sure to catch the playback: I am bored and need some ass to beat at Elimination Chamber. So enjoy you cover, enjoy your shoot and all of the cute, elite things that come with being a Superstar. It won't last very long for you and when it ends, it will be my pleasure to watch you crumble. 

See ya at Elimination Chamber, whore."

Britney Diamond vs  Aspen



Team MAC backstage segment.



The camera fades into the angelic reflection of one Kimberly Storm, applying finishing touches on her make up and adjusting her supple breasts in her gear before the backstage vanity, a sight which elicits a loud, raucous mixture of cheers, boos and cat calls for the polarizing superstar. 

With regret and worry written across her face, she takes a deep breath and twists the cap of her lip gloss off before looking down and pausing.

Chloe Chanel then walks into the frame behind her.

"Dimberly, how the hell are you not ready yet? We’re up next!"

"Sorry, sis. There’s just been a lot on my mind."

"By a lot, you better mean the tag titles."

"Bitch, obviously. But besides that and losing the Rumble to Snape, I’ve been feeling bad for my sister. I’ve been so caught up in the drama with Buick and my endless amount of cheap clones, that I’ve been letting Akira pick on her relentlessly, like…. She’s looked up to me all our life and I’ve been letting her hang out to dry, alone."

"Girl, I BEEN told you Akira is an old, bitter bitch. You should have never been buddy buddy with her, no matter how much you benefitted. Because she only truly cares about one person and that’s herself, and once she decides she’s finished with you, she’ll spit you back out on your re-done ass. She's done it with High Society, I don't know why you think she wouldn't do it with you..."

"Nah, it’s not like that. Akira trained me and respects me. Maybe I just need to find the time to talk to her and tell her to lay the hell off."

"Ch, Whatever. Just remember that no one here got you like I got you and like Blake got you. We’re your family. Remember that when you let Akira continue to blow smoke in front of your eyes. And remember that at Elimination Chamber when we become the first ever women’s tag team champions."

Kimberly and Chloe match devilish smirks, then proceed to do their trademark MAC handshake before the camera fades back to the arena


Team MAC vs Celestial Bodiez



HBW Heartthrob Championship match
Riley West vs Akane



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With Elimination Chambers a few days away, IV has never felt more out of sync. They argue and bicker at every turn. Isabella has grown tired of it an has order emergency counsel or she won’t show up to the elimination Chamber show. Akira has forced Violet to attend in order to save the upcoming historic tag match to crown an inaugural Women’s Tag Champion. The cameras follow them for this web exclusive.

???: I've been doing this for over 40 years, and I have managed to countless breakthroughs in my career. I promise you two ladies that I will help you through whatever issues you two are going through and hopefully by the end of this you two will be a better tag team.

Isabella would paste a forced smirk on her face as she'd take a mint from ???'s bowl and pass it to Violet, "here, you need it" throwing a jab before sitting down with her legs crossed. Violet takes the mint and puts it in her mouth. She leans back and looks at the Doctor in front of them.

Violet: Look... She wanted to do this, not me.

Isabella: --I don't want to do this, why would i WANT to be in therapy... IV needs this, if we're going to win at Elimination Chamber

Violet: We should be in the ring TRAINING. Not sitting here "talking out our issues".

Isabella: WHY would we be training if it's NO TRUST ???

Violet: No trust? What are you even talking about? I trusted you the moment you propose this team. I trusted you when you sat me in front of a makeup table and caked this shit on my face. I-

Isabella: You gained 15k followers the day after i did that, clearly i know whats best. Right, ???

Violet: Sure, you know what's best. You know so much that it when something goes wrong, you want to throw a tantrum like a baby.

Isabella: breathes

Isabella: ....and WHY do things go WRONG? NO TRUST! NO PLAN! glad you caught up, V!

Violet: The plan was for you to be my right hand to block Chloe Chanel while I used my left to beat the shit out of Kimberly for stealing what was mine. That plan has since devolved into me being your damn doll. And yeah, I'm glad I'm all caught up, Izzy.

Isabella would scoff, looking up at ??? "Well say something, bitch!" Isabella's eyes would widen, "sorry ma'am, please". Violet's gets out of her seat and stands over Isabella. ISABELLA WOULD UNCROSS HER LEGS?

???: Ok ladies... Lets calm down, please.

Violet looks over at the Doctor. Isabella shifts back to her original position.

???: Wow... I'm sensing some real tension here. Something I have never dealt with in all my time as a therapist, but lucky for you two ladies I like a challenge. So can you please sit Violet, and lets begin to slice the butter before we put it on the bread.

Violet: Put it on the wha-. What the fuck  are you talking about?

Violets sits down confused before turning her head to Isabella and stares daggers into her

Isabella: slicing butter?? is this Home Ec.

???: No. No it is not.

The doctor chuckles

???: Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Taylor and I will be your therapist for only three sessions. I take cash and cash only. If you want to electronically send me cash, I will accept through Venmo or Paypal. Any other forms of money transactions will be denied because I don't want the paper trail. Any questions.

Violet and Isabella look at each other in disbelief

Dr. Taylor: Timer goes off And that concludes our time ladies. You can leave the money in an envelope and put it in the basket on your way out. I expect to see you both here tomorrow where we will discuss what happened in this freestyle session.

Violet & Isabella: S-Sure.

They both get up and look at Dr. Taylor confused by her. Isabella nudges Violet and Violet reciprocates which causes a bit of a fight as they move out to the door. The scene closes with Dr. Taylor cheerfully smiling as they walk out.


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New HBW Heartbreaker to be determined in Talent Search

ATLANTA, Ga. -- A new HBW Heartbreaker will join the roster, courtesy of Confection Management's 'Talent Search' competition that is currently in its final stages. The entertainment management group that has handled the careers of stars like Ariana Latte and Kyle Collins has opened the pool for interested parties to be signed under the management of the agency's head, Cookscooter Braun. "We've reviewed a lot of tremendous talent, but only the best can hang in HBW and these women all have the potential to make a name for themselves," Cookscoter told

Below are the five finalists, who will all appear as a part of upcoming HBW Live shows in order for each contestant to test the waters before a final decision is made. The winner is expected to be announce before HBMania 3.

NAME: Parvati Kapoor
AGE: 28
HOMETOWN: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
QUOTE: "Ordinary can be extraordinary."
BIOGRAPHY: Toronto-born Parvati Kapoor thinks there's beauty in normalcy.  She doesn't have a modeling background, or a film background, or a wrestling background or anything that might help a girl stand out in HBW, but she thinks that's just fine. Her boring 9-5 and annoyance with a world so insistent on watching women tear each other down has given her enough reason to want to fight back. She entered Confection Management's Talent Search to get an opportunity in HBW to prove that competition can all be in good sport and that there's freedom in the expression inside the squared circle.

NAME: Elsie Woods
AGE: 24
HOMETOWN: Erie, Pennsylvania
QUOTE: "Dream big, but be realistic."
BIOGRAPHY: Elsie might seem like a bit of a wallflower, but she feels like she's ready to blossom. Elsie has always hidden between the bigger personalities, whether it was in high school sports, in friend groups or in her day job as an assistant retail sales manager, but Elsie feels that being a HBW Heartbreaker would finally let her have the confidence to stand out on her own. Naturally athletic and a hard worker, Elsie wants to show that anything's possible if you're willing to get your elbows a little dirty.

NAME: Miss Monroe
AGE: 26
HOMETOWN: Milan, Italy (by way of Bronx, New York)
QUOTE: "Somebody's getting shanked."
BIOGRAPHY: "The Hood Cinderella" seems like a perfect description for the come-up of the one and only Miss Monroe. Starting her amateur modeling career in her hometown of the Bronx, a fateful encounter at a nightclub would thrust Malina Mendoza into the world of fashion as 'Miss Monroe', a high fashion runway model with the capacity to smack a chick if she gets out of line. Knowing that her pugnacious ways would ultimately curb her and her "Zaddy's" careers in the mecca of Milan, Miss Monroe returned to America to compete in Confection Management's Talent Search, hoping to showcase her love for both beauty and backhanding all in one venue.

NAME: Diana
AGE: 32
HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, California
QUOTE: "Find your inner zen."
BIOGRAPHY: Getting divorced from your high school sweetheart doesn't exactly line up most people's expectations for their thirties, and after Diana's teenage dream turned into a nightmare, she's been on an... interesting path ever since. A devout yoga instructor who thrives in West Hollywood's health-centric market, Diana's leaving her air-conditioned studio for the bright lights of HBW primetime. Noting that the aggression of the passionate starlets of the pink and blue brand was one she thinks she can rectify, time can only tell if Diana's eccentric personality will lead her onto the HBW's depth chart.

NAME: Tiffany Masters
AGE: 25
HOMETOWN: Arkham, Massachusetts
QUOTE: "Sue me."
BIOGRAPHY: Got a problem? Call her people. Think you'll get one over on her? Think again. Tiffany Masters has her Master's and knows there's a clause for anything, and won't let the fraudulent few deny her justice. A graduate of Harvard Law, Tiffany Masters is a young prodigy in the courtroom, but instead of laying the smackdown in between court recess, she's running the ropes in a familiar avenue: HBW. Tiffany has previously competed as a part of NXT, where her threatening skills did no favors to endear her to the rest of the competitors and left her little opportunity to transition to the main roster following the program's cancellation. Now, she's back, and she's willing to drop the gavel on whoever stands in her way of getting the spotlight she believes is rightfully hers.

Which one of these hopefuls will find their way onto the HBW roster? Stay posted to for all the latest!

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Retrospective: Why King Sara aka Sara Joe aka Sara Henry left HBW


I felt like I wasn't shown any respect. I felt like when we had matches it would be lingerie matches, bikini matches, or just random matches that meant nothing. I remember looking at management and they weren't invested at all...I think that eventually they just though ok, at least their attire looks good, she got new lips, or whatever it was.

You know I tried to do my best when we had those special matches but they were far and few between. I tried to make the best of it by cutting promos and showing that we had a voice but eventually I just became so unhappy I couldn't hide it anymore. 

If you saw me in HBW, I just wasn't myself. I walked on egg shells and that is no way to feel. And that was all Chloe Chanel's fault. I always felt like I had to be someone else when ''those'' girls started coming, I just couldn't be myself. I was always thinking which doctor do I need to see for a push when I didn't need to go see any.

But the way that I look at things with ''that'' company now is just that my personality didn't fit there. I truly believe that because knowing my personality now I would end up exposing the people in the office. Maybe it's my new marriage, I've been married twice now and certain things just don't fly anymore. I don't think that they would like me...because I don't know if they like strong women without certain enhancements...I don't feel that they do.

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Week One Round-Up & Rankings:

Week one has wrapped and the women (or most, at least) have gotten a chance to showcase themselves to the audience on HBW Live events, whilst drama has brewed amongst the ranks.

During Raw, the women got the chance to introduce themselves to the audience in a dark segment. Diana's shimmering dress and whimsical personality scored big points, though it drew the ire of Miss Monroe, who had been a standout due to her performances on live events and previous wrestling training.

"That stupid little b**** Diana had the motherf***in' nerve to interrupt my lor entrance or whatever during Raw commercial break, I was f***in' pissed. Go do your f***in' clown s*** on your own time, b****. Not mine!"

Throughout the week, the women competed on live events (with the exception of one) to help better acquaint themselves with the audience. Diana, Miss Monroe, Tiffany Masters and Parvati all wrestled, with Diana and Monroe scoring upset wins and Diana taking a nasty fall. While luck (or zen) was on her side and prevented her from serious injury, it definitely left some viewers buzzing.

Elsie Woods had a tough week. Decision makers at Confection Management weren't pleased with her appearance on Raw and found she brought little to the table as a competitor, ultimately sending her towards the bottom of the rankings. However, due to the critiques, Elsie had a rather drastic change in appearance halfway through the week.

Elsie, before Raw last week:


Elsie, during a promotional taping for the competition earlier today:



The drastic transformation was enough to warrant Elsie a spot as an extra on the Pittsburgh edition of Raw (Elsie is a Pennsylvania native), but her match would be cut due to time constraints, frustrating the young upstart.

Tiffany Masters underwent a bit of a transformation herself, abandoning a 'lawyer' persona that management had pitched to her and instead opting to wrestle under a character that felt 'closer to her'. Despite losing in her match, the change was well-received and strengthened her standings in the competition.

"I went off the cuff a little bit this week, but I feel good about it. Being someone I wasn't was a big reason why my run didn't work out the first time around. I'm not a paralegal. I'm an elite competitor. I'm a girl with a little darkness that can stand on her own two feet."

Parvati had a quiet week. While management is optimistic about her, her appearance on the live events wasn't talked about much and she quietly fell behind the bigger stories of the week.

The ratings for the week are as follows:






No cuts have been made at this time. Follow for more updates on the competition.

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MARCH 22ND, 2019


HBW Exclusive: The Brat is Back



The HBW Universe was in for a shock at the Fastlane PPV when the Boricuan Brat, Jasmine Garcia, returned to her normal self, after 4 months of being caught under Celestia's evil spell, and successfully defeated Roxanne. Later that evening, Jasmine laid to waste her former tag team partner and possessor Celestia after she defeated Teresa for the Heartcore Title, and declared that at HBMania, she will be walking out as a three time Heartcore Champion and punishing Celestia for torture she's put her through. HBW caught up with the fan favourite to get some insight heading into this match - and to dig deeper in the troubled saga between her and Celestia!

 HB: Thank you for joining us Jasmine. It's great to see you back as your normal self! Tell us, what made you snap back into reality and realize that you weren't acting normal? When did you realize that something wasn't right?

JASMINE: Hm, honestly - if it wasn't for my cousin Mercedes Benson, I'd still by at Celestia's side. I always knew something wasn't right deep down. I just didn't have the confidence to break free. It goes beyond all that green mist mierda that little evil chica spews from her mouth - she's manipulative. I think she's one of the most sneaky people in this division. Celestia trots around backstage and lingers in the shadows - she knew exactly what to say to me and how to convince me to get on her side. I was her puppet and did all her dirty work because she knew the power and potential I had, but wanted that glory for herself..

WATCH: Celestia takes control of Jasmine


Celestia Promo 2/17/2018:

All week long, people have been asking me, "Celestia, what did you do with Jasmine?" Well, I'll tell you the answer. I didn't do ANYTHING with Jasmine. After our match last week, Jasmine approached ME...looking for some guidance, looking for a leader. I simply provided her with what she wanted. Last week, I opened Jasmine's eyes to the reality that all of the other girls in HBW...they aren't Jasmine's true friends. I mean...Holly West? Blake Storm? Winona? Mercedes Benson? All of them are just looking for their next shot at the title or their next little bit of spotlight. They have to try to use her to get to the top because they know they could never compare to her talent and But Jasmine and I...we've formed a true friendship, a true bond...and we're ready to strike down ANY of the women in HBW who get in the way of us getting the glory we deserve!

HB: People considered you two the dark horses of the tag team division. You two competed and even beat up some of the top names in the division - Team MAC, The NYC Vixens, and even the inaugural HB Women's Tag Team Champions, Team IV. Were those moments genuine? 

JASMINE: I honestly don't know at this point. Did she really care about me or did she just want to control me? Losing someone that you considered your best friend - your tag team partner.. it's hard to look back at these memories, even though we did kick some ass.. Celestia only continued to grow into an evil person, an I will admit, I played into her actions and I did become a little demonic these past months. But that mean girl act isn't what I want - and it isn't who Jasmine Garcia - la mejor LATINA aquí en la comunidad de HBW - represents.

WATCH: Jasmine & Celestia's Best Moments





HB: What makes Celestia different from the rest of your rivals? You've faced off against the likes of Kimberly Storm, Holly West, Selina.. the list goes on. What do you need to do to prepare yourself to beat someone who knows you so well?

JASMINE: That's where you're wrong. Celestia doesn't know me well. She thinks she does. I've evolved. Everything is a learning experience for me - and now that I've left that treacherous experience in the past: I'm better, faster, and stronger than before. She made me into a beast - and now she's going to regret it.

WATCH: Jasmine's Most Intense Rivals.



1. Veteran Violence: Kimberly vs. Jasmine




2. Who's The Top Rookie?: Holly West vs. Jasmine



3. Right To Censor: Big Bad Whitney vs Jasmine


@Ari M.


HB: Well it's official. You announced that at HBMania, you will be taking on your former tag team partner Celestia for the Heartcore Championship, a title you're very familiar with. If you win at HBMania, you'll officially have the most reigns. Is there anything you'd like to say to Celestia?

JASMINEThe only thing I'd like to say to Celestia is that I am not the woman that she use to know. Celestia, do not underestimate me. You've been painting me off as weak and dependant, but I'm neither of those things - and will prove that to you at HBMania. You're no longer my master. You aren't my leader. You're no longer my tag team partner. You're just a PUTA - who's going to be on the receiving end of a very caliente beatdown! 

- - - - - - -


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