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5r13YK-d_400x400.jpg  CHLOE CHANEL ErnyG.png  @ChloeChanel                                                        Following 

      @CRoseHBW Spectacular* sweetie, but good luck on that pedestal you speak of. 💋 

             5:01 PM - 12 Jun 2017 




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HBW Superstar Won't "Tapout" to Injury

Three-time Heartbreakers Champion Britney Diamond poses for the latest Tapout campaign in the midst of rehabilitation for a career-halting injury suffered at an HBW Live Event in May, just one day after earning a contendership opportunity for the Heartbreakers Championship. The injury occurred when Diamond performed her signature Moonsault to the ringside area and her opponent evaded the attack, causing her to land directly on her right knee. While HBW doctors note Diamond is making considerable progress in her recovery, there is currently no timetable on when she will be returning to the ring.

e6dBbKq.jpg?1 mcjcAKt.jpg?1 qZOaPnE.jpg?1 

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Cole: Please welcome my guest at this time Charli Denise Rose. How are you doing this afternoon Charli?

Charli: I'm doing well now thank you, Cole. It's a pleasure to be here and to grace everyone with my presence. 

Cole: As we are all grateful for that as well you're quite the talented young women. I've seen some of your matches and your work are pretty good a lot to improve on but overall you came a long way since making your debut two years ago. Which brings us to our first question which is why haven't you won any gold yet?

Charli: *Charli claps her hands together* You know something Cole I was beginning to ask myself the same question? You see me when I go out there every week I put work, Cole. Doesn't matter if I lose a match or win either way day in and day out I work my ass off in that ring. Knocking these girls down with the Rose Hammer & End Of The Rose putting these girls down for the count. Yet I haven't received a title shot after WM there was a #1 Contenders match that I wasn't apart of because I wasn't at the arena that night. Of course won by Mercedes who then went on to capture the title from I forgot her name....

Cole: Remy...

Charli: Yeah whatever....whom I had issues but somehow Chloe Chanel weaseled her way in surprise surprise let the conspiracies begin. She went on to win the championship from Mercedes then another contenders match took place? *gasp* Where was Charli? Yeah...which was won by Dawn. Who not to mention pops in and out of the division like a mole in the whack-a-mole game but that's neither here nor there. Then get this *Charli holds up her finger* Chloe grants Kimberly a random title match who comes up short and wins surprise surprise. Then a few weeks later Chloe wins it back it's just sickening Cole. The last singles title shot I had was against Britney in her what 6th, 7th, 8th title reign? Sorry lost count after her 3rd facial reconstruction surgery. 

Cole: So do you think these girls are afraid of giving you a shot?

Charli: Of course not Cole these girls would turn on their own flesh and blood to get a title shot. However, one thing you noticed about me is I don't have anyone standing next to me I walk on my on two feet and that's exactly how It's going to remain.

Cole: Or perhaps you're just always coming up short? What about the singles match you had with Dawn to determine the contender for the Women's Title?

Charli: Oh yes that. *Charli leans in closer and whispers* Between you and me Cole I think she's hooked on something. There is no way one can have all that energy in one match but I digress I suffered a concussion and could no longer compete in the match. 

Cole: That's quite the accusation you're making Charli.

Charli: I mean I don't know I'm just repeating what I heard backstage. *Charli crosses her legs* 

Cole: I see *Cole nods* Well Charli I think you got your point across and I look forward to the day we sit down again and you have gold around your waist. 

Charli: Hopefully soon Cole hopefully soon but thanks for having me. 

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Breaking News: Top HB Star not re-signing? (


According to Dive Meltzer top HB Star ''King Sara'' will not be renewing her HB 2K contract in 2 months. On his podcast he noted that the star wanted to bow out putting over on-screen enemies Big  Bad Whitney and Chloe Chanel in a Career vs Title match, but the plans fell through when management changed course and gave the title to Kimberly Storm. Insiders tell us that she has been frustrated with the company and backstage politics due to her not receiving any title opportunities like the rest of the talent. 

Check into Wrasslinginc for more updates on this story

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Dawn basked in the white-hot glow of the moment -- her moment. She was overjoyed at having captured the HBW Women's Championship.
 Several months earlier, howe
ver, the multiple-time Women's and Divas Champion wondered if she'd ever compete again.

HBW's broadcast personality Renee Young chats with Dawn about her win at MITB.

Renee: Dawn, congratulations on capturing the HBW Women's Championship at Money in the Bank, let's talk about it, you ended it pretty quickly for a title match? 
Dawn: Well, one, I was over the nonsense. I pinned Kimberly in the #1 Contenders match, and the next show she gets a title match. Then, I finally get my shot, and when I prepped for a One on One match, I was hit with the news that it was going to be turned into a triple threat because Chloe had her rematch. I ended the match as quickly as I could because the first ever women's Money in the Bank happened and I wasn't in the mood to be screwed over yet again. I made sure I was in good shape so I'd be ready for any surprises.

Renee: You definitely played the game strategically, but now that you have accomplished your goal of becoming champion, what's in store?
Dawn: Well, I definitely want to thank my fans for riding hard for me while I was out rehabbing my ankle. I definitely want to show the word what a fighting champion is, no hot potato to my tag team members. I just--

Winta: Wow, Dawn. I don't mean to interrupt your interview, Congrats, by the way.. I just didn't expect this from you. Yeah, you're champion now, but aren't you still angry?
You WON the contender's match, yet the girl you pinned, Kimberly, was handed the title and I think we know why. I think you know why.. Don't you think WE deserve revenge?

Dawn: ...

Winta: If you're willing to work with me, I do have a plan..

Dawn: *Her eyebrows furrow. She grabs her championship and walks away with Winta.*


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Rise of the Black Panthers: Coming Soon
5EPVKXi.gif aNeC4wi.gif
   rise n' shine | 'tis the season

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