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      WWE: Alma Mater - Enrollment

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      "WWE: Alma Mater" is a brand new role playing game that follows the lives of the freshmen students from NXT University, located just outside the urban community of West Westminster Estates (W.W.E.) in Brooklyn, New York.

      Named after Natalia Xanthippe Tomacelli, who is widely recognized as one of the pioneers in freelance art, photography and development of culture within the adjacent Brooklyn area, NXT University is a well-reputed public university that immediately produces some of the finest young professionals in the tri-state area every year. With the new school year approaching, the incoming students are looking for ways to find their footing as they embark on their first foray into adulthood. And with plenty to do and plenty to see in the city that never sleeps, it's sure to be a wild ride!



      1. This is mainly a roleplay for a kii. Understand that a lot of this is tongue-in-cheek, soap opera style scenarios. Have fun and try to make your scenes interesting.

      2. Make the use of profanity actually mean something and don't go too crazy with it. Scenes of a sexual nature are permitted so long as it's necessary to the story, otherwise it should be fast forwarded or toned down. Nudity and eroticism is fair game given all the characters are over the age of 18. Think of this as a Netflix series. If you know things will be too racy and explicit/adult, put it under a spoiler/NSFW collapse tag and wait until later in the evening. Scenes of an explicit violent nature are not permitted. 

      3. For multi-person roleplay scenarios (i.e a party/bonfire, and the conversation extends to more than just two people), refer to a round robin like order of quoting, to keep the flow of roleplay continuous and for the conversation to proceed naturally. For example, if Kyle and I are roleplaying as Seth and AJ, and Shoaib wants to join in with Dean, Shoaib would a) PM either of us permission to join the roleplay (if not already invited into the convo), b) quote the person they asked for permission (with the person giving permission notifying the other person of the character's entry into the conversation with an OOC: tag) and c) work out an order of how the conversation will continue (i.e. I post, "tbc by Kyle" at the end, Kyle posts "tbc by Shoaib", and then Shoaib would post "tbc by Mariah", etc. until you have an order that works).

      4. If you reply to someone and they go offline without informing you, wait at least one hour before you use the character to role-play with someone else. Always edit your response to the previous person too so they know not to reply to it when they come back online. This can be done by having your character leave or taking out the quote from the post so the new person you're about to roleplay with can just reply to that instead of you having to make a new post.

      5. Never say a character that doesn't belong to you said or did something or is involved in something that you haven't ran by the owner of the character first. This includes long-term storylines and plot points within them. Only the owner of the character knows how their character would go about things and that is their decision to make, not yours, while storylines should be mutually agreed upon.

      6. You must do at least one scene a week unless you give us a heads up beforehand. Additionally you must do at least one open scene every two weeks, meaning a scene prompt/post that anyone can reply to to engage in a scene with you (all first posts in the campus thread MUST be open as it's the first day of college and we want to encourage openness and creation of multiple relationships to start until things progress). You can otherwise do an activity check if you're feeling uninspired (e.g. Nikki is eating in the cafe, Finn Balor is playing soccer) just to make sure we know you're still active and interested.

      7. Please wait until your application is approved by me or @Cooksie before you begin role playing. We reserve the right to decline any apps for reasons we will explain to you.

      8. Listed characters are taken. If can't post your application right away and you'd like to reserve a character before someone else snatches them, please indicate below and you must post your application within 48 hours before the character is open for sign ups again. Anyone else is fair game; if not, someone will let you know.

      9. No original characters, maximum character limit is three and at least one must be of a different alignment and/or gender.



      Full name*: (First, Last)

      *(Unless there is a significant reasoning to explain the choice of a ring name as a nickname as opposed to their actual name [i.e., Cameron is a stage name for Ariane Andrew, an aspiring recording artist], please try to use the person's ring name or a variant of it as your character's real name. Saves us a lot of confusion and 'huh' later. Thank you!)


      Average Grades: (As and Bs, Bs and Cs, Cs and Ds, etc.)

      Hometown: (Your character's place of origin/where they're coming from)

      Sexual Orientation:


      Hobbies/Sports/Extracurricular Activities: (Basketball, Football, Soccer, Cheerleading, Student Government, Homecoming Committee, etc.)

      Preferred Music: (Rock, Hip-Hop/Rap, R&B, Pop, Country, EDM, etc.)

      Alignment: (Hero or villain)

      Ships: (Include characters that you would like to scene with regardless of whether it's a romantic ship, a friendship, an enemyship/rivalry, etc.)

      Plot Desired: (Self-explanatory. Storylines you may be interested in)

      Backstory/Personality Description: (A few sentences about your character, their history and how they fit into the school body scene.)

      Physical Description: (Short? Tall? Bearded? How many tattoos? Just so that people can clarify the image in their head/we know what kind of likeness your person resembles if we're to make any banners/pictures and what not.)

      Color Code: (The color you'll be using for your role plays, as we'd like to steer away from two characters having the same color. You can use BBCoding or refer to various formatting programs)



      The series will take place beginning in Fall 2017 for the new school year (unlike previous iterations where we follow real time). As previously indicated, all students will be freshmen, entering their first year of university, and all students will be living in the same co-ed dorm. We'll be assigning roommates based on the content in approved applications. Again, we encourage openness and experimenting (we're in college!) to start this time around and if you have any questions or ideas, don't hesitate to talk to your peers. Casting calls will also be implemented and explained at a later date, but we're looking for modern talent bases (WWE contracted in the last 5 years).


      Adrian Neville (by Mariah.)
      Alicia Fox (by Lady DarkFox)
      Becky Lynch (by Cordelia)
      Carmella Van Dale (by Shoaib.)
      Chad Gable (by Queen of Hens)

      Emma Dashwood (by Foxy)
      Eva Marie Nelson (by Wilifred.)
      Finn Balor (by Naomella)
      Kelly Kelly (by Brandon Waldorf.)
      Kevin Owens (by Mariah.)
      Lana Perry (by Camila Cabello)

      Mandy Rose (by April.)
      Maryse Ouellet (by Queen of Hens)
      Maxine Perez (by Lady DarkFox)
      Mike Mizanin (by April.)
      Naomi Knight (by Travis Roucka)  
      Nikki Bella (by Mariah.)
      Paige Bevis (by Cordelia)
      Sami Zayn (by Shoaib.)
      Sasha Banks (by Dante.)
      Seth Rollins (by Devon)
      Thea Trinidad (by Naomella)

      Tyler Bate (by Naomella)
      Tyler Breeze (by Foxy)
      Zack Ryder (by Travis Roucka)


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      Top Posters In This Topic

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      full name | Sami Zayn nicknames/aliases | N/A average grades | Bs and Cs hometown | Laval, Quebec, Canada sexual orientation | *sweats* major | Animation hobbies/sports/e

      full name | Carmella Van Dale nicknames/aliases | "The Princess of Staten Island" average grades | Cs and Ds hometown | Staten Island, New York sexual orientation | Straight m

      SASHA BANKS Average Grades: As and Bs Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Major: Art Preferred Music: Hip-Hop/Rap, R&B, Pop, Kpop Alignme

      Posted Images


      FULL NAME:  Finn Bálor


      AVERAGE GRADES: 3.6 (A's and B's)

      HOMETOWN: Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland

      SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Heterosexual*

      MAJOR: Graphic Design

      HOBBIES/SPORTS/EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Soccer, Painting, Drawing, Photography, Digital Art, Volunteer Work

      PREFERRED MUSIC: Rock, EDM, rap and R&B


      SHIPS: Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Neville, Seth Rollins, Noam Dar, Zack Sabre Jr., Karl Anderson, Enzo Amore, Bayley, Becky Lynch

      PLOT DESIRED: Friendships, rivalries, UK/foreign exchange friendships

      BACKSTORY/PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION: Though his sculpture-esque physique may lead you to believe the contrary, there's one word that stands above all of the others when it comes to describe Finn Balor: hungry.

      Growing up as the middle child of a hard-working father and a stay-at-home mother, Finn's upbringing in the seaside tourist locale of Bray in Ireland was pivotal in developing the compassion and sense of empathy Finn feels compelled to express to all. It was also pivotal in developing his obsession with football-- or soccer, as he's become reluctantly accustomed to referring to it as in the United States. Always passionate and engrossed in the art of the game, Finn's talents were enough for several secondary school teachers to recommend he pursue university in hopes of going pro, but it was his other love, art, that inhibited him from committing. Instead of going to all of the schools his friends back home were going to, Finn took a huge leap of faith, applied to NXT University in Brooklyn, New York, and in a whirlwind, Finn looks to take his first foray into adulthood all the way across the Atlantic Ocean.

      While shy at first, Finn's incredibly charismatic in intimate spaces, though he shows a careful hesitancy over high school romances gone sour. He'd much rather be a friend-- a silly one, at that-- always willing to tease and joke, but incredibly invested in maintaining a peace in others. Though the bustling streets of New York may be intimidating to some, Finn finds himself right at home in the city that never sleeps, its culture, art and atmosphere intoxicating to him, and figures that it'll be only a matter of time before he finds himself surrounded with equally ambitious, kind and open-minded people.

      PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 5'11'', brown hair, blue/green eyes, groomed beard and faded hair. Athletic, soccer-derived physique.


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      FULL NAME: Peyton Royce

      NICKNAMES/ALIASES: Bitchy Queen

      AVERAGE GRADES: As and Bs

      HOMETOWN: Sydney, Australia


      MAJOR: Acting

      HOBBIES/SPORTS/EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES:  Dancing, Running, Modeling, Bullying other female students, etc...

      PREFERRED MUSIC: Pop and R&B

      ALIGNMENT: Villain

      SHIPS: Billie Kay, Alexa Bliss, Carmella, Eva Marie and Liv Morgan

      PLOT DESIRED:  Rivalries, Being the Queen of NXT University etc...

      BACKSTORY/PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION: Royce grew up learning how to be a bad girl and that's why now she is one of the baddest girls of NXT University along her BBF (and crush) Billie Kay, she is actually the most smart student there and she is actually one of Liv's biggest rivals and she is always trying to make her and Aliyah feel upset. She is has a very good relationship with Lana and she is also the only one who knows her bisexuality. But just like everyone she has a dark past.
      (no spoilers)

      PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 5'7'', dark hair with purple or red extensions, pretty as hell, green eyes and good sense of style.

      COLOR CODE: #J2002





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      bella, nikki


      ( FULL NAME ) Nicole Bella

      ( NICKNAMES/ALIASES ) Nikki, Nik

      ( AVERAGE GRADES ) 3.2 (B's and C's)

      ( SEXUAL ORIENTATION ) Heterosexual

      ( HOMETOWN ) New York City, New York

      ( MAJOR ) Fashion Design and Management

      ( HOBBIES/SPORTS/EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES ) Soccer, acting, make-up and beauty, fashion, boys, sex

      ( PREFERRED MUSIC ) R&B, alternative rock, indie pop, house, Justin Bieber

      ( ALIGNMENT Hero

      ( SHIPS ) Finn Bálor, Wade Barrett, John Cena, Roman Reigns, AJ Styles, Corey Graves, Maryse Ouellet, Naomi, Becky Lynch, Paige, Carmella, Natalya

      ( PLOT DESIRED ) Romantic, rivalries, dark and troubled past

      ( BACKSTORY/PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION ) A star since birth, Nikki Bella and her twin sister Brie were forced into the entertainment industry, her father being the front man of a popular 90s alternative rock band and her mother being an actress/model, with the twins being the prepubescent stars of their own sitcom that lead way to a media empire. But since completing her schooling in on-set trailers --- in between competitive soccer leagues during further downtime as her only sense of normalcy --- she yearned for a more quiet transition into adulthood, especially given her history of diva antics, exceptionally naughty behavior and headline making scandals. Nikki was always a fan of tragic icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Princess Diana, but she didn't want to continue down a dangerous path or be another former child star statistic; she wanted to reform and be a good, normal girl for once, a goal that was sure to be hard earned in the bustling city she's called home for years (her sister, meanwhile, had decided to explore remote locations around the world). Nikki Bella was also a secret hopeless romantic, but her taste for bad boys had yet to yield the happily ever after she so desired. Bold, flirtatious, seductive, spoiled, snarky, feisty, confident, cunning and territorial, it was unclear whether Nikki would truly turn her back on her past, embracing the dorm daze ahead, or if her ugly side would rear its head.

      ( PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION ) 5'6''. Dark brown colored hair that flows just below her large breasts. Sexy, feminine curves; Marilyn Monroe, hour glass figure. Fit, athletic physique; "perfect" by general standards. Mexican-Italian. Instagram supermodel/late 90s inspired fashion aesthetic.

      ( COLOR CODE ) #ff9966

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      1 hour ago, Andrew said:



      FULL NAME: Peyton Royce

      NICKNAMES/ALIASES: Bitchy Queen

      AVERAGE GRADES: As and Bs

      HOMETOWN: Sydney, Australia


      MAJOR: Acting

      HOBBIES/SPORTS/EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES:  Dancing, Running, Modeling, Bullying fatties etc...

      PREFERRED MUSIC: Pop and R&B

      ALIGNMENT: Villain

      SHIPS: Billie Kay, Alexa Bliss, Carmella and Liv Morgan

      PLOT DESIRED:  Rivalries, Being the Queen of NXT University etc...

      BACKSTORY/PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION: Peyton is one of the baddest girls of NXT University along her BBF (and crush) Billie Kay, she is actually one of the prettiest students there and she is actually one of Liv's biggest rivals and she is always trying to make her and Aliyah feel upset.

      PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 5'7'', dark hair with purple or red extensions, green eyes and good sense of style.




      You're only trying Peyton, right? Or both? :newspaper: 

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      Tyler Breeze


      Full Name: Tyler Breeze

      Nicknames/Aliases: Breezy

      Average Grades: Cs and Ds

      Hometown: Penticton, British Columbia, Canada

      Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

      Major: Acting

      Hobbies/Sports/Extracurricular Activities: Theater, lecture, going out with friends, movies, volleyball...

      Preferred Music: Mainly pop, also rap and r&b

      Alignment: Hero

      Ships: Fandango, Carmella, Maryse, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns,  Noam Dar, The Miz, Alicia Fox, Dolph Ziggler, Tye Dillinger, Naomi, Lana and Emma.

      Plot Desired: Romantic, past problems, friendships.

      Backstory/Personality Descrption: Tyler born in Canada, but he barely lived there because of his fathers' work. Close to his first birthday, his family had to move to a small village in Costa Rica, where Tyler grew up talking two languages: Spanish and English, both of them fluidly, but he expresses himself with more easily in Spanish. Brezzy (how his friends, primarly girls, call him), was always a very cheerful, kind and happy kid; but felt he was different from the other boys at his school. As a teen, Tyler came out as gay, and things changed a lot for him: some of the boys began messing with him, her girlfriends left him alone and, slowly, Tyler became a very shy person, even becoming afraid to enjoy her sexuality or being around men. He doesn't like to talk about this time because he wants to move forward, and the perfect opportunity emerged when NXT University told him he was accepted and was scheduled to begin his new life in Brooklyn in September. Now that Tyler had moved out of his place, he wants to overcame his fears and shyness, enjoy his new life, make new friends and... whatever happens once the classes begin.

      Physical Description: 6 ft. Blond, long haired, defined abs, not bearded but he always left some facial hair to grow, the psysical feature everyone highlight about him is his smile.

      Color Code: #6495ED

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      Name: Thea Trinidad.

      Nicknames/Aliases: Rosita.

      Average Grades: 3.8 (As and Bs).

      Hometown:  Queens, New York City.

      Sexual Orientation: Bicurious.

      Major: Hispanic Cultural Studies.

      Hobbies: Zumba, Cross-fit, Cosplay, Dancing, Modelling, Reading.

      Preferred Music: Anything with a good beat.

      Alignment: Anti-Hero.

      Ships: Austin Aries, Tyler Bate, Sasha Banks, Paige, T.J Perkins, Carmella.

      Plot Desired: Exploration of sexuality and heritage. Overcoming her passive-aggression issues.

      Backstory/Personality Description: Born to first generation Puerto-Ricans immigrants in the 'hood of Queens, Thea has always known how to handle herself which unfortunately sometimes borders on the stereotypical angry Latin chick. Being the apple of her Daddy's eye, Thea pretty much had anything what she wanted and could do what she wanted, with next to no repercussions of her actions. Thea's perfect life came to an screeching halt at the age of 12 when her Papa devastatingly died due to a freak accident in the workplace. Being the eldest of six children she forced herself to grow up prematurely to help her Mother with the burden of raising a family on a low income which led to her suffering from anxiety throughout her high-school years. Despite all the downfalls in her life Thea has always remained invested in her school work, earning somewhat good grades. Constantly trying to hold herself to a high standard she tries to hide her ghetto upbringing, but when a situation becomes heated her natural urban self will usually appear.

      Physical Description: 5'11. Sleek long brown hair with blonde highlights. Classic curvaceous Latina figure, with a highly toned stomach. Obviously Hispanic with a light mocha skin tone.

      Color Code: Thea Trinidad.


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      owens, kevin


      ( FULL NAME ) Kevin Owens

      ( NICKNAMES/ALIASES ) KO, Kev, Owens

      ( AVERAGE GRADES ) 2.0 (C's)

      ( SEXUAL ORIENTATION ) Heterosexual

      ( HOMETOWN ) Marieville, Quebec, Canada

      ( MAJOR ) Animation

      HOBBIES/SPORTS/EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES ) Amateur wrestling, fighting, mixed martial arts, gaming, getting laid, getting high

      PREFERRED MUSIC ) Gangster rap, garage rock, hard rock, classic rock, 70s punk rock, metal

      ALIGNMENT ) Villain

      ( SHIPS ) AJ Styles, Sami Zayn, Corey Graves, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Paige, Carmella, Alicia Fox, Becky Lynch

      ( PLOT DESIRED ) Rivalries, romantic, bully trope, unlikely friendship, criminal activities

      ( BACKSTORY/PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION ) Cynical, sarcastic, rude and hot-headed, the only thing about college that Kevin Owens --- a recluse from a small town in Quebec, Canada --- looked forward to was getting away from his parents and being allowed the freedom to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Granted admission on an amateur wrestling scholarship, Kevin enters NXTU as the first member of his low class family to make it past high school, a feat which he's constantly reminded of by his deadbeat father. His nihilism and twisted mind regularly lead him down a destructive path and it remained to be seen how that would come into play in a post-secondary environment, but he planned to make the most of the opportunity.... and grow his own weed supply given his newfound independence.

      ( PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION ) Big (as opposed to overweight since he's an athlete). Dark brown hair usually cut into a fade. Occasionally bearded when he’s lazy. 6'0. Huge tattoo on his back.

      ( COLOR CODE ) #99cc99

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      Full Name: Seth Rollins

      Nicknames/Aliases: Known to his frat brothers as "The Man"

      Average Grades: Mostly B's, the occasional A

      Hometown: Davenport, Iowa

      Sexual Orientation: Straight

      Major: Communications

      Hobbies/Sports/Extracurricular Activities: Fraternity life, recreational soccer, attending concerts

      Preferred Music: Rock, Post-Hardcore, grunge, metalcore

      Alignment: Villain

      Ships: Finn Balor, Nikki Bella, John Cena, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles, Alexa Bliss, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, etc..

      Plot Desired: Anything villainous where Seth is a dick, trying to make life shitty for people.

      Backstory/Personality Description: Growing up in Davenport, Iowa, Seth Rollins was the king of his high school in the sense that everybody knew him, whether it was good or bad. Back then, it was helpful being on his good side and absolute hell if he didn't like you. While bullying doesn't happen as much at college, Seth isn't afraid to step on toes to get what he wants, whether if it's a girl or the spotlight at any Greek gatherings. While his goal is to graduate with a communications degree, hoping to make it in the music industry one day, he wants all of his classmates (friends, rivals, or otherwise) to graduate as well, remembering his name and everything about him. So whether one bumps into Seth in the class, at a party, or simply on campus, they can expect a wild ride with the unpredictable Davenport native.  He's a dick, he's arrogant, he's bad to the bone, but that's what makes him Seth freakin' Rollins.

      Physical Description: 6ft1, dark/almost black hair, full facial hair, extremely athletic build from working out daily, one tattoo (bushido code on his upper back trailing down his spine)

      Color Code: DIM GRAY

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      FULL NAME: Alexa Bliss


      AVERAGE GRADES: 4.0 (Straight A's)

      HOMETOWN: Manhattan, New York

      SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Heterosexual

      MAJOR: Journalism, psychology

      HOBBIES/SPORTS/EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Newspaper, tutoring, makeup artistry, yoga, writing, Harley Quinn memorabilia collecting

      PREFERRED MUSIC: Top 40, pop punk, Thomas Rhett and Taylor Swift


      SHIPS: Bayley, Becky Lynch, Billie Kay, Carmella, Naomi, Natalya, Nia Jax, Nikki Bella, Peyton Royce; AJ Styles, Derrick Bateman/Ethan Carter III, Johnny Curtis/Fandango

      PLOT DESIRED: Rivalries, romantic relationships, some friendships, sorority sisters

      BACKSTORY/PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION: Don't let her small frame and girl-next-door looks fool you: Alexa Bliss is not one to be trusted.

      Born the only child to a pair of wealthy defense attorneys that caused a no-strings-attached affair to translate into marriage, in a way, Alexa Bliss has been getting her way since before she was even born. Needless to say, the trend would continue far beyond the womb, as Alexa was spoiled rotten by not just both her parents, but by all of her immediate family-- that was until school came along. Alexa, too concerned with her toys and after-school activities to worry about a bad mark when she was seven years old, had everything taken from her for a grand total of twelve hours. The fit of hysteria, mania and all-out fire within the small child was enough to have her things immediately returned, on the premise that she'd never do anything less than an A ever again. The promise stuck, as Alexa's diligent studies have translated into large pride for the parents, but have left a lasting grudge on Alexa, who remembers the day as the darkest day of her life. An admitted know-it-all, Alexa's utilized her deep-rooted impulse to be a good student to foray into social observations, developing a cynicism towards just about every societal and personality trend there is, though completely ignoring her own egomaniacal tendencies.

      Abrasive, opinionated, but able to be sickeningly sweet all in the same breath, Bliss knows how to bite her tongue and turn on the charm in order to get the things that she wants-- and what she wants is the life that her parents had, but only better. Her ultimate goal? To be atop the juggernaut of New York-- media. Bliss has ferociously pursued a career in journalism since freshman year of high school, and as she enters her first year of college, her eyes are still firmly set on the prize; being Matt Lauer's +1 on the air and between his coke coffee breaks.

      To reach that goal, she's set out several goals: 1) get into NXT University-- check. 2) Develop an impressive resume of pre-media school activities and related extracurriculars-- check. 3) Finally, join a sorority, make it respectable, and gather around enough semi-attractive and semi-literal friends to piece together a network to fill her LinkedIn, all while facilitating their own decisions so they don't embarass her in the process-- in progress.

      With her trusty diary always on board in her clutch, Bliss looks to write out the next chapter to her story. And this wicked witch is deadset on a happy ending.

      COLOR CODE: #FE6191

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      17 minutes ago, Camila Cabello said:

      Can I reserve Lana please? 


      (yes I have role-played before on caws.ws and other e-feds if you're worried that I won't get this)

      Yes :excited: 

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      FULL NAME: Paige Bevis

      NICKNAMES/ALIASES: Saraya-Jade

      AVERAGE GRADES: 2.0 (C's)

      HOMETOWN: Norwich, England


      MAJOR: Art History and Studio Art

      HOBBIES/SPORTS/EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Painting, Sculpting and any form of art she can be bothered to do that day, Drinking, Gaming, Wicca Club

      PREFERRED MUSIC: Rock, Punk, Pop Punk


      SHIPS: Nikki Bella, Alexa Bliss, Neville, Kevin Owens, Peyton Royce, Billie Kay, Naomi, Natalya, Eva Marie, Carmella, Alicia Fox, Corey Graves

      PLOT DESIRED: Rivalries, romantic relationships, friendships

      A goth goddess that finds very little in life to be bothered with, Paige is all about having fun and living life to the fullest, never allowing herself to get chained down by anyone or anything.

      Paige always had a rebellious streak to her and was attracted to the punk mindset at a young age. This began to cause a rift between her and her slightly more conservative parents. When Paige was 15, they finally had enough and tried to get Paige to change her ways. Paige immediately moved out of their house and started living with friends, boyfriends, girlfriends or anyone else that would take her in. Were any of them good influences? No, but Paige never cared. She was free, and besides the occasional uncomfortable couch it wasn't that bad a life.

      To Paige, NXT is just another couch for her to crash on. She knew she was talented enough to get in to the university thanks to her artistic ways, but getting a full scholarship was a surprise to her, not that she cared of course. Paige was here to raise hell and have some fun ... and if she could be bothered to turn in her assignments, well that's a bonus isn't it?

      COLOUR CODE: Scream For Me

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