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WWE, 90210 - Enrollment | Season Two NOW!

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On 12/16/2016 at 10:05 PM, Lady DarkFox said:


Full name: Alicia Fox

Nicknames/Aliases: Foxy

Grade Level: 11th

Average Grades: 3.6 

Source of Income: COO of Solar Energy (Dad), Stay at home (Mom)

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Clique: Eco farm club

Hobbies/sports: Protesting greedy oil companies who destroy our precious earth. Growing tomatoes on her family estate in Beverly Hills

Preferred Music: (Rock, Pop, Country)

Friendships/relationships: Maryse, Gail, & Kelly Kelly

Personality Description: A self-proclaimed "modern hippy", Alicia is a free spirit who bathes twice a day. Alicia is a kind, and generous girl who approaches every situation with every feeling in mind. She is funny and open for any adventure that comes her way as long as it is Eco-friendly as possible. Alicia's earthy lifestyle came about after watching "The Day After Tomorrow" as a child, which shook her ass. Her dad was working his way up Solar Energy and he became COO when he brought little Foxy to a meeting to explain the future of Solar Energy. Alicia read her script with such passion and hope that her father was offered the COO position the next day. 

After witnessing the darkest day in American history, Trump becoming President-elect, Alicia Fox dropped her modern hippy lifestyle for a more sophisticated and upscale life that her parents had planned for her. Her dad and mom reinforced in Alicia that it was better to live the life of a 1%er since this is what the American people voted for. So now Alicia sits on her millions while her dad continues his solar panel enterprise. With this cheap excuse, Alicia sits on her money while still offering her services to local food pantries.

Physical description: 5'9, black and sandy blonde hair, brown eyes

Color codeAlicia Fox



On 12/15/2016 at 7:28 PM, Lady DarkFox said:


Nicknames/Aliases: Charlotte Flair


Grade Level: 11th


Average Grades: As


Source of Income: Charlotte is a part of the Flair Hotel empire.


Sexual Orientation: Straight like ha body


Clique: The vain and superficial


Hobbies/Sports: Baseball, counting her coins, and all that good stuff


Preferred Music: Pop will never be low brow unless it has Taylor Swift’s name attached to it. Hip-Hop and cute mixes of everything else


Friendships/relationships: Eva Marie, and Maryse


Personality description: Charlotte’s superiority complex has been instilled in her since birth. Born into the Flair Hotel empire, Charlotte has saw nothing less than perfection. She looks down on anyone making less than 500k a week and looks up to her cash when she ready to go shopping. She’s blunt and refuses to let anyone hide her true feelings on subjects that peek her interest.


Physical description: Tall, and blond


Color code: Where your plagues at? Where them stocks? Word to NASDAQ…



On 7/8/2016 at 1:37 AM, Lady DarkFox said:





SOURCE OF INCOME:  Doctor/UCLA Professor (Father), Doctor/ UCLA Professor (Mother)

Sexual Orientation: Sexually fluid

Clique(s): Science Club. Math-letes

Hobbies/Sports: Basketball and studying

PREFERRED MUSIC: German House, Rock & Roll, Rap, 90s R&B


BIOGRAPHY/PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION: Noam was born in Tel Aviv, Israel to the drama of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. His dad at the time was a surgical doctor helping save lies during the conflict while his mom, who is  a heart surgeon, stayed at home to care for their son. Unable to care for him in such chaos, they soon moved to Scotland after both receiving a job opportunity. There is where they were able to discipline there son that the only way his life would be better is if he stayed in his books, and that he did, learning from the best teachers in the best private schools in Scotland during his entire pre-pubescent life. Noam moved to Beverly Hills after his parents received a lucrative offer to teach at a learning Hospital. It was in the 90210 where Noam met fellow Finn. They were lab partners and bonded instantly, even adopting a dog from Finn's dog litter. 

 He is  too cocky for his own good, which gets him in a lot of trouble.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 5'10, puberty hit him hard so he has heavy facial hair that he shaves down into a dark beard.  Very preppy dresser



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bella, nikki


( FULL NAME ) Nicole Bella


( GRADE LEVEL ) 11th

( AVERAGE GRADES ) 3.2 (B's and C's)

( SOURCE OF INCOME ) International Best-Selling Author/College Professor (Father), Fashion Photographer/Former Model (Step-Father)


( CLIQUE ) Popular, New Girl

( HOBBIES/SPORTS ) Cheerleading, football (fan), make-up and beauty, fashion, boys, sex

( PREFERRED MUSIC ) R&B, 90s alternative rock, 90s teen pop, indie pop, house, Justin Bieber

( FRIENDSHIPS/RELATIONSHIPS ) Seth Rollins (boyfriend of 3½ months), Maryse Ouellet (best friend/partner in crime), Eva Marie (frenemy)

( BIOGRAPHY/PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION ) After the first book in her father's hugely popular and renowned 5 book series, The Fearless, hit #1 on every international best-sellers list and the rights to a film adaptation were optioned for a seven figure amount, a 5 year old Nikki Bella’s life was changed infinitely. The overnight rags to riches story tore the Bella family apart, with Nikki’s father caught in a scandalous affair with a man, forcing him to separate from his wife and take Nikki with him. 11 years later, Nikki, her father and her step-father have decided to move from their quiet life and more modest Upper East Side, Manhattan apartment to Beverly Hills so he could spend his free time as a college lecturer, while the two most important people in his life make use of his massive lifetime earnings (his net worth estimated to be in the nine figure range through royalties) and navigate/conquer the elite 90210 lifestyle and politics  — something the former tomboy was determined to do, partially to continue her quest to find complete happiness and fulfillment, having grown up not really knowing her birth mother, little brother or twin sister. Sexy, snarky, feisty, flirtatious, alluring, confident and bold, the students of Vincent Kennedy McMahon High School had no idea who they were dealing with this summer... or perhaps it was Nikki who was in for a shock.

Although five months had passed, Nikki still had trouble shaking off the stigma of being the new girl in town, but was quickly learning to adapt to her new life on the west coast. With her usual confident, feisty, sexy and bold personality, Nikki quickly climbed to the top of the social ladder within the area code and found herself friends with the it girls in town: Maryse, Charlotte and Eva Marie, Eva whom she was just getting to know hot off the socialite's return from Europe. But nothing gained came without loss as instant crush Seth Rollins went away for school just as the pair were becoming good friends, a label Nikki deep down was never satisfied with, wanting to tear down his wall and be more than what their current status was. Yes, it all went without reward, ultimately, as the two haven't really kept in touch since and with encouragement from Maryse, the flirtatious Nikki has been playing the field in spite of it never being good enough for her. With the holiday season upon the community, Nikki hoped to cleanse her mind and refresh before having to return to VKMHS in January, while also continuing to seek fulfillment and stake her claim at the top of the food chain.

Since mutually coming forward with their true feelings and consummating their relationship, Nikki Bella and who has quickly become the love of her life, former VKMHS star football player, Seth Rollins, have been inseparable, all in spite of Seth still being enrolled at a strict private boarding school to follow the professional sports path laid by his abusive father. The two quickly became star-crossed lovers  the kind of bad romance that Nikki obsessed over in movies as a young girl, but now was unprepared and wary to live through. She was terribly worried for Seth and her natural instinct to ruthlessly, ferociously defend those she cared about was kicking in at full speed. The high tension/high risk nature of her new relationship gave Nikki a new attitude at home and in her social life, one that saw the now more abrasive, territorial and protective Nikki ascend to the summit of the high school food chain, and become a recognizable face on social media and around the city. It was irony in pure form that the Queen B(ella) got everything she wanted upon moving to the famed area code, but things were far from good and rougher waters laid ahead for 90210's newly crowned it girl. Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana... Nikki Bella?

( PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION ) 5'6''. Newly dark brown colored hair that flows just below her large breasts. Seductive, feminine curves; Marilyn Monroe, hour glass figure. Fit, athletic physique; "perfect" by general standards. Mexican-Italian. Young, modern, Instagram model meets Cher Horowitz aesthetic.

( COLOR CODE ) #ff9966

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full name Seth Rollins

nicknames/aliases | "Junior"

grade level | 12th

average grades | Ds

source of income | Retired quarterback/current Chief Operating Officer of the NFL (father)

sexual orientation | Straight (and staying that way!)

clique | Popular, Jocks

hobbies/sports | Football, working out, surfing, socializing, writing

preferred music | Rock, metalcore, hardcore punk

friendships/relationships | Nikki Bella (girlfriend of 3 ½ months)Mike "Miz" Mizanin (frenemy)

personality description A star football player with an illustrious heritage and wealth beyond his needs, topped off with a captivating smile, Seth Rollins has amassed quite the reputation as VKMHS' most eligible bachelor. The son of Seth Rollins Sr., the school's most renowned alumnus and class of '91, there isn't a person who dislikes him and if there is, chances are they're jealous. Seemingly the archetype of an elitist, self-absorbed jock on the surface, underneath lies a more reclusive and troubled individual plagued by an image he can't live up to... and quite frankly, doesn't want to. Despite his father already touting his future of a football scholarship ahead of a career with what's sure to be the best team, Seth secretly wants nothing more than to pursue his passion for literature and creative writing (a step up from the spit game of his alternate universe wrestler self) and become an author.

As of late, the constant struggle of living a lie has caused him to begin to act erratically and make bad decisions. Decisions his father is quick to cover up -- although some are unknown even to him -- in order to preserve the future he had laid out for him the moment he was born and that Seth was almost convinced nothing could change. Almost.

Seth resides in a 7 bedroom mansion with his father, step-mother and younger brother.

As summer went on, Seth began to take a liking to new girl Nikki Bella. His troubles at home, however, made him stay guarded, refusing to give into his blatant attraction, not wanting her wrapped up in his issues or to get hurt by him and his tendency to act out. Still yet, the pair got as close as he'd allow them to, but as summer ended, Seth was transferred to a school out of state with a better football team, his father hoping he'd garner more attention from college scouts. Months have passed without any contact with his friends back in Beverly Hills in order to stay focused, but now that the holidays are here and his father seems to be willing to loosen the leash, Seth looks to return, unwind and pick things back up with Nikki, possibly taking things to a more intimate level. It was a risk to say the least, especially given the small window of time they had, but Seth has never been one to play it safe.

Since mutually coming forward with their true feelings and consummating their relationship, Seth Rollins and Nikki Bella have been inseparable, all in spite of Seth still being enrolled at a strict private boarding school to follow the professional sports path laid by his abusive father. With Nikki now fully aware of the extent of his inner anguish and family troubles, Seth felt at ease being with her and their passionate interactions have become his escape from the real world and the struggle to toe the line within it. This distraction, as well as his resentment toward his father and the career being forced upon him, has caused him to be failing tremendously however. Unaware of this, his father has developed a desire for his son to get into modelling and has set up meetings with esteemed agent Hunter Hearst Helmsley in order to advance their brand and help strengthen Seth's chances at being a superstar athlete. Still yet, the only thing Seth loved was Nikki and if he didn't face his father before it was too late, the conflict of interest could result in him losing her forever.

physical description | 6'1" with an unrivalled physique and stamina courtesy of Crossfit. Permanent facial hair and a dark, shoulder-length mane often put up in a man bun. Usually dressed in form-fitting ensembles that accentuate his muscles from workout gear to a graphic t-shirt with skinny jeans.

color code #cc6666

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cesaro, antonio


( FULL NAME ) Antonio Claudio Cesaro

NICKNAMES/ALIASES ) Cesaro, Anto, Tony

( GRADE LEVEL ) 12th

( AVERAGE GRADES ) 3.7 (A's and B's)

( SOURCE OF INCOME ) Military (Father), Award Winning Journalist (Mother)


( CLIQUE ) Art Kids

( HOBBIES/SPORTS ) Culinary arts, learning, reading, fitness

( PREFERRED MUSIC ) Coldplay, Radiohead, Beck, James Bay, Ed Sheeran, Jake Bugg

( FRIENDSHIPS/RELATIONSHIPS ) Sami Zayn (acquaintance)

( BIOGRAPHY/PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION ) Immigrating from Switzerland just in time for the new school year, after travelling the world all his life with his strict catholic parents and two brothers, Cesaro has had a tough time adjusting. He was still coming to terms with his sexuality while desperately trying to keep it from his parents, who would disown him in a heartbeat. A wrench was soon thrown into his journey of self discovery when he met Sami Zayn, a kind-hearted, openly gay student who Cesaro has a small crush on. The two haven't had many interactions, all of which take place at school, and Cesaro hasn't found himself comfortable enough to come out to his peer just yet, but in a state where pride over one's sexuality is waved in the air for all to see, Cesaro was growing eager to be himself. He was more than just a cultured, artistic, intellectual, who told bad jokes... he was gay and ready to be proud of it.

Over winter break, Cesaro seemed to make huge strides in getting to know his fellow students, Sami Zayn in particular. But once his small crush on the charming redhead quickly morphed into genuine feelings, things got very complicated. The complication? Sami Zayn had a boyfriend. And since that fateful New Year's Eve when Cesaro came out to his new friend and got his heart broken, the pair have regressed past being acquaintances to being complete strangers. As Cesaro continues to come to terms with his sexuality, he finds himself exploring other avenues to express his suppressed desires while he tries not to burst at the seams.

( PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION ) A CrossFit junkie who takes immense pride in his health and physical appearance, leaving him with an extremely chiseled physique, rippling abs and a big ass. Clean shaven head out of respect to his military father. Light stubble. 6'2.

( COLOR CODE ) Swiss Superman

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"It's ya gurl Liv! I ain't neva gave a fuck! You know me! Ya girl got no license! I prolly got a warrant! I could be on probation if I got caught up enough! All kinds of shit. Tags expired! FUCK 'EM! They ain't gon' get me, I'ma keep doing my thang! Got work in my sock, glock in the seat. We ain't playin' wit 'em! You gon' have to catch me, go 'head try to catch me!"

- LIV 


NICKNAME: Livvy Liv, Sno Bunny, (if looking to piss her off, call her Carmella-lite)



SOURCE OF INCOME: Grandmother (Respected UCLA professor), Grandfather (Open heart surgeon)


CLIQUE:  The Token white person in the group, jocks, druggies (but just to smoke weed, crack is whack)

HOBBIES/SPORTS: Camping out for the new Jordan's, getting custom made Snapback's from Lids, Gym, rapping

PREFERRED MUSIC: Hip-hop/Rap ft. Drake, Future, Kodak Black, and Eminem

FRIENDSHIPS/RELATIONSHIPS:  John Cena (friend/sidekick),  James Ellsworth (an annoyance), Carmella (arch nemesis), tries to fit in with anyone African American

PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION: A chick can only flip dough, spread pizza sauce, and put pepperoni's on Maggio's Pizza for so long before she finally commits the number one against the rules things to do: she eats the product while being the manager of the parlor AND on the job.  After being fired from Maggio's - a famous east coast restaurant that she was forced to take in order to help her single mother with the bills and her siblings - Liv decided she wasn't about that life. But she was about the life that was mirrored into the music she commonly bumped through her headphones: the street life. Liv befriended and became adapted to the lifestyle of the Jersey "hood", wanting to gain the acceptance and respect of the people she surrounded herself by. But this attitude caused much distress for her mother who had no choice but to send Liv off to Beverly Hills with her rich and established grandparents, hoping that Liv would find some guidance in her life. Or so she thought! Now that the new resident  has transferred, she's taking her brash and bold personality with her. But how will she be accepted in The Hills? Perhaps  she can only lace up the J's on her feet and find out!

The last time The Hills saw the pint-sized loudmouthed Liv Morgan, she was in a Grand Theft Auto hot pursuit with LAPD after her smoke sesh with Kevin Owens ended going up in flames! But the Dirty Jerz native wasn't going to go running away from The Hills that fast because this trap goddess has returned with new alliances, new friends, and new enemies. Though a Freshman, the hallways have been buzzing about Morgan's arrival to the VKMHS and the trouble she's already found herself in during her young school career but this can't be the end for 90210's Danielle "Cash Me Ousside" Bregoli. 201 has some tricks and troubles up her sleeves, fa sho!

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Blonde hair, blue eyes, nose piercing, 5"4 with a little bit of cake because she does squats.


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Image result for eva marie icon black hair

FULL NAME: Eva Marie




SOURCE OF INCOME: Film producer + Movie Studio Executive (Dad), Actress (Mom)


CLIQUES: Drama, Socialite

HOBBIES: Modeling, Social Media 


RELATIONSHIPS: Maryse Ouellet (Friend),  Nikki Bella (Frenemy)

BIO: The presence of Eva Marie is often compared to a ghastly blizzard. Cold, uncomfortable, unwelcoming, and potentially dangerous if it stays around for too long or is too intense. Born into a wealthy and successful family, the only things that matter to Eva are herself, her Instagram followers, and figuring out when her parents' next paycheck will be rolling in so she can keep up on purchasing the outfits that are currently in style. Something she doesn't like...a thing she absolutely cannot tolerate... is her popularity and influence on the Beverly Hills community being threatened, and recently that is exactly what happened. She senses a shift in power, and she is willing to do anything to make sure the roles are reversed once again. So things are back to the way they should be. Her scheme starts with her hair. She does dark hair way better than the more promiscuous twin (her actual name will not be free promo) and the entire student body will recognize that.

Color Code: EVA MARIE

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Full Name: Braun Strowman

Nicknames/Aliases: N/A

Grade Level: 11th Grade

Average Grades: Cs

Source of Income: His mother and father own one of the largest farms in the country. 

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Clique: Jocks

Hobbies/Sports: Football

Preferred Music: Rock, Rap, Country

Friendships/relationships:  AJ STYLES (Teammate)

Personality description: Braun grew up on a farm in the middle of North Carolina. He was raised to be a hard worker, and to be dedicated to whatever he set his mind to. What he gained in being a hard worker, he lacked in being exposed to different types of people. After years of working the farm, and helping his family become the wealthy family that they did, his mother and father decided to reward him, and send him to VKM High School to get new life experiences as well as meet different types of people. If you're a hard worker, and you dedicate yourself to what you believe in, you'll have no problem getting along. If he feels like you don't, or his lack of experience in the social world hinders him from getting to know you, it's just as easy to get on his bad side. 

Physical description: Tall, full beard, heavy build, brown hair.



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owens, kevin


( FULL NAME ) Kevin Owens


( GRADE LEVEL ) 12th

( AVERAGE GRADES ) 2.0 (C's)

( SOURCE OF INCOME ) CEO and Owner of Sports Apparel Company (Father), Socialite/Entrepreneur (Mother)


( CLIQUE ) Stoners, Bullies, Jocks

( HOBBIES/SPORTS ) Varsity wrestling, sex, getting high, sex, fighting, gambling, partying, sex, getting stoned

( PREFERRED MUSIC ) Gangster rap, garage rock, nu-metal, hard rock, classic rock


( BIOGRAPHY/PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION ) The big man on campus, literally and figuratively, Kevin Owens always walks around with a nasty attitude and a holier than thou air to him. In his mind, none of his peers are as intelligent, hardened or layered as he is, nor have they lived through the adversity he has --- a significant exaggeration given he’s the heir to a sports apparel empire and never had to lift a finger a day in his life. A hermit unless there’s scantily clad women and booze on the menu, Kevin chooses to spend his time with a small circle of friends, finding different ways to get high in his family’s pool house. He’s obnoxious, rude, sarcastic, hot-headed (when he’s not stoned) and a smart ass; in a world full of people Kevin deems “assholes”, he’s ironically the biggest one.

In the months since summer, the obnoxious, rude, sarcastic Kevin has only gotten worse. With his grandmother's very recent passing, he found himself uncharacteristically saddened, but rather than express his grief, he stumbled into more sex, alcohol, drugs and overall recklessness/debauchery. Kevin became amoral, only concerned with getting the next fix of his excessive lifestyle, and his parents would rather hide him away --- as their family gets over their big loss --- than stop him. Word of Kevin's behavior, however, was beginning to slip through the cracks and it wouldn't be long before a certain upstanding relative would have something to say.

Kevin continued to be the poster child for very bad behavior as the months since his grandmother's tragic passing came and went, and with it being made clear that graduating was out of the question, he wondered what was even the point of an education if he already had the luxuries most dreamed of. The spiral continued as his family members were embroiled in a bitter feud, fueled by the Owens family's selfishness and their indirect support of Kevin's vices. But as Kevin saw it, when you're a king there will be countless others who will conspire to remove you from the throne. What was next for King Kevin? He hoped this year he could find a Queen to be seated next to him and there was a certain girl with bright hair that caught his eye. Always spoiled rotten, there was no way in hell Kevin wasn't going to get what he wanted.

( PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION ) Big (as opposed to overweight since he's an athlete). Dark brown hair usually cut into a fade. Occasionally bearded when he’s lazy. 6'0. Huge tattoo on his back.

( COLOR CODE ) #99cc99

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Accepted @April. and you as well @Ian, @Devon says great things :excited: 

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full name | Natalie Neidhart
nicknames/aliases | Nattie; Nat
grade level | 12th
average grades | 3.6 (As)
source of income | luxury cat breeder (mother); trust fund (affluent family, now estranged)
sexual orientation | heterosexual/questioning
clique | teachers' pets; wannabe instagram models; jocks who don't play sports anymore; future cat ladies
hobbies/sports| youtube hair and make up tutorials; weight lifting; photography
preferred music | pop; alternative
friends/relationships | carmella (style idol); antonio cesaro (acquaintance [mutual friends])
personality description | Recently relocating from her grandfather's world-renowned boarding school thanks to a family fallout, Nattie has recently relocated from Calgary to Beverly Hills to finish her high school career. While she's always been an exceptional student and excels at whatever she puts her mind to, she's never been the most liked by her peers, nor does she have the real-life experience to help her see what is right and what is wrong, which oftentimes puts her in situations where others take advantage of her or use her oblivious nature as the brunt of a joke. She smiles through all of it, not quite sure what is going on around her or that, even though she is an exceptional student, she'll probably be remembered more for the stories she tells about her cats than anything else. Nattie is a sweet girl who hasn't quite grasped how the world functions outside of high school, which may not necessarily be a good thing at Vincent Kennedy McMahon High School...
physical description | Fairly imposing for a high school student, Nattie stands at 5'6'' and is quite bulky from her athletic past, even though she no longer plays any sports--her bulk is undoubtedly thought of as excess weight by her peers, though. She has blonde hair that extends just past her shoulders and is usually fashioned into some sort of top knot, chestnut eyes, and fair skin, usually covered in a thin veneer of makeup to hide the last bit of acne she can never seem to clear up. While she does consider herself rather fashionable, her choices are typically ordinary, and sometimes unflattering. She tends to either go too far, or doesn't try hard enough with her fashion, despite being an attractive girl.
color code | #CD6889

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:shook: accepted @Jeigz

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