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      Top Posters In This Topic

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      full name | Sami Zayn nicknames/aliases | N/A average grades | Bs and Cs hometown | Laval, Quebec, Canada sexual orientation | *sweats* major | Animation hobbies/sports/e

      full name | Carmella Van Dale nicknames/aliases | "The Princess of Staten Island" average grades | Cs and Ds hometown | Staten Island, New York sexual orientation | Straight m

      SASHA BANKS Average Grades: As and Bs Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Major: Art Preferred Music: Hip-Hop/Rap, R&B, Pop, Kpop Alignme

      Posted Images


      FULL NAME: Philip Brooks


      AVERAGE GRADES: 2.5 (B's and C's)

      HOMETOWN: Lockport, Illinois

      SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Heterosexual

      MAJOR: Philosophy/religious studies

      HOBBIES/SPORTS/EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Comic book collecting, gaming, fantasy football/baseball, church going, hosting and maintaining 92.7 Pipebomb radio

      PREFERRED MUSIC: Metal, nu-metal, post-hardcore, Christian rock

      ALIGNMENT: Anti-hero @Travis Roucka

      SHIPS: Nikki Bella, Seth Rollins, Kelly Kelly, Taryn Terrell, Naomi, AJ Lee, John Cena, Randy Orton

      PLOT DESIRED: Friendships, rivalries, radio show co-hosts, political/philosophical rivalries, ex-friend/girlfriends

      BACKSTORY/PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION: Conflict is something prevalent and apparent in all living things, but in Phil Brooks' mind, perhaps him more so than anyone else.

      A foster child originally from more devolved and financially devastated areas in 'Chiraq', Phil's childhood was marred by a troubled relationship with his birth mother and a cacophony of problems in the various homes he frequented while pursuing primary education. Naturally intelligent, Phil's quick wit and smart mouth often got him into trouble with not just his parents, but his peers and his teachers, isolating him from most crowd for the greater part of his life.

      With his lone wolf mentality, a permanent chip on his shoulder and a sardonic view of the world, Phil's misery would eventually translate to motivation-- getting his grades back up in order to qualify for his school of choice, NXT University, in the culturally diverse backdrop of Brooklyn, New York. With a greater world and platform surrounding him more than ever had before, Phil would devise a way to make himself heard for the first time in his life-- create a way to develop mass appeal. A student of the game as an atheist who frequently attends church for the sake of 'observation' (and a way to feel more connected to his deceased father), Phil would craft and structure arguments, viewpoints and hot takes that he deemed to be just as immersive and inspiring as the ones told by preachers in places as hopeless as the one he was born in. And so, "CM Punk" and Pipebomb Radio were born, and Phil's work as a button pushing shock jock whose critical analysis and neutrality on the most vitriolic of issues has developed him a cult following amongst the student body, and a staple of campus conversation. And he's only just getting started.

      PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 6'0', slick haircut with more free-formed stubble, eighteen tattoos (and more on the way), skinny fat

      COLOR CODE: #75A2C2

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      Image result for mandy rose

      FULL NAME: Amanda Saccomanno

      NICKNAMES/ALIASES: Mandy Rose (online)

      AVG. GRADES: 2.8 (B)

      HOMETOWN: New York City, New York

      SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Closeted Lesbian 

      MAJOR: Cosmetology

      HOBBIES/SPORTS/EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Creating makeup tutorials, Doing makeup for her friends, Posting on Instagram


      ALIGNMENT: Villain 

      SHIPS: ???

      PLOT DESIRED: Racial tensions, sexuality/identity crisis, petty drama, temporary expulsion (explained below)

      BACKSTORY/PERSONALITY: Born and raised in the bustling borough of Manhattan and formerly residing in a heralded penthouse, Amanda Saccomanno has grown accustom to the finer things in life and having a privilege of sorts. However, that lifestyle took a sharp turn when her father lost his position in a company due to lashing out at the CEO.  Therefore, they were forced to move to a more affordable area until they got back onto their feet. During this time, Amanda undertook a hobby as an amateur makeup artist and rapidly gained attention on several social media platforms. She realized that she could make money just from being internet famous, so that is exactly what she did. Now making enough money to provide for her and her father, she decided it was time to legitimize herself and attend a school in the area to major in cosmetology. The happy-go-lucky success story doesn't last very long however, and Amanda quickly finds herself in deep trouble after uploading an Instagram Story of her poking fun at a black woman's natural hair while doing her makeup. With her online supporters turning against her, and an entire race of students against her, NXT University has taken note of this and will elect what to do with Amanda and will do its best to uphold its reputation.

      PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Short but with desirable hips, caked face, typical white-girl-stepped-out-of-Hollister chic

      COLOR CODE: MANDY ROSE (if that's taken then pls help)


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      SOCIAL ALIGNMENT: HERO, but with ghetto tendencies


      HOBBIES/SPORTS: Cheerleading, Gym rat, shoe collector, swimming pools to tan, partying, drinking, Instagram baddie

       SEEKING FOR THIS CHARACTER: Friends and enemies

      SHIPS:  Enzo Amore, Carmella, John Cena, Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, CJ Perry, Aliyah, Bianca Belair, Danielle Kamela, Lacey Evans

      BIOGRAPHY/PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION: Being born in the 201, Olivia "Liv" Morgan was always close to Brooklyn - a place that she considers a second home. The second youngest in 6 other siblings, Olivia is all about being the typical New Jersey stereotype, this being apparent as she holds MTV's pop culture classic "Jersey Shore" on a pedestal as if it were church. The gym'ing, the tanning, the laundry and the parties are all Liv's go-to's in the keys to having fun and now that she's at college? Let the Jersey games begin!

      PERSONALITY DISCLAIMER: Although generally a sweetheart that loves to meet new people and make friends, she can be two-faced because she's a Gemini. Will throw shade occasionally at "rivals" but then back-track as if she's a lowkey stan.

      PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 5'3'', fit body with distinctive mole on top of her stomach, apple bottom booty. Outfits usually look like they are from Champs Sports -- jump suits, sports bras, Jordan sneakers, wind breakers. But when she is getting ready to thirst trap on Instagram, she wears Fashion Nova jump suits and two pieces.

      COLOR CODE: #olive

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      On 6/17/2017 at 9:32 PM, Camila Cabello said:


      Girl put that damn app back up and get this like. 

      Trashis only said something because I did something similar in WWEHS. Continue to grow Jason he's appreciated in this RPG.

      I look forward to reading.


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      Alexa Bliss, Finn Balor and Phil Brooks have been made available due to drop out, with Finn Balor being picked up by someone else.

      Peyton Royce has been made available due to inactivity without notice.

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      FULL NAME: Maryse Ouellet

      NICKNAMES/ALIASES: The French-Canadian Beauty

      AVERAGE GRADES: Cs and Ds

      HOMETOWN: Montreal, Quebec, Canada


      MAJOR: Business Administration

      HOBBIES/SPORTS/EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Modeling, Designing Clothing, Creating Accesories, Makeup, Business Ventures, Shopping, Traveling, Social Media.

      PREFERRED MUSIC: Pop, R&B, and Hip Hop

      ALIGNMENT: Villain

      SHIPS: The Miz, Nikki Bella, Eva Marie, Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, Maria Kanellis, Brie Bella, Mandy Rose, Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel, Seth Rollins, or anybody that can help her climb the social ladder.

      PLOT DESIRED: Competitive Rivalry, Rocky Friendships, Romance, Flings, Self Discovery

      BACKSTORY/PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION: Intelligent. Resourceful. Business Savvy. Successful. None of these words apply to the aspiring businesswoman that is Maryse Ouellet. 

      The daughter of a millionaire mother who can ACTUALLY be described as intelligent, resourceful, business savvy, and successful, Maryse constantly pressured of having to live in her mother's shadow. Not wanting this to be the rest of her life, Maryse would utilize her skills as a fashion expert and her small social media following to start up her own business that she hoped would rival her mother's growing empire: House of Maryse. An online shopping site that specialized in designer clothing, elaborate accesories, and Maryse's very own line of makeup, it would immediately flop, costing Maryse's mother millions of dollars in losses. Frustrated, furious, and disappointed, her mother would send Maryse off to NXT University in the United States, pushing her daughter to find something that she was actually good at.

      Hurt by her altercation with her mother, Maryse would refuse her mother's request, seeking a degree in Business Administration in order to prove to her mom that she was just as good as her. An admirable goal, Maryse's vain and self centered attitude would balance out any sort of good that such a goal would bring (whether it was building positive relationships or gaining experience). Maryse would soon get wrapped up in the superficial aspects of American college life, leaving the question: could Maryse actually get the degree she so desperately desires despite who she is, or would she fail and prove her mother right?

      PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Blonde, confident, 5' 8", and beautiful, Maryse has utilized her family's fortune to enhance what she already has. Her hair is a striking platinum blonde, constantly sporting extensions to make it look fuller. Her flawless and perfectly tanned skin is a result of dozens of costly skin care treatments, major exposure to UV rays, and a bit of botox. Makeup is a must for the French Canadian beauty, always wearing and promoting her own line of beauty products. Maryse's breasts are big and expensive, her body curvy and toned due to hundreds of hours of workouts. Maryse prides herself in her good looks, her confidence only making her even more irresistible.

      COLOR CODE: #J2002

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      Image result for the miz

      FULL NAME: Michael Mizanin


      AVG. GRADES: 4.0 (A)

      HOMETOWN: West Hollywood, California

      SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Heterosexual

      MAJOR: Theatre Arts

      HOBBIES/SPORTS/EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Performing in plays, hitchhiking, camping, golfing


      ALIGNMENT: Villain in sheep's clothing

      SHIPS: Doesn't matter, anyone willing to fall into the trap of his little experiment. Even guys, he wants to be a good actor!

      PLOT DESIRED: Rivalries, flings, explosive drama, using people to his advantage

      BACKSTORY/PERSONALITY: For generations, acting has flowed through the blood of the Mizanins. So, it wasn't really a monumental revelation to his parents when Mike decided he wanted to be passed the torch and make a success out of himself, much like his ancestors. Possessing a lifelong dream of making it big in theatre, his wealthy parents vouched for him to attend NXT University free of charge to study. What his peers see is the standard rich kid who was handed an opportunity unfairly, whose seemingly sweet and kind demeanor makes up for all of it. What they don't see is the calculated and stone cold equivocator that is using them all as a project to improve his adeptness in acting. Every word, every action, every relationship from this social butterfly is a sham. However, all lies in this world are eventually uncovered. And God knows how his parents would react if they received notice that people were "shunning" their prized, and talented little boy.

      PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: With his dark hair, height at about 6'1, and a handsome face destined for stardom, Mike Mizanin is an irresistible stud. His face is shaven smooth, so he tends to give off an innocent and boy-ish vibe. Eyes are crystal blue, and piercing as ever once you look directly into them. He is only spoiled with the best clothes sent straight from mommy and daddy, so he he never has an "off day" when it comes to his outfits.


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      Full name*: Dean Ambrose

      Nicknames/Aliases: Dean-O

      Average Grades: C's and D's, sometimes B's

      Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

      Sexual Orientation: Straight

      Major: Undeclared

      Hobbies/Sports/Extracurricular Activities: Any sort of programs at school that help recovering addicts or those in need, various charities, etc.

      Preferred Music: Rock

      Alignment: Hero

      Ships: Becky Lynch, Sami Zayn, Mike Mizanin, Paige, Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, etc.. Basically everyone.

      Plot Desired: Open for anything, even possible relapses.

      Backstory/Personality Description: Dean Ambrose grew up in a rough neighbourhood in Cincinnati. His father abandoned his mother and himself, leaving Dean without any proper guidance in his life. While his mother worked multiple jobs to keep a roof over their heads, Dean ran with the wrong crowd at school. By the age of 15, he was already cutting class and popping pills to get him through the day. Anything he could get his hands on, you can bet Dean would use them. And if pills weren't available, he'd try any drug available. It got to the point where he was nearly expelled from school due to showing up to Chemistry class high, nearly setting the class on fire because of knocking a bunsen burner into a flammable liquid. Eventually Dean's mother helped him seek help and by 17, he was able to kick the habit and live a clean life. His grades went up, his friends wanted him around more, and he got accepted into NXTU in his senior year. Unfortunately a party the night of his graduation had Dean falling into old habits under a different light as alcohol became his go-to substance. Because of this, NXTU gave Dean a year to get help and get clean before being able to enroll. Working hard, Dean managed to fight off alcoholism and was now living three months sober upon the start of the school year. Considering he has no idea what he wants to do with his life, Dean entered school as an undeclared student, hoping that something in his class list will help him figure out what he wants to do for the rest of his life besides being healthy. However, would he be able to resist the temptations that come in college?

      Overall, Dean is a goofball who enjoys having fun. He can come off as a dick at times, but that's just because he likes to stick to himself and not let many people into his messed up life. He also isn't afraid to tell it like it is, so everyone better stay on their toes. 

      Physical Description: Messy hair, about 6ft3, not athletic but does hit the gym at times, usual found in simple clothing (Jeans, t-shirt, whatever he can grab in the morning)

      Color Code: DarkGreen

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